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How do you pronounce...


With the advent of the Elfquest Show podcasts, more and more of you are asking how to pronounce this or that character name. We of course never think about such things, because the little critters all live with us (metaphorically or literally, you decide). But we've learned that pronunciation is not intuitively obvious from spelling, especially for readers in other cultures where letter-sounds may differ from our flavor of English.

So, as a start - and only as a start - we're going to reprint a section of the out-of-print "Wolfrider's Guide" that deals with just such concerns. Keep in mind that this list was made up nearly twenty years ago, and thus is likely missing a lot of names that have come into use since then. We are working on a massive name-pronunciation-guide project, that will involve not only words on the page or screen, but audio snippets so you can actually hear how we say each name. Even the easy ones, like "Dart"!

For now, though, here you go...

Adar (AY-darr)

Ahdri (AH-dree)

Ahn-Lai (on-LIE)

Aramak (AIR-uh-mack)

Aroree (uh-RAWR-ree)

Bailon (BAY-lon)

Barmek (BAR-meck).

Gyn Bellambara (GIN, hard “g” sound BELL-um-BAR-uh)

Buruk (BOO-ruck)

Cam Triompe (camm tree-OMP, long o sound)

Chandra Davenkee (CHAN-drah DAV-en-kee)

Cheseri (CHEZ-er-ree)

Cosmo Luricahn (LURE-uh-can)

Dewshine: called “Lree” (luh-REE) (soul name)

Dodia (doe-DEE-uh)

Doma Marya Xanian Oth (DOE-muh MARR-yuh ZANN-yan oath)

Drub (drubb)

Egg: called “Aurek” (OAR-eck) before he became Egg

Ekuar (ECK-wahr)

Eldolil (ELL-doe-lill)

Eresir (air-uh-ZEER)

G’Kahrii S’Ha (guh-KARR-ee suh-HAH)

Ge-O’ka (gee-OH-kah, hard “g”)

Geoki (gee-OH-kee, hard “g”)

Grohmul Djun (GROMM-ull JUNN)

Guttlekraw (GUTT-tle-kraw)

Hoykar (HOY-car)

Capt. Halm Junnard (junn-NARD)

Imeliar L’Cota (im-MEE-lee-are luh-COAT-uh)

Jerrod Anaken: called “Cousin” by Kullyn Kenn.

Jethel (JETH-el)

Johdano (joe-DAN-no)

Kahvi (KAH-vee).

Kamut (kah-MOOT)

Kimo (KEE-mo - long o sound)

Kirith (KEER-ith)

Klagg (klag, rhymes with slag)

Kureel (koo-REEL)

Leetah (LEE-tah)

Lord Voll (VAWL)

Nonna (NAWN-ah)

Olbar (OLE-barr)

Old Maggoty (MAGG-ut-tee)

Oroleed (OWE-row-leed - "row" as in row the boat)

Pei-Lar (pee-LAHR)

Quaino (KAY-no)

Raenafel (RAY-na-fell)

Rahnee the She-Wolf (RAHH-nee)

Rayek (RAY-eck)

Reevol (REE-vole)

Savah (SAHH-vah)

Scorch Chirell (chih-RELL)

Scurff (rhymes with turf)

Dr. Shayalla Beneir (ben-EER)

Shuna (SHOO-nuh)

Shushen (SHOO-shen): called “little soul brother” by Dart.

Skot (scott)

Sleia (SLAY-ya)

Talno (TAL-noe).

Tamia Korhat (TAY-me-uh)

Teir (teer)

Thuggop (THUG-opp)

Timmain (tim-MAIN)

Timmorn Yellow-Eyes (TIM-morn)

Toorah (TOO-rah)

Tyldak (TILL-dack)

Tyleet (till-EET)

Urda (OOR-dah)

Vaya (VIE-yah)

Venka (VEN-kah)

Winnowill (WINN-oh-will)

Yahan (YAH-hann)

Yeyeen (yay-YEEN)

Yun (yoonn - oo sound as in good, not mood)

Zarhan (ZAR-hahn)

Zey (zay):

Zhantee (ZHON-tee)


Pini (PEE-nee)


If we ever have a daughter, we will name her Scala.

And then, when she's old enough to realize what we've done, she will axe-murder us.