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Vaeri's Dabbles


well i rarely feel like writing full stories...but i reeeeally wanted to write some fun dabbles, based on a few recolors i had done! and thus, have a place for any odd what ifs that might pop into my head...so here is the first!

Twins of Two Tribes

Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs, found himself drawn up short, his dark jackwolf snarling at the threat in front of them. He could scarcely believe his eyes. An entire army of humans loomed before him and his small tribe, all bedecked in war paint and waving their crude weapons fiercely. How could his small tribe hope to stand against them? He turned his head a little, casting his green eyes towards the warriors behind him. Over half of his tribe had joined him to defend their boundaries, their rich brown skin shining with sweat in the harsh sun overhead. Their jackwolves panted lightly in the heat, even as some of them growled at the humans. He turned his attention back to his jackwolf, patting the side of his neck gently as he murmured softly, “Easy, Nightrunner. It'll be okay.” He took a deep breath then nudged his reluctant jackwolf forward to negotiate with the human warriors.

Cutter could hardly believe what had happened. They had been driven from their territory, refused refuge by the trolls, and had to travel the vast desert they had long lived on the edge of. They were holding up, well enough, thanks to the many generations they had spent in the desert. Cutter found himself silently thanking Huntress Skyfire, who had led her fraction of the tribe away from their dangerous holt after a challenge from her half brother, the mad Two-spear who had disappeared with his own small tribe from their history.

She had eventually found this desert region, too vast to explore but mercifully free of humans and a small water hole for easy access. Thus, the then Wolfriders had settled in the desert, their wolves eventually crossbreeding with the local jackals to create more a more desert hardy breed. And with each generation, their skin had tanned darker and darker, making the daystar's light more tolerable to bear, so they could stand to travel during the morning and early evening hours, when the suns heat was not too harsh to cause a heatstroke.

And so, traveling was easier as they once again searched for a safe haven from the humans, though Cutter found himself worried about Redlance, who had been injured badly in the battle. He glanced back, seeing the red haired elf hunched over a bit, grabbing at his side to try and ease the pain a little. His heart went out to the elf, and Cutter closed his eyes, praying to the High Ones they would find a new home soon.

Cutter was stunned as he stared down the cliff side at a village, populated by dark skinned elves, like them! Yet he couldn't see any jackwolves, and he frowned, wondering what sort of elves these could be? And would the strange elves help him and his tribe, or reject them as cruelly as the trolls had? He glanced at his soul's brother Skywise, his dark skin a pleasant contrast to his star white hair and mischievous grey eyes, as he asked what they should do. Cutter only had to think about it briefly before he mounted on Nightrunner. “We don't ask for help. We take what we need and no answers given.” Skywise simply mounted on his light furred jackwolf Starjumper, and nodded.

Cutter stared as he came face to face with an elf maiden, green eyes meeting green eyes. She was beautiful to be sure, but Cutter was stunned that it could seem so much as if he were looking into a still puddle of water. Their skin, even their hair matched in color. They very well could have been siblings, they were so close in appearance. But he felt something much more than a family connection, something much more primal.

Leetah stared in fear, wonder and surprise. Was she looking in a polished mirror? Here was a fierce elf, as dark as she was, with the hair color that so many had nicknamed hair of sunset fire, and his eyes, as bright as a leaf as hers were. The differences, aside from gender, were so subtle they could easily be overlooked in the heat of the moment. Was she dreaming? After a few heartbeats, she asked hesitantly, “W-who are you?”

And so Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs, thought nothing of it when he snatched up his twin maiden instead of the water jug she held.


Ohai Crystalsetsuna. *waves*


yuuup, i'd recognize that name anywhere. XD hi amethyst!


What about here? Would you recognise it here? xD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadachbia


yuuup. did you read my dabble? and i did some neat recolors of Moonshade's new palace gown!


Very nice story, Vaeri ... but I miss something ^^ Add your color change to the story post, pretty please?

I like how you turned Cutter's tribe in Jackwolfrider - with a fitting "historical" background.
Must be especially puzzling when you recognize a total strange - who's your lookalike. You pictured it well, Vaeri!

Now ... how about Jackwolfrider Skywise?

(I've just borrowed this smiley for a REALLY easy color edit.)


