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How has reading Elfquest affected your life?


Or has it? Maybe you just read it, and think it's cool?

For me personally I became a REAL fan at age 18 (I had been a casual fan since I was 14) when I was a very depressed and lonely guy. I was unhappily in love with a girl (haven't really been more in love since), and I was so certain it was the real deal, you know? Anyway, I was pining for this girl I couldn't have and I didn't know how to handle it. Furthermore, I didn't have many friends either, but this one girl I knew only slightly was into comics. It turned out she had the original EQ albums (I think there 22 of them, if I'm not mistaken). Basically, they consisted of the original quest, of which I had only read 6 albums or so.
So, I started reading EQ again, and totally fell in love with the artwork and the characters and the story, and it gave me something else to focus on. Something to take my mind off the pain I was feeling.

I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have those EQ albums to read back then. Anyway, they really helped and for that I am forever greatful. :D

So, has it affected you in a remarkable way?


It has affected my life in two ways:
A: changed my mentality a good deal. I won't go on about it, but it did. It's easier to live with that new on, too.
B: copying out the art improved my drawing skills immensly... now at times I'm paid for illustrating newspapers and such. :)


Elfquest hasnt really affected my life dramatically.

It just gave me a good hobby, something really enjoyable to read and relax.


EQ gave me a universe to dream about... to ponder and daydream over. And it gave me great joy to draw elves and try to copy Wendy's art. But it also gave me frustration that the comics were only released like once every other year... Wink


I agree with Anne. It was a new universe to dream in. I´m able to sit in hours just daydreaming and maybe drawing a little.
EQ have also given me a well, more relaxed (?) view on sex.
I started drawing EQ elves last year or so, and I think I´ve improved my drawing skills much since then Wink Before I started drawing elves I sucked at drawing people! It didn´t really matter if I tried to draw humans or elves, I just couldn´t draw anything with only two legs. Sweetwind´s site about EQ have some art tecniques that really helped me alot Wink Many thanks go to Sweetwind! Wink


I loved to draw the elves too! The only problem was that since I ALWAYS drew elves, I couldn't draw a person without the eyes looking oversized and the hair enormously fluffy........!


I have had elfquest effect my life in so manny ways.
i took to it so well ebcause I loved the idea of lifemateing and reconition, and It helped me when I felt alone and I needed some thing to excape to, and I learned alot of lessons about diffrences and things that happen in life even to the elves.....
Love is the best!
I cant begin to explain but I know that from a young age I wanted to be a mother and a lifemate too like joyleaf. And thoes who Know me and E.Q. would agree that it is so.


It helped me get over my nightmares. I know that sounds strange, but when I was younger I was afraid of EVERYTHING. My wild imagination often got away with itself. Especially if I watched ANY scary movie.

There was this movie...I can't even remember the title, but it was some sort of alien movie where people would get posessed and then their eyes would glow yellow, or there would be a yellow aura or something...it's so vague now I can't remember anything but this one kitchen scene where I guy went to go get milk out of the fridge and got got. I used to lay in bed at night and watch the yellow aura hang over my closet. I'd be terrified to close my eyes and got very little sleep.

Then, I made the mistake of seeing Dawn of the Dead (which I'm absolutely terrified to say they've made a remake of), and from that point on I would lay in bed at night waiting for someone in my family to die and come eat me. Zombies are the scariest thing in the world to me! I mean Dracula has a weakness, all the great monsters do, but what is a zombies weakness!!?? There isn't one. So, basically I really regretted watching that movie.

Well, this all happened around the time I discovered Elfquest...around 13-15 years old. And after I read those stories, whenever I'd start to have trouble sleeping at night or get scared, I'd close my mind and focus on writing stories about Elfquest in my head. I'd imagine I was an elf taken in by the Wolfriders and imagine all different things that would happen to me while I was with them...it was a continuing dream that I would pick up each night.

Thanks to Elfquest I eventually was able to start sleeping with my door closed and no nightlight. I know...sad I had a nightlight at 13, but I did. I couldn't stand the dark. Now, I love the dark. And I embrace my nightmares now. I still have an overactive imagination and I still have nightmares when I'm really stressed out, but now they fascinate me. I don't really get scared anymore, just curious at what caused each and every dream.

