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Avatar colorings


okaaay so not entirely fanart or anything...but it's art related right?^^ so anyway, while we could all agree the Avatar maker is fun and so useful, the colors are not quite what we would like. i personally find them a bit dull and limited...

so i colored mine! after some experimenting...and found i could make her look much more alive. and i figured other people would like that...people who either can't recolor their avatar, or are just too lazy to....XD

so if you would like your avatar recolored, please send me a comment or PM! along with an image of the avatar you've created, and how you would like it colored. if we are on at the same time, i'm willing to set up a livestream so you can watch your avatar being colored in live time! thus getting the exact shades that you want.^^

here is an example of my work, with my own avatar.



please note, i am not claiming anything as my own. The Elfquest Avatar maker and it's properties belong entirely to the creator.


I like the warm hues, highlighted eyelid and lipstick, Vaeri. And the sparkling eye!


thank you! i think it looks much more alive than the comic appearance you get with the original. hence why i'd like to offer my meager skills to help others get more lively avatars


Oh wow... way to go on that recolor!!!! I've done some editing of mine already, but not to that extent.

Hey, @Rob, wanna get some help with stuff? Lookie here!!!

She looks so beautiful that I thought for a moment they'd updated the Avatar Maker! Gorgeous!!


^^0 i dunno if i'm really all THAT good...though because i made this thread, Rob is considering the possibility of adding a lineart version to the Maker for people who wanna color it in completely.

i just made this for people who like the avatar but want it changed quickly. plus i rather have fun messing with the layers and effects. but thank you for the praise! i made my elfquest character, the sun villager Vaeri after she cut her hair. i just wanted her to look more distinctive.


Here's a lineart version of the avatar maker: http://www.elfquest.com/avatars-ink/

It's a crude 'hack' of the normal version but should suffice.


quite nice rob! the only critique i could think of is it would be nice to still have the backgrounds...the backgrounds are so nice.^^ that's just me though.


@Vaeri Would you try to make my Embala prettier, please?

I did some changes myself ... recombined hair-dos and changed colors ...


... and then tried make her complexion lighter - with questionable success.


Embala has a very pale skin and light colors in general - can you try to make her "livelier" and lovelier nevertheless, Vaeri? I'd love to see your view of her anyway.


certainly! just tell me what color her hair is suppose to be, and her eye color.



Her hair is light blue like the sky and the blue eyes match a clear lake in the sunshine. She has pretty lips - nor colorful than the bit I've suggested. And I like that you gave Vaeri eye shadow.

"Pale skin" isn't so true at second thought - she's nothing like Winnowill. A "fair but healthy complexion" would fit better.

When you doubt - make it the way you'd prefer it. I'll love to see your take!


Wonderful work, Vaeri, and Embala, I like how you did yours too.


alright! did a bunch of fiddling, and this is what i got.



how does it look now?


From the shadows in the light ... *-:) ... she's so beautiful!

Maybe a bit pale ... or I simply miss the hint of a cheekbone under her right eye. And when I look again ... then the porcellain face IS my Embala.
The hair has the perfect hue. The eyes are bright and enhanced by the eyeshadow. And she got just the missing rouge on her lips. I absolutely LOVE her.

I think I'll wear this face for a while to honor and show of your wonderful editing job. Thank you so much, Vaeri *hugs and dances*


you're welcome! i'm happy you like my work so much! of course if you want, i can darken her tone a bit! i did save the file so it's easy to go in and adjust some of the opacity and whatnot.

something i realized...XD i think the eyeshadow REALLY accentuates the female of the face...because i look at the first, and it seems masculine...then i look at what i did, and i can see it's definitely a girl! it amazed me when i first realized it!

if anyone wants avatar recolorings, PLEASE come forward! i love doing this sort of thing and it's so much fun for me!


With male and female elves so similar in appearance it often depends on tiny differences to tell the gender for sure at first sight.

The Avatar maker has an "eyelash" option - guess this was supposed to do the trick. But it did not go with mosth eye shapes when I tried ... and the maker and my comp are not friends. It takes an insanely long time to put things together for me - and then loved to freeze shortly before finishing. *sigh* I must have missed one or two updates ... or a dozen. XD

Eyes shadow and lip color are another way to make faces look female. And you are very good with this, Vaeri.

Thanks for the offer to "revise" Embala 's make-up. :) Do it when you like - I'd love to see the difference. No way to grant what I'd like more in the end.


well i was referring to her skin, not her make up...XD


some blush ... or less face powder ^^
You know, all these things elves don't need to use... make-up of any kind for me ;)


i tried some more fiddling. does the skin look a bit better now?


She turned out beautifully ... more High One like maybe. ... Ethereal.

Hard to say which one I like more *collects the pretty one* guess I'll stick with the first one for now.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work, Vaeri! *hugs* I'm so very happy that you've made my girl look wonderful.