XD i will gladly add the color changed picture, AND a new one of skywise. just wish i could make wolves look like jackwolves...XD

i of course did have to change them...they couldn't get dark skin if they didn't live in the desert, and the wolves wouldn't have been efficent hunters in the heat. thus, early crossbreeding! and yeah...in the best of times, it's weird to find the twin you didn't know exists. recognizing them the moment you see them just makes it way more weird. i think i'll write the tribes reaction after Jackwolf!Skywise.


and done! i added it below Cutter and Leetah's picture!^^


more dabble on the twin Leetah and Cutter!

The males of the Jackwolf tribe could only stare, even as they gratefully ate and drank their stolen goods. Their chief was temporarily forgoing any sustenance, as he held onto an elf maiden. Normally this would not be so strange, but for her appearance. None of them could believe it, that she should share the exact same features as their chief, though they could easily pick out differences.

She had curly hair, while he had straight, though they shared the exact same shade of auburn. Her eyes were a little more narrow and his wider, both of their eyes were green as leaves though her eyes spoke of maturity and wisdom. Even their skin was nearly the same shade of rich brown from the sun's touch.

Everyone heard Strongbow as he open-sent to his tribemates.*What strange tribe have we stumbled upon? They are brown and live in the sun as us, yet they have no weapons or Jackwolves, and none of them have tried sending to us.* Treestump could only roll his large shoulders in a shrug as he took a bite of bread. A few of them looked over toward Pike, who was gladly guzzling some water. Feeling their eyes, he looked at them, blinked then shrugged as well. *I don't remember in any of the stories I learned about elves like these. I can't tell you anything. Sorry.”

Cutter barely noticed his tribes discussion, as he held onto his struggling twin, cringing even as she bit at his hand. He supposed he should feel lucky she didn't seem to have his sharp canines. He couldn't help drinking in more and more of her, his eyes roaming over every inch of skin and curl of hair. How much he would rather stroke over her lovely matching brown skin then have to muffle her from screaming! Strange though, that she wouldn't send to him. He had half prepared himself for a barrage of mental screaming that had never come. At least they wouldn't be found anytime soon.

Leetah continued to fight, trying to get away from this too strong elf. She hated being so close to him, seeing her skin next to his and seeing how close the tone was. She hated seeing a strand of auburn hair and not being sure if it was his or hers. And she hated having to look at his face, seeing her own eyes looking back at her, though they seemed childish and youthful, perhaps how her eyes had looked when she was still a kitling. She continued trying to scream, in outrage and frustration, though she couldn't help but wonder why these elves were so silent. At the most, they would just look at each other, making bodily motions as if in response to something that had been said. Briefly, she wondered if it were possibly these dark elves knew the ancient skill of sending, something she had done only occassionally, and that only Savah could manage. She sincerely hoped Rayek would find the elves hiding spot soon.

Cutter and his tribe relaxed in the caves of Sorrows End, still adjusting to the surprise. They had eventually been discovered by one of the Sun Folk, Rayek, soon after their raid and been brought down into the village. Sun-Toucher had validated their honesty, and Redlance and Nightfall had been rescued from the depths of the desert, and now lay resting comfortably on some blankets graciously given by the Sun Folk. How odd it was to be surrounded by so many elves, just as dark as them! It would certainly not be difficult to integrate with this new tribe, they shared many similarities. Yet they shared many differences too.

Though the young chief couldn't think about those differences, aside from what applied to him and the beautiful healer. He was certain they had recognized, though he had found no soulname for her yet. But she had refused to acknowledge the bond, and even seemed repulsed by his touch for some reason. Yet what he wouldn't give to run his fingers through her hair, hold her close and breath in the scent of her! He sighed wistfully and laid his head down on his arms, staring out of the caves and towards the village, wondering which hut she resided in.

“Great Sun, did you see all of them? They look almost exactly like us, yet they have such bright hair!” Shenshen stood near the village well, chatting with some of the other females of the village. “Mmm, indeed! I quite liked the look of that white haired one!” Ruffel smiled, laying her chin in her hand, and her elbow on the edge of the well's wall. “Yes, I've never seen such bright hair! Jarrah and Savah have silver hair that is lovely, but nothing so bright as his.” Vurdah agreed, though her eyes had a vaguely dreamy look. “Just imagine what lovely children recognition with him would bring!”

