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Ocean's Edge Tower Holt


Okay so I may be crazy or at least feel I am but let's give this a go.

Calm Winds and Gentle Tides all,

This is an invitation for any old tribemates and potential new ones. I have found our Chief in his wanderings of the real world and we are restarting the Holt!! AYYYOOOAH!

This Holt was known as Ocean Dreams Holt; Holt Ocean's Edge back in the day on yahoo groups and is now Oceans Edge Tower Holt for it's newest face lift and own forum. It is still in the stages of tweaking, so I am open to any feedback or advice folks can give me even if you just want to read stories and comics that get posted.

Come return to the Islands of Oceans Edge and join in the Adventures of Chief Raven of the Highback riders and Tower elves. As well as Chief Tidas of the Sea elves.

Please come visit our adventures!



Best of luck, Delhya! :D *crossing fingers and toes*


Timeline has been updated. We have plenty of space for new characters. PM me here if you have any questions or concerns.


Slow and growing let's get a few more and the RP Can start!!


Yes, new members!


The RP has Started! Still plenty of space for new members and Old ones!!

Also if you were a member before and do not want to partake in this reboot please let me know via a message. Just kinda helps me know who to try and seek out and this was I won't bother you. ^_^


Quite interesting. I'll take a look and then possibly join up once everything's all said and done. At the moment I am currently easing myself on the adventure


Hi people! I'm updating one of my Holts' website and am going to link to your Holt as we spoke about - just wanted to ask if it would be okay if I used your forum's header as a link banner? A banner is a little more eye-catching than a text link :)




Great! I'll add the banner to Lost Holt's website later today :)


AYYOOOOAH!!!! Another Old Tribe mate has returned!! I know a certain elftess that will be very happy Once he shows up in rp!! *:)


Just to be a bit more clear, we are a mingled Holt meaning we have elves of many backgrounds. Sea, wolf, Jacklewolf, Glider, Etc. On the note of Etc it would have to be approved. This Holt has a rich history and it it my desire to see it up and going again though it seems we have lost many to the harshness of time.

I hope to maybe even get the Newsletters out again. This is still a work in progress to be honest but I believe a worthy one. Soon we we have a new beautiful map for the changes to the islands and mainland coast after the Year of Storms.