However, I am still very afraid of Zombies and have a hard time watching any sort of movie like that. Last one I managed to get through was Resident Evil, but that was so corny it didn't phase me as bad. I still can't sit all the way through the old version of Night of the Living Dead without someone else in the room. The totally hilarious thing is that I love scary movies now and want to see 28 Days so bad, but haven't worked up the nerve yet to do it!! Hehe.

Ah well, that's my strange, twisted story.



eq really chaged my life a lot, i adapted the idea of living now as much as i can, and with this attitude my life is so much better, that i sometimes think my life before eq was wasted... Wink !
even my relation ships with other people is better now, as i think how the elfs would behave etc.

all in all i can say eq is way better than every theraphie!!


it change my lif for two ways:
1. I belive in the unseen
2. Now i read


I've already posted this but oh well...
I was a sad, depressed little sixth grader. My family had recently gone through some tough times involving jail and mental asylums and a lot of screaming and doors slammed. I didn't make good grades, had no friends whatsoever, and had toyed with the idea of suicide. I didn't really trust my family and I don't think my father would have been supportive in any way, so I was pretty much alone in what I consider to be a very shitty world. Anyways, when I discovered Elfquest, the characters that stuck out to me and remain my favorites to this day were Redlance and Khavi.

Redlance was kind, gentle, and never screamed. He was sweet and in touch with the earth, my element, and devoted to his lifemate. He was my ideal guy, the person I wanted to save me.
Khavi was the person I wanted to be. I was being constantly harrassed for being ugly (a problem I have since modified) and she was not only beautiful, but strong, never letting anyone push her around. Nobody messed with her, she kicked all the trolls (bullies in my world) grey-green arses, AND she slept with some of the best guys in the series. She was everything I ever wanted to be, she even had my hair and eye colors.
Khavi is my hero. I realized a guy like Redlance wasn't likely to come rescue me, so I had to rescue myself. I gave myself a few make-overs, bought some better clothes, and kicked a few arses myself. It's been almost seven years and I'll be damned but my life doesn't rock. I have friends, a good relationship with my parents, and an awesome job (Army Reserves). I'm graduating from high school this year and I should be on the Honor Roll.
It's all cheese and crackers.


Windwalker, that was a great and inspiring story. Way to go!



yep actrally how i got friends was because of an anime called "fruits basket"


I dont think Elfquest CHANGED my life perse but it awakened a new appreciation for Nature and the Earth. But also it makes me regret the ways of humans.. WHYY couldnt we have lived in the trees and lived with nature instead of On top of it?
And I long to be an elf. I swear I was one in a past life, or will be one in the future.
A lil off topic, but i think humans will develop into elves and when earth is a wasteland we'll find another planet and become the Eldars there. They use thought-speak and I think that is a part of our brain we just havent developed yet. ANyways!


way to go wind walker!!!!


Thank you, Wind Walker, for that wonderful story. :)

Elfquest resonates with my deep-rooted desire for things to be real-- I hate facades, posturing, and all the layers of social convention that keep people apart from one another. C.S. Lewis once said something along the lines that fantasy like this speaks to us on a level deeper than words, challenges our assumptions, and generally shocks us more fully awake than most people ever let themselves be.

In giving me characters that I care passionately about, as well as a storyline that generously allows for filling in the gaps, Elfquest awoke the writer in me. I love to see if I can let these characters be who they are in my own stories, fully compatible with the canon. For me it's the ultimate role-playing game, where the only rule is that I have to create something that really could have happened in the world that's been set up.

Mostly, though, what it has given me is immense enjoyment and a whole lot of fun.



Then, I made the mistake of seeing Dawn of the Dead (which I'm absolutely terrified to say they've made a remake of), and from that point on I would lay in bed at night waiting for someone in my family to die and come eat me. Zombies are the scariest thing in the world to me! I mean Dracula has a weakness, all the great monsters do, but what is a zombies weakness!!?? There isn't one. So, basically I really regretted watching that movie.

