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fanart challenge! EQ blackmail photos


Most parents have some. The photos that are just so cute in your eyes but so mortifying in the kid's eyes. So let's see some for our elves, who can be just as much fun to torment as to love. :D


Ooooooh, this is a pretty cool idea!


I love the photo's when my kids were eating things, so I drew toddler Dart eating a piece of fruit, I think a pear if they have that around there...
Moonshade Dart pear
And then my own little one came along and gave me another idea so here is a pic of Strongbow waiting for his mom to wipe him. There are some moms out there who like photo's like that...
Strongbow wipe


Lol! Those are great, Sifra! I'll try to contribute a bit but a) fair warning, I'm not an artist and b) my husband has a kidney stone and between taking care of him and our little girl, it may be awhile before I have time.


I understand! Take care of your family and I hope your husband gets better soon!


=)) Those are awesome, Sifra!


NOTE: I did not draw the image below. It was drawn by @joselle a long time ago and posted in her own fanart thread. I just thought it would fit this thread:

joselle said:

joselle's fanart thread can be found at http://elfquest.com/forums/discussion/2858/fanart-requests-joselle-s-art-12-6 - unfortunately, all the image links have gone wonky because of changes in the codes of this forum.


I don't think you are allowed to repost art in a different thread without permission of the artist...


it's a pity she hasn't been active since November 2011... that drawing is awesome!


December 2005 edited January 2010
please note: I DO allow you to repost my work, except for Commissioned work and OC characters, on any webpage or forum you'd like. Permission is not necessary, just let me know when you do. And please give me proper credit and a link back to this thread. Thanks!

found it on the first page of her thread


Not much happening here, let's change that...As I have found out trough careful sleuthing, Leetah is not as natural as she would like us to believe B-)


@manga You've started a fun thread! It makes me chuckle and laugh out loud each time I visit. I'd love to see a contribution of your own, manga. Best wishes for a fast recovery to your husband.

@Sifra I love your humor! Great drawings ... Dart all juicy-sticky and Moonshade is perfect as proud loving Mommy. But toddler Strongbow beats it, Sifra - HILARIOUS! =))

@Leanan Thank you for remembering this little gem, Leanan! Cutter does so NOT agree on the loincloth. joselle has masterly skills for funny-cute chibis ... and more.

@Elwing Double awesomeness - idea and realization are fab, Elwing!

This thread may hold dome more blackmail photos ... http://www.elfquest.com/forums/discussion/5807/fly-my-pretties/p2 ... it holds fun for sure. @Felisdeityus grants for unexpected ideas and great artwork. It's a pity some of the pictures did not survive.


Haha, they are great! :D