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My lovely Leetah


I watched the pictures with your favorite elves, and found a lovely Leetah.leetah12
And I thought that it is necessary to let her into your life. But how? I can not draw. Only if the needle. Little golden Leetah failed. Then had to make a scheme for cross stitch. But the first scheme was a largish. And I made ​​a smaller scheme. A smaller scheme was clumsy, and I left the very first.Снимок1
I bought yarn, canvas, everything ready. and then my ear saying, "Why do you want this long-eared? You better I embroider a flower". I do not want to embroider some flower!I went on vacation and three weeks later I got a new picture. image
It is only necessary to draw the frame. I wanted something with flowers. I went to the studio and we master, sorting through a bunch of frames, picked up a nice frame with flowers.image (1)
And now this beauty hanging in my room. image (2)
Need to make a couple of my Leetah over what I am doing now.Снимок3


This sketch of Leetah is so lovely.

And you draw with yarn, Marina. You Leetah in golden stitches turned out wonderfully! :-bd And she got a great home in this floral frame. Very well done.

Now I wish I could deciffer the pattern in the last image ... awaiting more couriously!


It's amazing! ;;)