One of my all time favorite movies. Believe it or not, that one has a lot of social commentary in it. At any rate, I am not sure how or if EQ has effected my life. Certainly the story has made me feel different things at different times in my life so perhaps it has effected me here or there in some small way. It certainly showed me that there are others people that I could connect to in some fashion although in the long run, those connection tend to break but for now, using this place as an example, I am here and we are talking. In one year or twenty years will that still be true? I have my doubts but you never know.


I've already mentioned the inspiration to draw own elves, hehe and yes.. big eyes have followed in my other non-elf drawings. A friend thinks I always draw too big heads as well .. and as you may have guessed from my user avatar here..

I got inspiration to dress up like this last Halloween:



Decided to not use the img code for the last two piccies, since they are somewhat big.. so for the curious, click away on the other 2 links.

And my apologies for the crappy quality of the first piccy, used my webcam and it was very bad lighting indoors.. :/


ElfQuest affected my life by just being ElfQuest, I use to hate to read. My mother couldn't get me to read for the life of me! But after I spoted the ElfQuest, I wanted to check it out, so I did and every since then, reading has became my favorite past time. ^^

Thank you ElfQuest!! I love ya!! XD


Elfquest has affected my life in the fact that, since Dani Futuro when I was a youngster, I had never seen that much quality in "comics", when considering the combination of the message and the drawing.
It proved me I should not despair : some arrows DO fly true.
Now on personal history, it was a real passion collecting EQ issues, and the story reinforced many beliefs I already had and changed some.
Some works talk to the heart, y'see ?, and Elfquest clearly belongs to this category.
It gave me a lot of inspiration, and made my imagination and curiosity stir a lot more than I could have believed possible when 17.
If only for this : thanks to WaRP !


how reading elf quest has affected my life by woebringer
well for starters i now howl at grils to get their attention insted of acting like a gentalman barbarian( the results have not been incourageing)
i now use a spear for hunting (once agin bad results)
and i am now more sentive (like my favorite elf two spear)


Well woebringer, thats a diffrent way than I've ever heard of, I'll have to give it a try! Elfquest was a side hobby for me starting at age 7 this continued untill I turned 11, it's really brought out more of my creative side, and sometimes i find my self howling at the moons.

(yes, I mean moons!)


Like when you're drunk? Wink


Mirr, what an AMAZING halloween elfy costume!!!

What struck me is -- your make up is kind of The Tribe-ish -- ever seen that series? Anyway, I've always believed the makeupartists of that tv-show must have been inspired by EQ :)


zebula, i dont drink!!!! (much) Wink


Yeah, I realized that. I just couldn't let a chance for a joke like that to pass me by, you know. Wink


It is great to read that EQ has changed lives!

EQ has a great effect on my live as well, both mentaly as spiritualy.
I can't explain it all, but I have embrassed EQ as if it were my world as well. If I had trouble sleeping, I imagined myself in the world of two moons. Skywise was my bestfriend and Cutter my boyfriend ( ah well, HE IS SOOO CUTE!!! :D )

Anyway, EQ has changed my live in more ways then I couold tell.


I'm such a pleb. I post this message in the worng thread. Put it in the 'Recogniton' thread. So here it is again so it's in the right place this time. Sorry for the duplication.


How has EQ changed me. Not a huge amount, but I say that cos I was very much into elves before hand. But I must admit that my thoughts do drift quite often to the world of two moons and I find myself thinking, 'I wonder what they'd be upto!' Then I realize it's just a story and then think,' Or is it!'

A reall cool guy said to me once, 'I believe it all. It's all going on somewhere.' This was an indian dude (Chippawa) that I met in Canada at Wiccanfest. So there you go, nowadays I think, 'They're out there somewhere, and they're doin' just fine!'

I find it difficult to read the stories without getting too emotionally involved with it. (Yeah I'm a softy!). Just now I was listening to Goldfrapp (Feltmountain) a track called 'Pilots' and I could see Cutter and Skywise staring up to the night sky. It made me feel quite elated yet sad. What I'd give for an imortal exsistence with a soul mate (dangers included). Well, I'm 25 and just too damned lonely.

