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Fanfiction: 'Don't look down'


Um... here's my Dewshine/Tyldak fanfic. It's just a little 'behind the scenes' piece about, well... you'll see. ^^'

The lines at the end are directly from the book... don't kill me... ^^'

So here goes:

Don't look down

**Don't look down, Lree**, he sends to me as we rise to the heights. I have no intention of looking down. My eyes are locked to his eyes, my soul is locked to his soul, and my body, soon, will be one with his also.

His eyes are brown, like the eyes of my Scouter. But I could never mistake one for the other. in Tyldak's eyes, I see a soul older than I can imagine. Bearclaw was the oldest Wolfrider ever, but compared to my Recognized, he was just a mischievous cub. Tyldak's great wings beat slowly - but his heart races as fast as mine.

His is not a form made for joining. He has no arms to hold me close. Flight, and only flight, is the purpose of this body. I wrap my arms around his neck, I hold on tight, and try to forget the emptiness below us. Such a long way to fall...

**You will not fall, Lree** he promises me. Recognition binds my young soul to his ancient one, and I know he means it. These wings have never betrayed him - and before the wings, he was a Glider, defying gravity by magic. He trusts his wings, he trusts himself, and I trust him.

I know what we must do, and I wish it done, as soon as possible. I feel my cheeks flush with the thought of it. In my eyes, he is akin to a High One - with arrogance enough for at least three, a sly voice in the back of my head adds, irreverently.

For I know he sees me as little more than an animal. I see his distaste, I see myself through his eyes, and it embarrasses me. How could I ever be his match? What were the High Ones thinking, to bind us like this?

Suddenly, I am afraid. Not of falling, not of flying, not even of my bat-winged Recognized.

I am afraid of what is happening in my body. I have never felt like this before, not with anyone. Not even with Scouter. This is simpler. This is about a need, a hunger - no, a thirst! Like the thirst for water when Cutter led us through the Burning Waste. And when our bodies have danced this dance, I suddenly realize, then indeed there will be an end for our sorrows!

And so I open myself to him and let him in.

We burn, we blaze, we soar! In each other we find a piece of ourself that was missing. We trade these pieces, as simply as that, and find we have, indeed, set each other free. Slowly, our souls withdraw back into our bodies. The thirst is quenched, the need is met, all is well.

It is done. I - I will be a mother! That is something so strange, I have to put the thought aside, to think it through at a later time.

For now, I look Tyldak in the eyes.

He meets my gaze, and to my surprise, a soft blush colors his pale cheeks. I find myself smiling, and he smiles in return.

**Now you can look down**, he tells me.

And I do, and I see what must be the whole world. The Vastdeep water, reflecting endless skies. Green forest. Yellow-hued grasslands, covered in herds of grazing animals moving slowly. Mountains at the horizon, topped with white. It takes me a while to find Blue Mountain, and I am surprised how far it is, how small it looks. We have flown a long way. We have been gone quite a while.

Despite the urgency of our need, we have been lost in each other, outside time, much longer than I expected.

As if to prove me right, the sun rises.

Breath stops in my throat.

It is glorious.

The sky is on fire.

The clouds are ablaze.

The night retreats behind us, across the Vastdeep Water.

I have never seen anything like this.

I turn my head to face Tyldak again. I touch my forehead to his. There is that blush creeping up his cheeks again. He seems different to me now. Not such an arrogant almost-High-One anymore. I realize I have witnessed a side of him that even he does not, normally, allow himself to see.

I begin to say something, but he is looking over my shoulder now, towards his mountain home.

It seems something unusual is happening. Lord Voll has left the mountain, riding a Great Hawk bigger than any I've seen so far. Tyldak tells me this is a rare occurence.

I find myself sighing, almost with regret, as he steers us down towards Blue Mountain.

A sending reaches me, familiar as my own skin. I answer my Scouter, and relay Tyldak's message for the Wolfriders, asking them to come outside.

Time to walk the ground again. Time to join my people. Time to wrap my arms around the one I love, and to feel his arms around me.

**You must let me go now, Tyldak. I belong with my own people**, I tell him, hesitantly.

To my relief, he does not argue. **Yes... but I shall not forget... Lree!**

**Neither will I**.



I like your view on this joining, Penny.

It really fills a hidden moment. We only see them leave ... and then return. Your idea is different - and strangely fitting for an elf who lives to fly.
I like how you picture Dewshine's mixed and changing feeling - hope, worries, fear and a kind of affection in the end. And Tyldak - he was not the arrogant pseudo-HighOne in this moment. He shared something with his childlike, beastblooded mate - something beautiful and important for him.

No worried about the borrowed lines - they fit in perfectly. This is fan fiction - it is supposed to be tied to the original. At least that's how I see it.


This is such a sweet story :)


Awwww thank you both! ^_^ I'm glad you liked my story!


Embala said: And Tyldak - he was not the arrogant pseudo-HighOne in this moment. He shared something with his childlike, beastblooded mate - something beautiful and important for him.

It helps to see him as the character he evolved into once away from Winno-wicked. Lovely...


I like Tyldak ~:> ... I love to see his gentle and vulnerable side.