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Serval Spots and Dots


New me, new thread. Not as much as once was, but it will do. Forever a work in progress...



Love this. I have to say, I really like the "He ain't heavy" with Cutter and Skywise. It's so sweet.


Merci~! It was for @WolfMoonSky in Secret Santa. ^-^

Current project is non-EQ... will finish it one of these centuries....




*paints rainbow polkadots on Embala's face*


@Dark_Serval I love your artwork... could i possibly be able to print off one of your wyl or cutter one and put it on my wall?


Sure. Go for it. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


Okay... I'll manage to do some actual EQ art soon so I'm not just spamming....

Though technically this started as a sketch of Strongbow to use on my profile page... σ(^_^;)

Yeah... Deviated...



I like it. This takes me back! Vampire Hunter D, one of the first anime I ever saw.


Your dark fairy is not just "nice" ... I absolutely love her. And you knew! *still feels the rainbow polkadots on my face* Thank you for the heads up.

I love that she looks so organic and "grown". the skirt is like a calyx, the bodice a leaf skeleton and the gloves can be both clothing or skin pattern. Your shading and use of color makes the wings alive, funktional. I adore the shiny wave of hair ... and of course I'm biased by the color scheme. ^^
She's so lovely ... *blinks* ... O.O She's bad! She has claws and a nasty sting and a malicious smile! I love her big glowing eyes ... and how they match the bodice. The antennas are fun ... fluffy and kinda glowing at the same time. And then ... then there are the "naughty" silk stockings ... O.O
I love how you merged those contrasts in a harmonic fascinating sight.

You are NOT spamming! When you'd kept silent I'd not even noticed that the sketch is "off-topic". I don't know Vampire Hunter D ... for me it works perfectly as Rouge' Curse Rayek - the flowing hair, the cloak pattern, even the hat. Once again I love the flowing lined and the movement in the picture.




Lurvley! It makes me think of Rogue's Curse Rayek!


That was my thought EXACTLY!

I looked at it and practically squeed "Rayek!!!!!"

It's a gorgeous picture!!!! very well done!!!


My thought as well @Thornbrake and @MrsGrizzley

It is also making me think a bit about a character I saw in a film as a child. Possibly a Unico movie, but I can't place it just yet.

Like this a lot.


That's excellent inking. I saw the sketch was on paper, but did you ink with natural media too?


Merci beaucoup minna-san!

It is Vampire Hunter D. I mixed a bit of the original Amano design, the original animation, the Bloodlust, and the manga.

@Rob It is inked onto bristol paper in pen, a single 02 Omicron. Digital and I are not good friends. LOL. I haven't decided if/how I'm going to add "color" to it yet.

...and there is a permanent black spot on the inside of the glass of my scanner. Oh how I hates that spot... Always forget to 'shop it out...


...just putting this one back here because my favorite show starts next month....


CUTE DRAGONLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wants one!!!! I really, REALLY wants one!!!!!!

And the way the green is trying to lick Strongbow's nose like a puppy... ADORABLE!!!!!!!


@Dark_Serval Oh My Gods! It's like the Wolfriders live on the world of Pern.

Ann McCaffery meets Wendy Pini.

Dragonriders meet Wolfriders. I. LOVE. IT.


This laborious pattern on the cloak is previous. I know next to nothing about inking ... only that I cannot imagine how to make it work at all. Your result is amazing, Amarin.

You know how much I loved Wyl with the dragons when you've posted it the first time. I'm soorry - I don't find the words anymore. :( They are gone with the wind.


Arigato again! We are Targaryan in these parts. Dragons will happen. :3 And yes, Rhaegal is an affectionate li'l fella.

..and done.

I hate doing backgrounds... #crappybackground


Defnitely not Rayek anymore - Hello, Rhaegal! :D

This color scheme was a surprise for me ... WOW. These shades of bluegreen are awesome. And the gemstones(?) have the soft glow I like best. The hair seems to mirror blood ... or the bloody glow of sunset. This is fantastic, Amarin!