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Why Elfquest is worth doing. Really.

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Why Elfquest is worth doing. Really.
Why Elfquest is worth doing. Really.


Weve been fortunate for many years. Elfquest, begun nearly four decades ago, has been welcomed into the hearts and minds of many readers. It has enjoyed ...


I read Thunt's blog the other day, and I almost wept with him when he recounted discovering that he had destroyed one of his original Elfquest comics. I love Goblins, and am so happy that he was able to find solace in the wonder that is Elfquest.


I love Goblins! And it was wonderful to discover that two of my favorite comics are somehow linked :) I intended to post it here, but I see it has already been shared. I admire Thunts statement. He refuses to see his readers are his bosses any longer. He's the creator and it's his world. Even though I can be quite a demanding reader, I have nothing but respect for such authenticity.


I'm a long time reader of Goblins, it's my favorite web-comic. I've just now found Elfquest through his blog. So far I love it! Even though I'm decades late to the party.


Welcome! :) Decades late to the party means you can read the original series in one go without having to wait for new issues to come out. That's actually an advantage, the rest of us are stuck waiting for the next issue of the final quest ;)


True @Diana and decades late to the party also doesn't mean that you're any less a true fan than the rest of us @evileatingrasshopper and you can share your opinions and insights with a fresh perspective! I look forward to seeing how you respond to the series as you are reading it for the first time!

So many of us have been around so long that we've pretty well talked ourselves into corners on so many worthwhile discussions that we're just waiting for someone to come along with a new idea to get us going again. Please feel free to get the party started again!



Evileatingrasshopper, keep in mind that much of the American fandom of Belgian and Japanese comics are "late to the party," so don't feel bad. I feel old when I read these young whippersnappers saying they grew up reading Elfquest.


Like Evileatingrasshopper I, too, found out about Elfquest through Goblins and Tarol's blog post about his recent troubles. Now I see why he (and everyone else) loves it. I sat down to read a bit while I had dinner, and next thing I knew it was nearly midnight. I foresee many an upcoming evening spent in a similar, and highly enjoyable, fashion. :)


as a gamer, i came across Tarol's comic years ago. that it was a comic about a group of goblins who are sick of being xp fodder and become adventurer's themselves, while at the same time discussing the other side of the equation with MinMax and Fogarth and the threats that they face (The Viper Clan, Kore, Dellyn the Goblin-slayer) and the friends they make, Kin the Yuan-Ti, Saves-A-Fox, and Klik.
when its at its best, it really does poke fun at the tropes of role-playing (such as guys who play women as nothing more than sex-objects), everyone wanting to be a Drow (and then lamenting that they're so aloooooooooooooooone), repeatedly having your characters die (the same party die as drow and are re-rolled almost the exact same) but even at its worst Goblins has tackled some REALLY heavy material (such as the discussion that followed the revelation that Dellyn routine beat and raped Kin on a nightly basis, only to heal her back to full health the next day), that some beings are more evil than the creatures they face (Kore to the max) and that Heroes can spring up from the unlikeliest of places (Big Ears, Dies Horribly, Complains of Names, and Thac0) was one of the biggest draws.
and yes, i was there for the recent 'gobsplosion' when Tarol stopped updating, no one heard from him, and the picture that was posted that he drew as a way of releasing the horror pent up inside him, and him trying to find the words to describe what was going on.
i've seen the "I Quit" post, to me that he's said he needs some time to address medical issues is good enough for me.
To me, Goblins is one of those reads that is worth waiting for. mostly because i want to see how the story turns out, will Complains and Minmax fight to the death? what of Dies' revelation that he will be chosen to be chief - despite his clan having a chief already? what about Kin? she makes her departure due to the machinations of another - not her choice. and what powers Kore? (especially when we see him go berzerk mode) Will Fogarth survive? not to mention the worldbuilding Tarol does when he posts a filler that opens up new ideas (such as the participants in the maze of many, the alternate endings such as the fate of Dellyn, and the story page he gave us on the Axe of Prissan and its many wielders.
not to mention nifty magic items such as the shield of wonder.
so yes, i do wish him a speedy recovery, as much for his own sake as the continued publishing of his comic.