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Shadowfire's Fan-Art


i wasn't sure which thread to put my Fan-Art in, so i started my own, lol. i have a lot of EQ Fan-Art, both drawings and 3D art, so i'll have fun sharing them here!! i hope you enjoy my fan-art, please feel free to leave any questions, comments, tips, or requests!! i enjoy it all! ;)


First, here's a few of my older drawings from several years ago. the Ursula and Winnowill drawing was done after watching the Little Mermaid with my daughter. a couple of years later i watched TLM again with my daughter and was inspired to draw more mer-elves. i will include those pics in a bit...

Leetah face old Cutter drawing


Here's my set of Mer-Elves. these are alternate-universe versions, not really based off of the Wavedancer design, just some of my fave characters with mer-tails, lol.



Mer-Leetah 1

Mer-Preservers this is SweetShell and BarnacleBubble! my own Preservers! ;)




here's a head-shot i did of Savah, to use as pencil-shading practice and digital coloring practice... i still haven't finished coloring her, i'm stuck on figuring out how to color her hair without losing the definition i've drawn-in...
Savah head-shot


and finally (for my pencil-drawn art), my most recent image, which was finished this morning and is my very first finished colored piece! i'm very proud of it, it's of my character, Shadowfire, who is Ember and Teir's daughter, and her best friend and Sister in All But Blood, Vineleaf, who is Redlance and Nightfall's daughter. :)

V&S 0V&S 17


All I can say right now (due to time issues) - Beautiful and imaginative! :) I love you OCs Shadowfire and Vineleaf, they are fab in the colored version.
Thank you for sharing! ... again....?

Keep Savah uncolored ... this pencil shading is much too detailed and delicate to get hidden behind the colors.

P.S.: @Jeedai - here are Preservers!

P.P.S: Amanda? ... these drawings are familiar ... part of it ... the screen name not so much.


Loooove the mer elves! These are really good!! :D it's nice seeing more pencil !


now for my 3D Fan-Art!!

first, here's my own New Moon! this project started out as making just a couple of cardboard swords for my daughter and i to play sword-fights with, but i couldn't stop at something simple for myself, i had to make New Moon, complete with the hidden key-and-peg!! ;) just call me Two-Edge! 8-X

the materials i used were recycled cardboard (cleaned pizza boxes and used shipping boxes), a few cleaned metallic candy-wrappers (for the base of the pommel), packing tape, a small bit of wire to help hold the tip of the blade straight (and make it re-bendable for after battles), a blue Sharpie marker and clear top-coat nail polish, and Aluminum Foil-tape (this stuff ROCKS!!!)!! altogether, this project took me about 6-10 hours to complete.



and here's my Wolfrider helmet from the Battle for the Palace of the High Ones! i used the same materials as i did for New Moon, except i didn't use a Sharpie and nail polish on this one (that was just for the blue coloration on New Moon's scabbard). your head slips in through the bottom like an actual helmet, though you can't have a ponytail in your hair otherwise it sits funky on your head. the little girl modelling the unfinished helmet is my daughter, who was 3 at the time, and is also a pretty big EQ fan (like her mommy!). she still asks me if she can wear the finished helmet every-once-in-a-while! one of my next projects will be a Go-Back helmet and a full suit of cardboard/aluminum foil-tape armor that i can use with either helmet... then i plan on cosplaying as Vaya and Kahvi, in-armor!! ;)

Cutter Helmet


Yup, you are. :)

Your work on New Moon and the wolf helmet are memorable. I love that you've included the key in the sword pommel - fully developed as it should be. The helmet looks terrific - perfect shape and fit.
You are d*** good with cardboard and Aluminum Foil-tape!

Your little one is adorable with the helmet.


@Embala thank you for the wonderful compliments!! my screen-name USED to be devils_lil_sis, but i changed it to my EQ Elf's name, Shadowfire. i'm also on FB a lot, so if you are on there it's very likely you saw some of these there. i'm also on the EQ Fan Art website, i think under the devils_lil_sis name as well. i can't wait to get started on the Go-Back helmet and armor, it'll be a LOOONG term project, i think, unless i get really hooked on the work (like i have a tendency to do with projects sometimes). it'll be fun and i can't wait to see what i can make! i'm working on some other little fan art pieces, using some of the old Marvel comics that i found in my storage stuff recently. unfortunately they're too water-damaged to sell or trade and i've already gotten the whole set again, so i've decided to use the pages for different art projects... once my Penpal in England receives her surprise gift with one of my projects, i'll post pics of it here. until then i want it to remain a surprise for her.... ;) :bz


No FB for me.

I know you from here, Shadowfire ... an old thread, I guess - and definitely from the now hidden art galleries.

The Go-Back helmet? Sounds almost more difficult than the wolf one but now you have practice already. ;) The armor ... wow, definitely a long-time-project. I'm looking forward to see your advance.

A different project - sounds intriguing. From what I've seen so far you are inventive. Of course your friend should have the first right to take a look at this! Nothing else!

Good luck!