Shenshen laughed a little. How like Vurdah to only think about recognition! Though she couldn't deny she had also been attracted by their bright hair. She personally had liked the look of the red haired one, with deep purple eyes and large cheeks that accentuated his carefree grin. She sighed a little and smiled, then remembered the few that did not have such bright hair. Like a female with dark brown slightly curled hair and purple eyes and her family, and a young boy with short brown hair and one eyed elf who seemed to be his father. Not as dark as theirs, but still dark in comparison to his tribe. And then their chief, which made Shenshen wonder greatly. “Did you see their leader? Don't you think he...?” she trailed off, wanting to see if her friends had thought the same as her.

“You mean the one that looks the spitting image of Leetah?” Ruffel finished the thought, looking at her. “I know! I was so surprised when I first saw him, I couldn't believe it.” Vurdah nodded, looking thoughtful. “It seems so strange, I think! The same hair and eyes...Do you think he might possibly be a lost brother of yours, Shenshen?”

The young elf blinked then laughed at the very idea. “How silly! No, I am quite certain Father would have sensed any connection if he were his son. Cutter is not a part of our family...though he does seem rather taken with my sister.” She smiled mischieviously and laughed with her friends.

Rayek lurked nearby, growling a little under his breath as he listened to the chattering women. So he wasn't the only one who noticed the similarity, not that it made him feel better. He felt no welcome for this strange tribe of elves that looked like a Sun Villager yet rode a hybrid of jackal, especially their chief that had taken far too much interest in Leetah. She was his to claim, and no strange twin elf would take her from him. He would make sure of that. It would be better for him if the tribe simply rested a bit then left the village for good, leave off to find another section of desert far,far away from them to call their own. He walked off toward the cliffs to hunt, determined to put the strange mirror image of his Leetah and this upstart newcomer out of his head.


and i finally got to do a coloring of the new JackwolfRiders!


and courtesy of Embala, a sampling of our own new delicious piece of chocolate, the JackwolfRider Skywise! in all his lovely bathing glory.


figured this was as good a place as any to post my redrawing of my elf character, Vaeri! i feel so proud of her now, she's so preettty!! this is how she looks in the beginning, when she lives as the Weaver of her little Sun Village.


I like your retelling, Vaeri. It's smooth to read and fun to spot the gradual changes and see how you make sure those "barbarians" are your Jackwolf-Riders. In case I would not remember your *they are just lookalikes - it happens!* too well I'd bet you are up to some surprising reveilance, ;)
Now I'm curious how their kids look like ...

The pictures are a perfect complementation to the first post, Vaeri. They illustrate where your idea comes from ... and shows your editing skills. Eye candy as a bonus!
I really like chocolate Skywise - it's a great contrast. Providing the scans was a rewarding task!
You were busy - almost the complete tribe got transformed! I can see how surprising must have been for the Sunvillagers. It's .... unusual and very shiny with dark skin.


I love to see your Vaeri in all her glory. It was interesting to watch how you have drawn and colored her. Those seemingliy "easy" lines for the shading make a great difference ... really brought her to life. Strikingly simple color scheme - dark auburn hair, almost matching her skin, weren't there the lively red shine in her locks - contrasted by an eyecatching turquoise blue, like the sky or the live-giving water.
Some gold to match her eyes and for the perfect Sunvillage touch.

You were careful and thoughtful with details ... the small but precious headring, the bright blue star pendant (this one seems typical for her) the pearl belt and the delicate slippers. And she got really special earrings
The flow of the moth fabric dress is very appealing. I like especially the top with the shinging-through quality.

You are proud of it by right, Vaeri.


thank you for all your compliments embala! i'm happy you enjoyed my dabbles and my colorings!

though i would like to point out that those are enameled beads on her bodice, and not pearls. where on earth would she get pearls in the desert after all?^^


Beads ... pearls ... it's the same word in Germen: Perlen. ^^ I figured it would be glass and gold beads or such. Enameled ... interresting idea for multicolored pea...beads.

Vaeri said: where on earth would she get pearls in the desert after all?^^
From coconuts? ^^
Not meant quite serious ;)


enameled is a type of bead, it's very glossy and shiny.