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Help with Avatar?


I am hopeless with technology (I honestly do not have, or want, a cell phone) and so am just generally ignorant of techy things.
I created an avatar, but am unable to figure out how to get it to represent me the way I see others using theirs. I also believe I lost my original avatar by not saving it :/
If one of you would take the time to walk me through it I'd be very grateful. If no one is so inclined, that's totally OK. I just thought it would be cool to have an avatar - but it is by no means necessary to my enjoyment of this site which I've only just found.
Thanks & God Bless,


So, go back into the avatar maker. Make the avatar you desire. Hit the "download" button and save it somewhere you can find it, like your desktop...you can move it into a set folder for pictures (if you have one) later.

When that's done, come back to the regular forum page. Click on your name in the upper left, where it should say "Threads" "Inbox" "Panoply" "Sign Out" then hover your cursor over your avatar (in your case, the grey face). You should see something that says "Change Avatar." Click that. In the window that pops up, click "Choose file," and that will take you to another pop up, likely defaulting to your Desktop folder. Find the avatar file you saved, select it, then click "Open." Then you should be done! :)


if your unhappy with the coloring of your avatar, you could post the image here in this thread, and i can color it for you, make it more vibrant and lifelike!^^ just tell me what is suppose to be what color. just want to help!


how do i make my avatar look female?


The only way I know of is to toggle eyelashes.


@NoodlesKraft Vaeri is good in doing that trick. B-) Contact her.