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When worlds don’t collide

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When worlds don’t collide
When worlds don’t collide


Walking to and from my morning coffee fix gives me precious quiet time to think on things. This mornings question was, Why do I like the new X-Men ...


This reminds me of why Tarantino's Kill Bill was so good: because it took childish characters and forced them out of an adolescent-fantasy lifestyle (the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad!) and imagined what it would be like for all of them to deal with the emotional consequences should reality bite.

Watchmen tried, too, but gave it no space. I haven't seen DoFP, but it sounds like it takes pains to create that space.


But what are the elves we've come to love, for years, heading into? The part that made me utterly fall in LOVE with Elfquest.. was the one presented in the early 80s', with "The Quest Begins", a still young Cutter, father to beautiful twins, heading into danger in order to find and unite all elves. The grim part of it was Cutter facing Savah with those words: "If we've got to FIGHT the humans for our place in this world, we'll stand a better chance if we're all TOGETHER!". Careful what you wish, indeed, if I guess right about what's coming. And the Quest became grimmer and grimmer and even grimmer, with time and developments. Are they all heading straight into death or worse? I know it may, in itself be worth it all, a hard lesson for the potentially attentive reader, but.. but.. The charm is fading. That's how an old gloomer like me perceives it, anyway.


@PCoquelin, I have to disagree with you here. I was taught, as a child, that if you want a light to shine brighter, you take it to dark places. And that is true for every good fantasy story, including ElfQuest. In the dark and increasingly complicated surroundings, the love and light of our heroes shines as true as ever, if not more. The simple themes of the beginning are still there, every Recognition and child as special and cherished as those that came before, yet in the larger scheme, the Quest to unite the tribes goes ever on... until we reach the mysterious Palace-travellers of the time to come, fleetingly glimpsed in the Futurequest storyline.


Guys... We are only three issues in. It's a little early to freak out over the direction of the story.


We've been told to prepare for a roller coaster ride and that the story is going to be darker than before. But I for one agree totdly with @leanan, you have to shine your light in dark places. Shenshen even warned of this "Shine where you love."


It's funny. Here, in the EQ forum, at least there's some discussion of the words I wrote - which is why I hope to bring at least a fraction of the Facebook Elfquest followers over here. Maybe there'll be more intelligent commentary to add to what's here. On the EQ official page on FB, there's been exactly one comment about the post. All the rest have been about the silly illustration I chose...


(Did he say "MORE intelligent commentary", or "more INTELLIGENT commentary"?)


Trollbabe said: (Did he say "MORE intelligent commentary", or "more INTELLIGENT commentary"?)



Thought I posted this, but it didn't show up, meaning I hit "save" by mistake.

I actually appreciate the chance to have an intelligent discussion. Apparently, every female viewer in my alumni group saw Hugh Jackman's Australian outback, and completely forgot what happened during the remaining two hours and ten minutes of the movie.

No spoilers, but the movie does wrap up everything neatly at the end, as you say. Our only complaint was that they could afford half a dozen "A" list actors, but couldn't find anyone who looked like President Nixon, to make several short appearances. (Casting could have even paid a visit to his last surviving brother for some clues.)

That decision might have been made differently, had the Nixon character been in one of the other movies. As with the many artists and writers who have contributed to Elfquest over the years, their creative choices are unique to them.

The movie is a good comparison to Elfquest. The loose threads we wondered about for years, or found as we read the online archives of the issues we missed, are all coming together. I suspect that more of the characters we adore will not survive the trip. That's one aspect of Elfquest that makes me take it more seriously than mainstream superhero comics - the dead stay dead, even if their spirits can commune with the living under some circumstances.