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"Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini"


Does anyone know when this title is scheduled for publication? I remember a lot of talk about it last summer and I bought a copy of the limited-edition "teaser", but I can't find anything online about when the actual book is set for publication?


@RichardPini will know.



@RichardPini, info? No trolling!

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Last summer, before many things got very busy, John Fleskes (Flesk Publications) and we were looking to a Fall 2014 publication date. Between then and now, John took over the stewardship of Spectrum, a major art magazine, and Wendy and I went up to our nostrils in producing "Final Quest," as well as getting involved in a few other life/work undertakings. In the meantime, I've been scanning my diodes out, and shipping DVDs of files to Flesk, which has had a happy - but more time consuming - effect. He'd originally thought each of the two books we've contracted - "Line of Beauty" and "Art of Elfquest" - would be about 200 pages. He's since decided that each needs closer to 300 pages. Also, he wants to be more involved with the design of the books than previously, which he couldn't do while he was preparing the latest annual issue of Spectrum. Now that that's wrapped up, he's turning full attention to our books. Normally, such delays would have us getting itchy, wondering what was wrong. Not with John. He's that good, that committed. He takes only a very few book projects in any given year, and while he's working on ours, he's not even looking for any others. And I have total faith that these two books will serve as a legacy on their own, as will Elfquest the series.

So to answer the question of when... Certainly not this autumn. Depending on the meetings we set up, and the time (away from the drawing board) Wendy and I can spend with him, that'll tell us. 2015, very likely. Early in the year? Probably not. When I know more, I'll post.


This is the kind of delay that I am thrilled to hear about!


i was recently wondering about this, great to hear an update! and i agree with @Thornbrake^^ ;)


Glad to get an update! :)


I will wait patiently, especially since more wonderful things are in the works.