Back to the point. EQ has influenced some music from me. My chosen career is that of professional Film Score writer. I sit at home writing music and recently I've been working on an album I'm calling 'Elven Moods'. It's actually 'MY' elven moods (Yeah, I consider myself an elf! - on his forum who doesn't) and so its an emotional/thematical study of different things I've felt. And I've done two Elfquest based tracks. One is a fanfare theme and the other is a theme for Cutter and Leetah when they finally get together. I'm planning to do more, but I'm waiting for a new Korg synth to start writing again.

So emotionally and musically EQ has been a great influence. And I feel EQ is a good look at what life can be with naturalness, and understanding of your environment. Not to mention friends and family and the sense to 'belong' - something I have seldom felt.

Hetoreyn. :D


It's affected me. Greatly.

In a nutshell, it's the root of what caused me to realize I was an artist at all.

For that alone, I couldn't begin to say thank you to the Pini's enough - it was often my one saving grace. *smile*

It has a near and dear special place in my heart, and forever will.



Not to sound crazy or anything... but Elfquest in one way saved me as a child. My childhood was a very strange one and i was desperate for something to help me escape.. I had the tendacy to "adopt" characters from movies and pretend to be them, like Annie of the Green Gables and ESPECIALLY Pippi Longstocking, but still there was only so many times i could watch the movies and i didn't own any of the movies so it was an occasional thing...

At 7 years old, i stumbled onto a couple elfquest issues in my ex step sister's bedroom. I was instantly captivated by this world, and begged my mom to allow me buy some issues. Whenever possible, i'd try to buy more and more. I spend days and days and days reading them and re-reading and re-reading. Whenever i was upset with things going on with my family. all i had to do was curl up in my bed with an elfquest volume or two. There were times where mom would wake up at 3am and see me STILL re-reading elfquest and force me to go to bed and then quietly i'd turn back on the lights and keep reading. Ha!!

I cried when one eye died, smiled and was relieved when leetah admitted that she indeed did recongize cutter, drooled at the orgies scenes, awww-ed when ember got her first wolf friend, cried yet again when vaya died, drooled after skywise and kahvi, wanted to shake rayek to his senses when he blasted the go-backs away from their home, wanted to strangle winnowill, cried again for cutter when rayek took his entire family away, and so on and on. I felt and still to this day feel so intensely for the elves and their stories.

It was defintely an obsession.. A good one I believe and it helped me get through my childhood without being too scarred. I also learned a lot of good lessons about how to deal with certain things by studying how the elves dealt with similiar things as well. I could ramble on but i think that's enough about that one.

Also another thing that was affected by elfquest in one way or another was definitely my views on sexuality and relationships.. what do you expect from a girl who started reading and gawking at the orgies at 7 years old?!? Ha! I dont know if my views would be as open if it wasn't for elfquest? who knows... I in fact didn't even really think "Hmm isn't it a bit strange how Cutter let Leetah have sex with Rayek?!?" I just took it as a very natural thing... Same with Skot, Krim and Pike and all these other couples.. I didn't even really give it much thought until i met my first polyamorous couple who are to this day one of my dearest friends.. Anyhow when they told me about their relationship, the first thing i thought was HEY! That's a lot like Elfquest! I was very open and comfortable with it. In fact i am now exploring that type of lifestyle as well.

I wouldn't "blame" elfquest for that but it helped me become a very open-minded individual and i think that's a wonderful thing. BUT i do like to joke with people when they find out about my sexuality and think it's weird. I just say "well read elfquest and you'll understand why i ended up the way i am!" :p

The world of elfquest... is just SO precious to me. I have pratically the first 8 volumes memorized in my head and could tell someone the entire story, detail by detail... and i have! Heh.

One thing i have always told people was that the amazing thing about this world is that the elves deal with such human issues... and no villian is 100 percent evil. Nothing is completely simple.. like okay this person is bad and that person is good. They all have dark sides to them, some are much darker than others but you can sense vunerability in each character and see that one day back in the past they were once not like this... Example: Winnowill. They all deal with fears, loss, hope, sadness, hatred, confusion, beliefs and so on. Sometimes it's just so easy to forget that it's just a story because.. the characters become so real to me as i turn the page and learn more about the character.

