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How Elfquest can surive after Elf Mom and Pop retire


Hi I know why Elfquest comics is in last run shame I wanted to official create in that world now I can't.

Elf Mom and Pop can set up a trust of there work so Elfquest can continue, some works of famous Writers have done that like Conan's creator family.



Ohh... but this is not the end. Sure, it's wrapping up a series of "unfinished storylines" and may end up with the (majority of) the elves leaving Abode, but there's still FutureQuest waiting to happen. Not to mention the hope that we might get some of the previously unseen moments in print.
Honestly, I don't think Wendy and Richard could completely leave it behind.


I hope there will be something between final quest and futurequest. I never liked the last one..


I want Wendy and Richard to tell their story all the way to the finish, and then when its done, its done.
I don't think other people should continiue to work with it afterwards. Forevergreen, Shards and Wild Hunt (and more stuff) have been done by others, and Wendy and Richard decided to do Final Quest themselves to get back to the core of Elfquest.

I would rather have a good end to Elfquest somewhere down the line, than have it go on and on forever just to keep it going.


I still wanted to officially create for the World of Two Moons, but now that not going to happen.



Sure? You could just be hired by Wendy and Richard themselves.


I agree. I think there´s no reason to give up on that wish. I remember the Pinis themselves stated that FQ won´t be the end and that there´s still plenty untold, which I take as an encouragement to artists and writers among fandom. As long as people are interested in reading new stories, there´s no reason to stop making them.


(Off the subject, I didn't know Robert E. Howard had heirs.)

Somehow I can't imagine either of the Pinis retiring. Of course I've never met them.


Trollbabe, according to Wikipedia (Yeah I know) Howard's father Issac survived him and left the literary estate estate to some family friends, and their descendants eventually signed over the rights to a Swedish company-Paradox Entertainment Inc.
Other writers some who knew Howard, some who didn't began publishing Conan inspired works and arranging for reprints of Howard's work.


As long as there are online holts, Elfquest will live forever-remember that Star Trek was almost single handedly saved by fan interest and fan fiction the early-mid 70's.