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Help me reclaim a piece of my childhood?


Hello All,

I have been a huge fan of Elfquest since the first time I picked up the first issue comic on my way to spend the night at my aunt's house - the memory is that vivid. I never saw them again until I found the graphic novels in my neighborhood bookstore (remember those? where you knew the owner's and worker's names?). I assembled the entire collection through saving what little money came my way (I started around age 10) and for my birthdays and Christmases. Well, I sort of lost interest in late high school and college, though the books stayed on my shelves. At some point, when I was away at school, my father did some work on my brother's and I's rooms and they vanished. I was assured that 'anything valuable was stored in the attic' by my father. Only about a year ago did my brother and I go through it all and - no Elfquest. I don't know if my graphic novels were the originals and don't care, I'd just like to replace them. I can't remember what every cover looked like but I remember the first one. Here is a link to it's cover: http://static.squarespace.com/static/515480b9e4b0b5d01d8fd721/t/515d1b33e4b0bca14d7742ac/1365056307571/elfquest-book.jpg
If anyone of you could either show me the images of the covers of the rest in this series or, even better, show me where I might buy them, I'd be forever grateful.

Thanks from an Old Skywise Fan,


So, you're looking for the Donning/Starblaze editions of Elfquest. Those have long been out of print...those were my first editions too. I think they only made the first four Books, but here they are:

book 2

book 3

book 4

The rest, from Father Tree Press, look like this (they also reprinted 1-4):

books 5 thru 8

Your best bet is to scour Amazon and ebay. You can also find the DC reprints of Archive 1-4, which are also out of print.

Currently, Dark Horse is Elfquest's publisher. They just released The Complete Elfquest: Volume 1, which is Books 1-4 in one big omnibus. It's in black and white, and you can pick it up in paperback or digital, from Dark Horse, Amazon, TFAW, Barnes & Noble...pick your poison. ;) Next year, they'll release Volume 2, which will be Books 5-8. There's also a Gallery edition of the first five issues/Book 1 of the Original Quest, which is a ginormous set of scans of the original artwork for the comics. That comes out in October.

Happy collecting. :)


And there's the whole Readers' Collection after that. Here's a link to what remains that you can buy from Wendy and Richard (and also useful pictures for what everything looks like): http://www.elfquest.com/shop/

And there's also the prose novels, and the one-off comics like Wolfshadow and the Recognition Special, and the current Final Quest stuff...I think that about covers it.


Thank you so much, Tam! This will help enormously in my finding what I want. I certainly remember having a great deal more books than just four, perhaps more than eight. I would buy whatever ElfQuest product that Elliot's (my local bookstore) carried.
I wish I could find that first edition I bought oh so long ago. Perhaps if my brother and I completely empty that enormous attic and sift through it's contents it, and many other gems from my childhood, will reappear. My bro likely won't be interested. I seem to be the only sentimental one in the family. lol I DID get a very expensive and hopefully very effective pest repeller that I installed just yesterday. I'm hoping it will at least arrest whatever damage is/was going on up there!
Again, Thanks,


You are so welcome. :) Elfquest was a HUGE part of my childhood, and continues to be a very strong presence in my life. I hope that you can rebuild your collection and reconnect with those memories!