Anyhow.. i think i rambled a bit too much there, heh :) I'll end this for now. I also realize this thread is long dead but i thought i'd share my story :)


[color=indigo:9af331f602]hmmm, it's wierd. EQ didn't give me a love of Elves, already had it. nor a love of wolves, had that too. but it did effect my life in small ways. i'd daydream about being a Wolfrider. at 14 i got into D&D (dungeons & dragons for those that don't know). at one point i worked out with my DM (dungeon master) how to encorprate Wolfriders into the game. all i'd play was elves, and once we beat out a working guideline, all i played was Wolfriders :P i enven have a special char i'd made up long ago, but never put in print until recently when i joined a couple of non-EQ RPG forums. she has grown much over the years (i'm 33 now lol) and it was interesting to see all of her in print. she combines my two fave things from when i was young, EQ & D&D. i tend to call my kids and all youngster's cubs or striplings depending on their age. my current boyfriend i call my lifemate & soulmate(we plan to marry next year, and i'v intro-ed him to EQ... he loves it!!) just wished we could have a Wolfrider Recognition. so much better & simpler then the fuss of human weddings lol i tend to call people's pets their animal-friends. like i have a cat-friend atm and the humans, human-friends to the animals. my religeous beliefs have incorporated High Ones into it. i tend to call people fluff-eared, blue furred treewees, or just fluff-eared fools or tainted/wasted meat when they act like idiots (tourists).

nah, EQ hasn't effected my life at all :roll: roflmfao[/color:9af331f602]


**Elfquest hasn't affected my life at all**

Seriously now: The OQ did express something I was feeling at the time (and still am), but it had been there already, not caused by Elfquest. My life has affected my reading much more than the other way round; there've never been fictional characters who I could identify with, never been stories that matched mine, so I don't exactly find "guidance" in stories.

Elfquest has influenced my idea of elves, though. I'd always liked (fantasy) elves and fairies for being more playful, flightier, prettier and less "bureaucratic" and/or feudalist and/or militaristic than other fantasy races... they had no barracks, no prisons, no beggars, no knights and squealy damsels, no roads, no fences, no slaughterhouses, no money, no books of law. And nobody was bullied in school or had to strangle their soul to get a job they hated. They were free and self-sufficient, and yet they cooperated instead of oppressing each other. And they were naturally artistic. Perfect. Everything I disliked about humans they were not.

Elfquest added teeth and fur to that, a tribal primal feralness that protected it from getting all twee and intangibly plastic fantastic. I wasn't overly familiar with traditional faerie mythology at the time, no mischievous pixies, spriggans and howling banshees... so wild elves were somewhat new to me. They made sense to me, more than the luminous Tolkien elves, more than the Barbies in my RPG books, more than Elfquest's own High Ones.

Now I realise there're things about humans and human culture that I like that elves lack, and conversely I am less certain that the utopias I made up are at all possible.


Hm... I don't know if my entry for this will be really interesting or really boring...

I can't say that Elfquest has really [i:b952f2a3b0]changed[/i:b952f2a3b0] my life. It's more 'molded' me into what I am. I've 'been' with EQ all my life. I learned to read by reading EQ. I learned how to draw by drawing EQ (I've been drawing since I could make pictures in my baby food, so says my mother). I read it any time I could. I tried to get as many people into it as well. I have family members who once knew the Pinis (though I've only met them once at a convention.) Wendy kept me drawing and writing stories when I spoke to her at said convention. It's molded my views, my creativity, my life. I was even in the original issue #21 (sort of. If anyone has a scan of the pages in there that show the convention pictures, I can show you. Alas, I do not have that issue; It's my mother's)

I'm nearly 22 now and I wouldn't change who I am for anything, and I largely have to thank EQ for that.


Oh, right... it's completely changed my drawing style (or given me one, even if it wasn't one of my own). But then I don't ever draw anymore so that doesn't mean much.


