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FQ: Who stays, who goes? (spoilers)


I know that this topic has been part of the "Final Quest predictions"-thread, but I think it now deserves a thread of its own. IF A THREAD WITH THIS TOPIC ALREADY EXISTS, PLEASE TELL ME ASAP! I tried to find one but did not succeed.

There is lots of stuff going on in FQ at the moment and I've started to wonder who will actually stay on Abode and who will go with the Palace, for my opinion is that the palace is going to leave Abode in the end, as hinted in the teaser trailer.

There is also the question about all immortal elves bound in spirit form to the time and place where the Palace exists- so do some of those who stay on Abode move into the palace as spirits later, wherever it is? And what about Wolfriders, who are only ones who can choose wether to go to the Palace after death or take another path?( as I think Timmain mentioned somewhere....)

And what about the Dreamtime hints? How reliable are those? Some of the dreams have come true already (Zhantee, for example ) Can those foretell who stay and who go?

I have my guesses of few of the elves, not many, but some: Skywise and Sunstream are sure to go with the palace. Also Sun Folk will go, as well as most Wavedancers, I think- though how they'll do without water is one thing...

Most Go-backs are a question mark- they are very much down-to-earth-no-magic tribe, but also spent centuries trying to reach the Palace and taking it back from the trolls. Maybe they'll only come as spirits..

Now then, Cutter is a tricky one- he lost his family once and went nuts for a while, and at least Leetah and Sunstream will go with the palace- as bromance-brother Skywise. BUT: Cutter says somewhere that he's not so lofty seeing the spirits as some elves, and in OQ states to like having skin and choosin mortal life instead of immortal one any day. So could he actually stay and lead the other Abode-settlers? Future Quest shows a figure like Cutter and Strongbow in the Palace in space, though.

As tricky is Rayek- he carries Winnowill inside, since she would pollute the palace if she got there. But as more elven spirits join the palace and add to it's magic, could Winnie be finally cured and move on with the others- or go to sleep like rest of the Gliders? Then Rayek and Ekuar would be space-goers for sure. At least Kahvi seems somewhat more content and mellowIed out in FQ 4 and 5 as a spirit...

I do think Treestump will stay- and Clearbrook with him, at least until death of either of them. Also I can't really see Redlance leaving all green growing things behind..and Tyleet likes humans and is enchantedd by them- and has passed some of this to Pool as well. So maybe these will stay on Abode.

Moonshade goes with the palace for now, and if there wasn't the picture of Stronbowesque archer in Future Quest I'd say he stays, but now I*m not at all sure.

Newstar goes to space, I think- as well as Venka. Now Two-Edge-hmmmm. Maybe in spirit?

Just some impressions I've gathered. Please share your views of this matter.


Well, Aurek definitely stays. I think a lot of characters may die in this story arc.


I think Freetouch and Dart will go in the palace. In Moonshade and Strongbow's dream, you see them float up to the sky.

And I think Rayek and Eukar will stay behind, by the looks of the Wendy drawn part of Rouge's Curse.


Ruffel said she wished to merge the green growing place with the palace. I bet the elves find a way to do that, and that Sunfolk like Newstar's new bf find a new purpose as gardeners inside the Palace.


And if the green could go with the Palace, why not a big pool of saltwater?


What if they create a new world inside the palace?


travelbug said: What if they create a new world inside the palace?

Have you guys read Future Quest?


Yes, but not all of it. I only have 3 of the issues yet.
You're right,the parts of the palace we see seems vast in Future quest. As if the elves have learned to make it into whatever they wish.
But the part with Annavi and M'ren in the forest with the giant cats at the end of rebels, I always assumed it was a different planet far away.
Annavi says they have to leave, because the palace wont go until everyone is inside.
I never though of it to be a place inside the palace.


travelbug said: But the part with Annavi and M'ren in the forest with the giant cats at the end of rebels, I always assumed it was a different planet far away.
Annavi says they have to leave, because the palace wont go until everyone is inside.
I never though of it to be a place inside the palace.

Oh my gosh! When does this happen? What issue? I only remember the scene where they are flying toward the Abode and the person who looks like Cutter is being grumpy!


This? elfquest.com/comic_viewer.php?fd=/gallery/OnlineComics/RB/RB10/_The%20Rebels%20-%2010_page=1#_9#

No- that definitely looks like they are outside the paalce


Who stays? Who goes? ...

I think it depends very much on the REASON why they will leave. Is it mainly "The Palace is reactivated- COOL. We can go everywhere - lets start!" Or "We NEED to leave because **that** or to make sure that **this** will(will not happen otherwise!"

When Futurequest is still true to must degree then Cutter and Strongbow will most probably there - alive. And those two are the last ones I'd ever expected to leave. Reasons. They must have valid reasons ... and not necessarily the same.


I think some may go for the adventure first, and the last lot because they wont survive if they stay.
My guess is Angrif Djun will start a war against the elves. He hates them enough to do it.


I think the reason will come down to technology. If it was just to get away from Angrif Djun- that wouldn't make sense. With the palace, they can relocate to any continent they want- well past the point where he could follow them. I think they are going to realize that humans will inevitably spread everywhere- and that they will have technologies like guns that will make them incredibly dangerous in a whole new way. And Cutter will freak out about leaving when he realizes this.


In Final Quest #5, Angrif says in the last panels he's featured: I came here for the wood and the wood I shall have. I'll strip the demons former stronghold to the naked soil and from that dead timber shall rise a war fleet to make the world tremble.

It made me think of Redlance's dream in Dreamtime, where he is the Father Tree, and is being cut down and the roots dug up. Redlance says: ..the humans will not stop until the destruction is complete.
I think Angrif will erase the entire forrest where Ember's wolfriders have lived. The roots of this tribe will be unrooted. They will probably not be able to go back there at all. And why should they want to?
It could also be a symbol for the elves in general being unrooted from the World of two moons.