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Starblaze / Donning special edition Elfquest books 1 through 4


Hi all,


I bought this book a few years back on ebay but haven't been able to find anything about it since. Unfortunately it came with no cover so I have no idea what the outside looked like but it contains the first 4 books of the donning edition complete elfquest (as the title suggests!) it's also signed by both Richard and Wendy. I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on it since the internet has drawn a blank and I can't find it on any publications listings. I was considering getting it rebound in a similar way to the donning special editions but am not sure whether this might devalue the book since it's in pretty good condition bar the missing cover.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Many thanks :)


What you have is a coverless (alas) copy of a book that was put together from leftover copies of Donning/Starblaze volumes 1-4. The publisher had a few hundred remaindered copies of each volume, and decided it would be cool to make a massive single volume from them. The hard covers were either a reddish or a brownish color, and there were no more than 500 of them made. They sold at the time for $120.

big EQ book



Thank you so much Richard for getting back to me so quickly! They look fab with the cover and slipcase so will try and get it rebound in a similar fashion - can't see me getting my hands on another one with only 500 made! The photo is really helpful, just wondering, is there embossed lettering on the front cover also or is it plain?

Thanks again!


loadstone said: ...is there embossed lettering on the front cover also or is it plain?

As I recall, the logo and the "trio" design is also on the front.