I think EQ encouraged me to read other graphic novels and comic books, so I'd say it's affected my bank balance more than anything else :D


It's helped me through some tough times. First when I was a shy, awkward, geeky eleven- and twelve-year-old, and then when I was fourteen. When I was younger I really looked up to a lot of the characters, I guess you could say they were roll models. I also remember doing the braid thing with my hair like Khavi's. And I used to think stuff like "What would so-and-so do in this situation?" The second time (when I was fourteen) I was pretty much marooned on the other side of the country with my mother and my uncle, who were having very nasty fights every day, some of which included me. I started re-reading EQ, and it sort of functioned as a way of escape. I couldn't contact any of my friends, so the characters served that purpose (and they were kind of like old friends, anyway). It gave me something familiar to cling onto, for which I am forever grateful.


As an answer to your question, I may have to present my own question: how much has my life influenced my reading of Elfquest? I didn't discover the series until I was 36, so I had already done some living and reading before the elves came in my life. How much of that prior experience colored what I saw in them?


For some of us, Elfquest really wasn't an influence upon our formative years, since it wasn't around at the time.




Reading online Elfquest has kept me from getting any housework done.

More seriously, reading Elfquest has helped me get in touch with my Troll side. Not everyone has to be an Elf. Some of us have to be Trolls. Hard to explain.


Elfquest has helped me to realize that I'm not alone in thinking women can be strong and feminine at the same time. It's also gotten me to waste ten years of my free time writing on this forum. Which helped me to realize I could write for a living. :)


Thanks to ElfQuest, I
found one of the
favourite science fiction
writers. One of his ideas
on a set of the worlds
pleased to me, and now
became part of my
thought-up world.


I started reading EQ when I was nine or so, so...probably too young for the orgies and beheadings, but oh well! In retrospect I think it helped introduce me to a lot of diversity at a young age--diversity of skin color, diversity of gender roles, diversity of what women could do and be, diversity of sexuality and sexual orientation (all elves being bisexual by default is something I still hold really dear), and I still love it for that. It was one of my first great literary loves, and one that has never gone away.


I was visiting a book shop in the very late 1970's looking for worthwhile comic books to read. There were not a lot of them back then as least compared to my 1950's childhood favorites by Carl Barks. I did notice ELFQUEST - the rack had that and about 6 or 7 back issues very prominently displayed. I bought the first issue and went back the next day and bought the rest! The story line was that good. This was not the most pleasant time in my life and the idea of beings - elves nonwithstanding - that could be such a loving dynamic group was definitely a blow to my cynicism! The characters in Elfquest were worth caring about even as their lives had some meaning and that was a lesson I found most eloquently told. It is also a lesson that tends to fade over the years but I do think back then and what Elfquest ment to me at the time. A reminder of what I felt and the exciting discovery involved. It was very good and still is if I don't forget it.


I last responded to this thread 10 years ago. So much has changed in my life since then! And I have to say that not only EQ, but this forum, had a huge role in those changes.

When I became an Elfquest fan in 2002, I was just coming out of a very rigid, fundamentalist way of practicing my Christian faith. I had determined within myself to let go of rigidity, to truly listen to people from all walks of life, to open myself to learn from them. I had decided that there had to be a better way of having faith, than thinking my group had all the answers and trying to impose them on everyone else.

First the elves, and then all of you, were instrumental in teaching me these things. It started with the Sun Villagers' forgiving acceptance of the marauding Wolfriders-- the way Savah was able-- and willing!-- to see past the surface (these people violently attacked us, stole from us, even kidnapped one of us!) to the reality of who Cutter and his people were. The way Cutter learned in the next book that he could pity and spare humans, and even receive help from them. The way the Gliders in their mountain looked an awful lot sometimes like us churchgoers in our churches.

The way all of you turned out to be people just like me, not enemies to fear, but friends to come to know and fellow-travelers to learn from. The way my faith, as it changed with these changes, actually started to look more like Jesus as he walked in Galilee-- not less.

When I went away from here for a while, between 2011 and 2014, it was to take the next, necessary step in my journey; to learn more from my fellow Christians on their blogs and forums, who had walked the same way on different paths.

Now-- as I am weaving all these threads of my journey into one lovely braid, to be braided into a tapestry of life that ends up bigger than I could have imagined! -- seems a good time and place to say, "thank you."