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How long are Wavedancers pregnant?


The "takes longer to cook" line, and how aware of the world Korafay was when she was born, made me think that maybe it's three years for Wavedancers as opposed to the usual two years for the rest of the elf kinds. Which makes me surprised Korafay wasn't larger at birth, since Brill essentially gave birth to a toddler.


Why is it longer? Curious...


Taking "longer to cook" would mean that Wavedancers have a longer gestation period, and wouldn't develop as quickly in the womb as other elf babies. So her being a normal size makes sense. If she came out at two years instead of three, she would have been premature and smaller.


Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but I had a similar question: How fast is elven conception? Tyleet and Scouter were together for three days to satisfy Recognition, but Brill said she could already feel life within after one time with Sunstream.


I think it just depends on how long the couple feels like being together. :) Like...not necessarily that Scouter and Tyleet NEEDED those three days for Recognition to take, because Tyleet seemed pretty sure it had early on. But more that they just wanted that time together. That also depends, of course, on whether or not the tribe can spare them.


That makes sense. Thanks.


Same here. From the very first contact with EQ and Recognition I got the notion that it only takes one joining to conceive a child of Recognition. The "urge of Recogniton" ends after this first encounter (Cutter, Dewshine) and the mates can stay together or part.
It was so clear for me that I never thought about it ... until now.

My examples of Cutter and Dewshine are not really helpful ... From their story you can assume that it happened this way but there is no prove positive. So I looked for more evidance. There is the Recognition of Sunstream and Brill you've pointed out, MultiFacets. And there is another one: when Bearclaw and Joyleaf recognized, her immediate reaction after the joining was: "We made a cub, beloved!"

For me it looks like the bodies of recognized mates are tuned in an instant the way that only one joining leads to conception (and much faster than it is technically possible for Humans ;) ).
Tam had a good point with "the time they needed" for themselves ... never thought about this effect. Recognition is a very deep and stirring experiance - an encounter of souls. Some elves may have the need to take some time just for themselves.

My short formula: After Recognitio it takes just one joining to grant conception ... and the elves need or take some more exclusive time together to manage - or enjoy - the mental effects of Recognition.


So... Scouter's and Tyleet's three days on their own was basically the elfin version of a honeymoon?


That's how I see it :D


I kinda like that interpretation, @Embala I can definitely see that being the case because, particularly for those pairings that intend to make a lifetime commitment to each other, the adjustment period is vitally important. Figuring out who they're going to be *as a couple*.

It's a very good idea, all in all.