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Art & Sketches


Hello, all!

My name's Brandy and I've been a lifelong EQ fan... Wendy was a major influence on me artistically when I was young, and I think traces of her influence still show, all these years later, haha! :D

So here's a few of my sketches, to share with you all... :)

My OC Wander:


What popped in my head when I started reading the second novel...

Part of a CD redesign I did as a college project:

(More photos of the project here ~ I plan to update with the individual portraits, soon!)

That's it for now ~ it's a pleasure to meet you all!


That's fantaastic, Brandy! *bows* Thank you for sharing here. I'm looking forward to see more. ;) :-O :)

*... too tired for appropriate commenting ... must return another day...*


Wow, you are really good :-) Can't wait to see more :D


Awesome stuff!


Wonder-fur Work!! I second Blackbird & Embala. Please mum made we have some more? ^_^


Your sketches are so clean! And I like your oc, she has spunk and the pose is relaxed and natural.


Whow! Those are really good! I like your style.


Well done with all of the drawings. :) I especially like the first sketch, it has a nice roughness to it, but it's still so detailed.


Thank you so much everyone! :) I finally got around to updating my CD project with the portraits I used in the lyric booklet, so here they are, in order of the songs:


Looking good! You've captured each character with a very Wendy-esque style.


I love it :D You are really good, would love to see more


These are amazing! You even included a seductive Oddbit, and Door! I also really love that of Kahvi, she looks so happy!


Wonderfull work! You're very talented! :D

I love how you drew each character. :)


These are great! Want to see more!


Echoing what everyone has said...more please!


Hahaha, alright, more it is! :D Thanks everyone! Here's more of Wander. I still need to work out her color scheme, and her wolf's. :)

Wander by Brandy Woods

Tamarien ChangeStone

Thank you so much for sharing with us BRANDY.

I really like Wander. She fits in well as a wolfrider and a Player Character.

Keep the posts coming.


These are gorgeous.


Love your style! Your elves look very much like elves but your style is also very unique, definitely recognizable. Love the clean lines of your black and white work and the colors are beautiful on the colored pieces :) I can tell who each and every Elfquest creature you've posted here is, great work!

Is Wander a roleplaying character in a Holt or is she more of a for-fun self-elf sort of character?


Sofia: Thank you! :D Wander is more of a for-fun self-elf sort of character, I suppose. I was involved in a by-mail Holt ages and ages ago, but am not RP'ing in any currently. :)

Here's a few sketches done over the holidays; concept art for Wander's lifemate, Quill. He's sort of a what-if, a tanner and tattoo artist. Which led me to thinking, primitive cultures have had tattoos for ages, so I'm sure one Wolfrider could have discovered a method using berries, or something like henna.

Which also begs the further question, with elves being immortal... would the tattoos fade over time, or be permanent? Would it matter if the recipient was a Wolfrider or a fully-immortal elf? In theory, tattoos could be a celebratory sort of thing, applied and then easily 'erased' after by a healer... But this is purely 'what if', as I'm letting my interest in world cultures run away with me. XD





He is cute!! I like him!! Great art work!!