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Petalwing the Preserver

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Petalwing the Preserver
Petalwing the Preserver


Back in 1982, Original Quest reader Steve Purbrick surprised the dreamberries out of us with this marvelous, just about life-size sculpture of Petalwing, ...


How wonderful!!! I was tagged with the nickname "Petalwing" back in '84! The group I hung with were all EQ fans, and we all had nicknames of characters that best fit us! :D I even have my nickname tatooed into one of my tats! :D


But I guess it's a good thing it doesn't come with sound... nobody would get any studying done.


Oooh? Statues? This I GOTTA see!!!

I love Petalwing!!!!!


Absolutely fantastic and enchanting! I can hear Petalwing right now. What a lovely gift and it's so wonderful you both are sharing it with the public. Thank you!



Tamarien ChangeStone

May we perhaps be told the "real life" life-size measurements for a Petalwing ? Does someone know ?




You have a Petalwing name tattoo?

Tamarien ChangeStone

{Seriously} Does anyone know the "real life" measurements of a Preserver ? As a artist who dabbles in 3D (Traditional Sculptor) I Would Really like to know ! In inches. Or would someone just put a ruler next to the '82 Preserver sculpt ? Please ?

Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller? Bueller?


@Tamarien ChangeStone depending on hiw far you wanted to go with it, there are some comparisons of Elves to Humans around, and Petalwing can ride in Leetah's hair, so a derived comparison could be made, though it seems to me that there has been some minor artistic license taken and they have varied proportionately from story to story...

Tamarien ChangeStone

In Inches ? Does anyone know ?


@Tamarien ChangeStone That's the best I can offer.

I've estimated the size of the fist. You can find more shots of Petalwing in Cutter's hand im Original Quest #9. Maybe it helps.


So we're looking at... maybe 8 inches?

Tamarien ChangeStone

(bows deeply) @TROLLHAMMER - Thank you for the sublimation. And just because I am like a badger when it comes to information; doesn't mean I should forget my courtesies. Sorry. My GrandMother raised me better than that !

@EMBALA - Thank you for the visuals. And you have Always done your best by me. Sometimes a little more.

@MrsGRIZZLEY. I am not good with guessing - being more of a B&W kinda gal. But that does seem closest so far.

If Wendy and Richard know the exact size - they are keeping the info "close to the chest"; but it has to be somewhere. Those two are just too well organized for it Not to have been answered at some time - heh ?

. .


I asked the same question to Eregyrn years ago, she came up with 10 inches based on the same OQ pic Embala referenced.

But I figured I'd get more specific. Here I've duplicated Embala's chart comparison, overlaid a loose 'skeleton' and uncurled each piece to stand it up. Comes dang close to being the same height as Cutter's head. A little more than 9.5 inches.

... buuuuuut this pic from the Wolfrider's Guide makes it look a little smaller? Because the bug's body isnt as sharply bent over.


I get the feeling that some license is being taken with the exact proportions of the Preservers from image to image in that they are proportional to themselves, and the height if six heads sure looks about right to me, but they aren't always proportional to their environment...

the actuality might be somewhere between the two.

Look at Petalwing's feet in the sketch, they're shaped much like a regular foot. But don't Preservers have a much more insectoid foot? So I would guess that the sketch was done when the design wasn't quite so set? Maybe?

So we could guesstimate that Preservers are somewhere between 8 and 10 inches tall and that maybe they vary among examples? Like some are taller than others? That might actually solve our problems.


Great job, Jeedai! Six heads tall kinda makes sense :)

I had forgotten about this sketch - nice to see it in Petalwing's thread. Looks much like an early draft - considering the feet.


Jeedai said: A little more than 9.5 inches.

We're good with that. Besides, just as the Wolfriders differ up and down from the "standard" five heads tall, Preservers can vary some too. So "around 9-10 inches" is fine.


Thanks for the clarification, RichardPini. :)

As for the statue's size, I put a three-point perspective grid over the box in one of the pics, and worked it up to reach the bug. Presuming the artist's name tag is an off the shelf half-inch label, his Petalwing is around 8.5 tall inches from head to heel.


You ever get the impression that we, as fans, are far more detail-oriented than we realize? *chuckle*


I know exactly how detail oriented I am, and I have the diagrams to prove it.


There is one thing about the dimensions of a Preserver, that still baffles me. I assume they are about the size of a human hand. If so, how do they produce so much webbing? I think the explanation might be like Spiderman's web devices. They produce a highly concentrated formula that expands and solidifies in contact with air. But wasn't it Petalwing alone who wrapped One-Eye completely in webbing? If so, how did it produce so much material in so little time?


@Trollbabe: Magic!

Tamarien ChangeStone

Yip-pee ! Okay; now we are cooking. Thank you, thank you.

(and) Thank Goodness for detail orientated people.

@JEEDAI Duh . . I should have just gone to You from the beginning. (Knowing that you have a corner on the Preserver market from all your forum information).

@MrsGRIZZLEY Regarding the preserver feet; I would guess the older Cutter and Petalwing picture is an outline from around the same time as the First story of Olbar the Mountain Tall's daughter-early eighties. They all looked very different in the beginning.

@TROLLBABE Huh! Makes me wonder if they really do wrap like a spider; over and around, over and around again- or- just one layer. For that matter how does a spider produce miles of webbing ? Nature is magical!

@RICHARD Thanx for the incite. I now Know that the Preservers are a variable height of between nine and ten inches. Top drawer ! Wish I could have known in 1990 when I first tried a lost-wax 3D bronze sculpt. When I try again it will not be in metal for sure - way to heavy !

That grid is way to Cool JEEDAI. Much better than a ruler. I would have never thought to use the computer that way. (I am very new to computers - haven't even logged a hundred hours ON yet !)

Blessings ! Thank you fellow fans !


I love the teamwork here. :) Jeedai's detailed and almost scientific approach, Grizz's helpful estimation and the suggestion of a bandwidth ...

... and Richard actually confirmed a size and the range of variation.

I'm still in awe of the scuplture and the artist!

Tamarien ChangeStone

Big THANX to everybody who chimed in here !

I just love the Preservers; in Cay Holt they had a whole Island to themselves. And we would dream of just What? they could have wrapped up in there after 10,000 years.


Tamarien ChangeStone said: And we would dream of just What? they could have wrapped up in there after 10,000 years.

It would look like an island that Christo had got hold of!


MrsGrizzley said: You ever get the impression that we, as fans, are far more detail-oriented than we realize? *chuckle*

No... no...


It as real! As if now will
state you something and
will depart.

Tamarien ChangeStone

@ Richard. oh Hecks yes it would ! Too Funny. I studied Christo in college back in the *cough* late eighties. Had a prof who just loved his sea and rock works.

My current PC and a preserver of River Twine.

Tamarien ChangeStone


A preserver from an old Club.

It's name is ROOTBULB and the bug is a "Johnny Appleseed"; loving to collect seeds and spread them far and wide. Which is how the sprite got lost from its Island and them went looking for ChangeStone @ Sweetwater Glen.


MrsGrizzley said: You ever get the impression that we, as fans, are far more detail-oriented than we realize? *chuckle*

Jeedai said: I know exactly how detail oriented I am, and I have the diagrams to prove it.

Hahaha, I love you guys!