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My fancomics!


Hey all, I've lurked for a while now but haven't posted much on the forums. I made a post in the EQ Facebook group and Richard directed me here. ^^

Anyway, I wanted to post links to my fancomics in case anyone is interested in reading them! They're all on my deviantART page, along with lots of non-sequential fanart (pinups and character designs and stuff). All of my EQ comics are Worldpool-type "what if" stories; I wouldn't presume to try to write anything that belongs to the canon continuity, as I'm too afraid of making a mistake.

"Return to Innocence", which introduces my main AU: http://amethystsadachbia.deviantart.com/gallery/34057087/EQ-comic-Return-to-Innocence
"Children of the World", continuing the timeline of RtI: http://amethystsadachbia.deviantart.com/gallery/41636319/EQ-comic-Children-of-the-World
"Alloy in Dance", which happens concurrently with CotW on another continent: http://amethystsadachbia.deviantart.com/gallery/34057126/EQ-comic-Alloy-in-Dance
"Plainsrunners", which also happens concurrently with CotW but back in the Sun Village: http://amethystsadachbia.deviantart.com/gallery/47051815/EQ-comic-Plainsrunners

I have a secondary AU, "Sanctuary", which explores what could have happened if the human tribe who worshipped Gotara never burned down the Father Tree Holt, but I haven't drawn any of it yet.


Ah ha ha ha! I found your comics on DeviantArt a while ago and I was just mustering the oomph to remember my password so I could sign in and ask you if you were on the EQ Forum too! I love your comics and I'm especially interested in the directions you're going with Rayek. (Ask anyone around here; he's my obsession.)


you need to color more of the comic!!! :p so demandeth the crazed fan.^^


LOL, okay, apparently I need to visit this forum more often. xD

To Vaeri, I'm working on a bunch more coloured pages of Return to Innocence, and Manga, oh you are going to LOVE the things I do to Rayek… (or possibly hate them. Well, it's not like I kill him or anything, or even something as tragic as make him into the gaoler for Winnowill's spirit. I just make him undertake a personal journey so that he grows as a character!)


oooh...i can't wait to see! it should be quite fun.^^


Finished another art! :D *preens* http://fav.me/d7ll8w3

If anyone has questions about my alternaverse(s) or things tangentially related to them, feel free to ask! ^^ I may or may not answer forthrightly depending on spoilers… xD


Love it! And the metal looks fine to me ;)