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Resources for Fanartists


I thought that it would be nice if there was a place where we could share tutorials and technical knowledge! Maybe Rob can make this a sticky topic?

First, how to draw an elf! Wendy Pini has provided us with a number of tutorials, like this one:

I found this drawing explaining elf proportions, but I don't know who made it

I bet there is much, much more! Please share here!

Secondly, on ever evolving technology-
I have recently been experimenting with vector images, using a fairly extensive and completely free program called Inkscape
A tutorial on how to vectorize a scanned line drawing can be found here

Dreamcat recommended a gadget named Wacom Inkling.

As for inking an old fashioned drawing on paper, I have been getting good results with Kuretake Fudegokochi pens. This is a pen designed for Japanese caligraphy with a flexible tip that gives a thicker line when more pressure is applied. Only downside, the ink used is not waterproof.


There's one I've handy - ignore the Preserver I've fiddled in for possible size comparism.


Very nice :)
I wonder if there is one of these for the high ones like Timmain or Savah?


Great! Thanks for sharing!


For the picture of Cutter's face, is that guidelines for all the elves? Or just Cutter?


Yes, I believe that is the guideline for all elves.

In terms of High Ones, I would use more human proportions. The Wolfriders and other shorter elves have longer torsos than humans do, proportionally, and larger heads...but if you look at Timmain and Savah, I think their proportions are more human-like, at least in terms of height and where the midpoint of the body is. High Ones still seem to have the narrow shoulders that the shorter elves do, and they are much more slender than humans (generally speaking). I'd also make their faces more oval than round, harking back to the original Conehead shape. ;)


Thank you, @Tam!


Some more tips by Wendy !Nonna from the Big Gatherum:

It was or still is somewhere on the EQ side ... together with more faces and expressions.

EDIT: Found it! http://www.elfquest.com/modelsheets/#/discussion/embed


Thanks Embala!


These references are nice. I usually try to go with bigger heads for elves, but I rather let my guts do the measuring. The original proportions varied over time anyway. Sometimes I see canon elves that measure five heads, sometimes six. Sometimes the taller elves are almost double the size of the small ones, sometimes it´s much less.


Me, I just mess about a bit...Which is the prerogative of an amateur :D But it's good to have the proper basics here. I actually looked into the "Inkling" gadget . It seems that you can draw something off-line, and then connect and upload it to the computer and use a graphics tablet to further modify it. There is no real-time connection between the gadget and the desktop computer.
What a missed chance; this won't solve the difficulties I have with drawing on a tablet. My hand/eye co-ordination is not good enough. I will have to stick to good old paper and scanners for now...


I think this belongs here as well...

Elwing said: I would love to see the technical setup Wendy uses, you know, what hardware, what software...

RichardPini said: She's commented on this before, here and there. We're an all-Mac operation. She uses an iMac as her base desktop, with a Cintiq 21UX ... well, I can't call it a tablet, can I. It's the interactive model, she draws directly on the screen. The software is Photoshop CS4. And there you have it.

lunakat said: If I were going to ask about hardware- I'd ask what sort of scanner Richard used to get all that artwork scanned. I'm scanner shopping right now- and I am so confused about how to find a quality art scanner that can scan something bigger than letter size... that doesn't break the bank.

RichardPini said: I use an Epson Expression 10000XL. It's about the largest "consumer" scanner available (it has a flatbed that will take a 12x18 inch original) before you get into major expense. Now, doing a quick search, it appears the 10000XL has been superseded by the 11000XL, which seems to run around $2300. If this seems to fit "major expense" keep in mind that once you get out of this arena, flatbed scanners any larger start costing upwards of $8-10,000. So there's really three choices: letter size (of which there are many, many options, and relatively inexpensive), then the tabloid size (12x18 or so) which cost low-to-mid four figures, and then the really expensive stuff.


I'm still searching for a better inking tool, and I think I have found it. I have tried the refillable black pentel brush-pen, which is waterproof, and gives a fairly thick stroke, and also the aformentioned Kuretake Fudegokochi pen with flexible tip, which is better for details but not waterproof.
But I think I have now found the best of both worlds, which is the Sakura pigma Brush pen. This is a genuine, fine brush with light and waterproof ink. Absolutely recommended!


I was looking for the Elfquest mannequins and was surprised they aren't here. So for anyone else who needs them, here they are!





This would certainly be useful for the EQ Avatar Creator system, no..?


I love all the face shape guides used on the girls thing. The heart especially made me laugh but it's so fitting hehe.