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Someone should write a fiction about this!


So, I've been debating on doing this for a while, but have finally accepted the fact that I neither have the time nor energy to do it. So, I decided I'd share it and leave it up for grabs if it intrigued anyone. Working on a collaboration to do it would be fun too, though, and require less time and energy investment on my part :D Don't judge it too harshly, as I never really got around to refining the details. It's really only an awful blob.

I was going to make it centre around a group of Wolfriders at first, making it seem like it was an unconnected fic to the main story. I shall not bore with the in between details, but it would eventually lead up to them meeting a group of elves (who would be revealed as some of the canon characters) and the Wolfrider's would learn their whole history.

Basically, the canon elves eventually had to leave Abode in the palace because of the encroaching humans, later realizing (much to their surprise) that the palace could not hold the growing population. So, they landed on another planet, similar to Abode, to start a new life.

Ember/her descendants (or maybe Strongbow and some Wolfriders who missed the Way) would have set off to start a new group of Wolfriders. This group of Wolfriders intentionally did not share the story of Cutter and his adventures to their descendants, only sharing stories similar to the old Wolfrider stories about the High Ones and the palace. They wanted to preserve the original Way, using the new planet as a restart, and didn't want to tarnish the Way with the stories of Cutter.

The rest, the sun villagers, preservers and any other Wolfriders/Go-Backs, stayed at the palace. (I hadn't decided about the Wavedancers... My one thought was that they could have stayed to live deep under the waters of Abode because they couldn't live in the palace and were safe from humans way under water.) The Wolfriders/Go-Backs would form a new group known as the Palace Protectors or something, and they would follow the New Way. The trolls just went their own way.

A few select elves (which I hadn't completely decided on) would be the Palace Keepers (most likely Timmain, Skywise, Suntop, and some other EQ originals) and would eventually be considered the High Ones.

Then, after some years, the trolls would have come to attack because they saw the palace as a great prize and wanted it for themselves. They would have attacked at a time when few, or none at all, of the protectors were around. The sun villagers would have been basically massacred (save a few who would escape with the High Ones and some Preservers). The palace wasn't able to handle the excessive violence within its walls and shattered, spreading it's pieces everywhere.

The protectors returned too late, thinking that all the sun villagers were dead. They then devoted their lives to wandering the earth and gathering the pieces of the palace again. And they would go by their soulnames, instead of regular Wolfrider names (not sure if this change in names would have happened before or after the palace attack)

These protectors would have been the group the Wolfriders ran into. They would automatically assume their leader (who introduced herself as Eyrn) was a High One, which she basically is. She would be the Moonshade seen after her full change from the old her we are seeing in FinalQuest now (and would not have wolf blood anymore). And she, sadly, has let go of Strongbow.

The whole thing would eventually lead to all the elves coming back together, and the palace being reconstructed. Now together again, they would need to decide what to do. With their magic strong once more, they would be able to shapeshift (like the original High Ones had done when they became elves) and some suggested that they do just that and start a new life. However, some (both original EQ and newly introduced) would want to return to Abode.

The group would split, each taking half of the palace to travel. One group would return to Abode at the exact time and place they left (and would eventually have to leave again like we see in Jink/The Rebels/FutureQuest. The other would become a new race known as the Neverending and spend there days travelling the universe, dropping off pieces of their population on planets whenever they became to- many for the palace/their ship/s to handle. This would explain the connection Jink had with the Neverending in the future story line.

The end.