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Things that need standardized/Finalized (please post input!)


I'll post more things here when I come across them. You can even disregard other threads and post your thoughts here. There are no wrong answers. We just need to come to consensus on some stuff.

If a particular item is up to a particular person, I'll state who that is. They will set the standard.

Some of these don't actually have to be set now before we look at stuff, but we just need to keep in mind what is what.

>Graphics standards: The current version of Netgore uses 8-bit PNG format images. All images need to be in this format! Otherwise, it's pretty flexible, transparent layers, etc.

>Character size (Human, Troll, Elf, Preserver): Of course, most of these will have bases that will be standard when we get going. Potato is heading this up.

>Texture square size and format: Some textures will be variable in size, and large maps may have some stuff in one image. Generally, though, these need to be multiples of binary numbers: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, etc. Also, these textures need to able to be squashed up to 30% vertically, and preferably be able to be rotated and still key together. Tall order, but that is what will save a lot of effort later on. Textures that can't be rotated (ie grass) will need to have 'rotated' versions if there is any significance to them (landmarks)

>Map section size: The world of Abode will be sectioned off into smaller parts, and due to limitations to the game engine a "square" needs to be defined. Netgore considers "large" map sizes to be greater than 32000 pixels, and I'm going to say this is a max. I think it might be safer to be smaller than this. Keep in mind that several 'maps' can make up an area, such as the Father Tree Forest might be made up of 4 quadrants (four maps checkerboard style), or it might be more. This needs standardized. The size of a square must be big enough to feel like exploration is fun and challenging, but not so big as it runs into display issues (again, 32000 max). Areas need to be large enough to play in and not be crowded, but not so big as to easily be lost (ie: 40 squares between the Father Tree and the Human's village, each 16000 pixels wide would be ridiculous and time consuming, but putting a square of 1024 pixels wide with the father tree in it and the Gotara village in the next square over is way too close.)

>Troll Tunnel dimensions: As I see it at this time, each section of troll tunnel will need to have a standard size. Tunnel Connectors need to be set up too. I have most of this thought out already, so I might tackle this one. Essentially, each tunnel will be it's own map, and multiple instances of the maps will be keyed together to make the underground tunnel system. Otherwise, the rules are the same as the last item above.

>Menus: A standard menu layout and associated graphics is needed for all popup windows, start windows, character utility windows, etc. This will include 4 corners, stretchable top, bottom, and side window graphics, buttons, and other associated images and layouts. I understand the mechanics of this, but I have not given any thought to it, and it is more or less up for grabs to anyone who wants to mess with it.

>Display layout: Down the road, I want to do a layered display showing a horizon, a buffer between the horizon and the play window, and the play window itself. This is intended to give a sense of what extends beyond the current map/area (such as an ocean, desert, mountains, etc in the distance). I don't want to cut into the play area of the screen much, which limits what can be displayed in the top portion, but there needs to be enough at top to have a usable reference (it would be nice to see the two moons!) Fortunately, this upper space can be the backdrop for the status stuff that sometimes gets in the way elsewhere.

>Effects and on-screen icon styles: Incudes character status bars and the like.

>Graphics style: I'd like to go with something true to the series, but this can be hard to make work in a game setting, especially in color. Style needs to be something that flows, is easy to work with, and easy for all workers to replicate and reduces effort.


Okay! Sounds good. And sorry about the delay. I've been busy with holiday stuff.

I'm not sure what 8-bit means. Does that mean it can only have 256 colors? That just requires defining a palette and limiting the number of colors... I will make sure to save as an 8-big png from now on.

Everything sounds good to me. Smile


To be honest, I dont know if thats a 8 bit basic palette that is generic (like 256 color bitmap) or 8 bit defined 256 color palette like gif. Im sure whatever is supported by the normal 8 bit png (which is like everything, if I understand things) should work.

I can inquire on the Netgore website if it becomes an issue.


Okay, sounds good to me.