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Elfquest Go-Back Throwback Thursday

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Elfquest Go-Back Throwback Thursday

It occurred to me that everyone is doing this everywhere else, so why not here as well? Every Thursday (assuming I don't miss it for reasons beyond knowing) I will post something from the EQ archives that I'd bet few have seen and fewer remember. To start things off, a little something from close to…

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I still have my copy. Love to see Wendy getting the credit she deserves in this promo!


I still have mine.


Ok, thanks for making me feel old there, Elfpop. 20 years ago...already? My copy
still seems like new! It being a Rayek story reminds me that I hope he gets some
good resolution in the Final Quest.


Nightsea said: Ok, thanks for making me feel old there, Elfpop.


I mean, what's the point of Throw-Go-Back Thursday if not to wallow in memories of "the good old days"? Which is not to say that the new days aren't good too. But it occurs to me that we here in the EQ Forum could have as much fun as we want - what about nostalgic photos of people enjoying Elfquest in days gone by? I was just thinking that I wish to high heaven I'd thought to snap some photos of fans devouring original EQ issue #20 at the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA, where we held the big "End of the Quest" party. There must be records like that out there to share...


I remember ... the one I've discovered - quite unexpectedly - in a tiny railway station bookshop. The first new EQ in years for me. The first one in English.

Had to buy it because of EQ ... the wonderful art, the touching story, an awesome Cutter ...
It's great to see ElfQuest and Wendy's name in big letters on the advertisement. B-)

RichardPini said: I was just thinking that I wish to high heaven I'd thought to snap some photos of fans devouring original EQ issue #20 at the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA, where we held the big "End of the Quest" party.

End of Quest party in 1984? O.M.G. :-O
It was hardly before 1983 that I've discovered EQ1 (German translation) among various magazines and comics in a warehouse. Not knowing whether they would display a sequel in two month ... whether there would be a sequal, a conclusion at all.
Three years (with gaps) for the Original Quest, four more years for Siege and Kings - after a two year wait, give or take.

And ten more years to discover that there is much more ... hunting it down as fast as possible. Still alone - until I discovered the fandom ... the Scrolls eight years ago.

I was late to EQ ... in more than one respect. Feels a little jealous of fans who were able to have a party together in 1984 ...


How's this for "throwback"? It doesn't go any further! One of several concept pages drawn by Wendy in 1977 to illustrate the (as we knew it then) basic concepts of Elfquest. I'd say a few things have changed...!EQ 1st concept03


The very beginnings ... a few things have changed indeed. ;) Like the ears ^^ ...
I've always wondered whether the different shape and the direction of the tip was
- to mark the wolfblood?
- a secondary sexual characteristic?
- or simply meant that the ears are very individual and movable?
The ear-tips pointing backwards showed up in the first issue(s) as well and then disappeared.

I 've always liked those "historic" drawings in the Gatherum - they were a pleasant surprise in the Gallery edition.


How times flies. From 2000, at a big comics show in Erlangen, Germany - courtesy of Carlsen Comics (they were Elfquest's German publisher at the time).



Oh dear ... :-@

If I would have known back then ... very best and most probably only chance ever ... You were so much "next door" as you could get!


To everyone: I wouldn't mind it in the least if others posted "throwback" EQ-related images into this thread. It's lonely feeling like I'm playing to an empty theater...




A flashback scene in Final Quest #6 recently made me think of exactly this scene, WhiteMist. A similar blue mood, even the composition reminds me of this old art - different and new for sure yet so familiar.

I've seen this old centerfold several time on the web ... no idea where it come from, tho. Does this piece have a story for you, WhiteMist? A special memory connected to it?


You want Throwback Thursday? How about throw-up Thursday? From 1984, at an Elfquest signing stop in Edinburgh, photographic evidence to back up an oft-told sorry saga of challenge and chagrin: Richard versus the Scottish Pizza!

Scottish pizza


Looks like a memorable pizza. XD


Which is the before and which is the after?


It occurs to me that I haven't posted the long version yet, so here's what happened:

1984 was a big year for Elfquest and travel, as the original saga concluded with issue #20, out September of that year. There were many convention invitations, and one of them came from ConQuest, held across the big pond in Britain, to be followed by several signings at comics shops there and in Scotland. Morgan Gallagher was our contact and native guide, and prior to our travel she phoned to ask if Wendy or I had any dietary considerations. I alerted her to Wendy's allergy to peanuts, and said I was OK with just about anything. She asked if I liked pizza. I replied, "Absolutely! Love it!" She said there was pizza in Scotland I would not like. This sounded like a challenge to me, so I maintained there was no such thing. She said, "We'll see."

Fast forward to the Science Fiction Bookshop in Edinburgh. Wendy and I have been in the U.K. about a week and some, have benefited from lovely fan hospitality, and have sampled some of the best Italian, and some of the worst Chinese, cuisine I can recall. Halfway through the signing, there was a minor tumult at the door to the shop, and in marched a band of conspirators carrying a formless something all wrapped up in newspaper. Inside was a ... thing ... the very Scottish pizza I'd been warned about.

Apparently my first reaction was one of shock at the sight. We were told that "chip shop" pizza was a relatively new offering by those eateries that sold traditional fish and chips. But to avoid having to invest in all new equipment (like real pizza ovens) these shops simply took pre-made, frozen Frisbees of dough, dabbed a bit of (unseasoned) tomato sauce on top, sprinkled some nondescript cheese bits over that, and then tossed the entire assembly into the scalding and fragrant grease in which they otherwise cooked the fish and the chips (fries, on this side of the Atlantic). After some minutes, they snagged the thing out, sprinkled malt vinegar over it, wrapped it in newsprint, ready to go.

Morgan, upon seeing the look on my face, expressed something to the effect of, "Told you so." But she - everyone - had reckoned without my personal code: If you challenge me in matters gastronomic, and I accept, I WILL win, whatever the cost. (Wendy, on the other hand, burdened by no such silliness, consented to one tiny, exploratory nibble, and then announced, "Not even if I was starving in the desert would I eat this!")

So, over the course of perhaps half an hour, I did in point of fact eat the entire. Damned. Thing. I have standards to uphold. The crowd was skeptical, but impressed. (Or pitying, I never knew.) Wendy said to me, "You'll be up at 2 AM, praying at the porcelain altar." She was wrong. I managed to hang on until 3 AM.

And that (as they say) is the rest of the story.


RichardPini said: So, over the course of perhaps half an hour, I did in point of fact eat the entire. Damned. Thing. I have standards to uphold.

You ARE a New Yorker, after all. When it comes to pizza (or bagels) you HAVE to eat what other people CALL those things, if only to prove that they are far inferior. \m/


No offense to any Europeans- but there were certain foods I remember that Europe never seemed to manage to 'get'... and that included pizza and any form of Mexican food. Granted, I've never been to Italy... (but I don't think Americans and Italians understand pizza in the same way). And also, granted, the east coast of the United States can't seem to get a handle on Mexican food either.

You're a brave man, Mr. Pini.