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19 year-old spoilers?!? The hazards of coming to ELFQUEST 36 years late!


I don't know whether to laugh, growl or just roll my eyes. As some of you may know, I just discovered Elfquest a few months ago and am absolutely hooked. I started by reading online here, then I began to collect the individual issues and books (and shirts, mugs, novels, cassettes, etc). Now I am working my way through the years and years of stories. I'm just reading them in the order listed on the Complete Digital Elfquest Online page. I have purchased the newest Final Quest issues but am holding off reading them until I get through the older main story-lines. I don't want any nasty surprises! I'd hate to be reading along when Cutter turns to an unfamiliar female elf and says something like, "Leetah would have loved this. After all these years without her, there is still a hole in my heart." Know what I mean??

So, there I was... reading contentedly through Hidden Years issue # 23 when Pike says, "Skot's dead." WHAT???????? Where the heck did that come from?? (Sorry if I just spoiled it for someone who hasn't read it yet, but... I kind of doubt it!)

Seems Skot "died in fire" in another issue of another story that I haven't even read yet! Aaaarrrggghhhhh! Smacked in the face by a 19 year-old spoiler! So now I know that at some point, Skot is gonna die in some kind of fire. Well crap!

Later, in issue # 25 Leetah says, "Zhantee. He's.. He's.. gone." NOOOOOOOO!!! Dammit!! Spoiled again! I knew I should have started reading the other issues once they were included in the backs of the ones I was reading. "This month from WaRP Graphics..." and all the issues being released that particular month. But which ones were monthly? Which were every 2 months? Quarterly? I figured I'd just finish reading them one story-line at a time.

Then, of course, in issue # 27, Skywise hears his name called and runs outside of his cave/den happily looking for Aroree. Nope! Not there! It's obvious that her spirit has returned to the palace, too.

AND SPEAKING OF THE PALACE... Imagine my surprise when halfway through Hidden Years # 29, the Palace of the High Ones appears right by Howling Rock!!!!

My exact words aren't fit for a family-oriented forum, but they started with "f" and got more colorful from there! I quite literally closed that issue and put it back in its bag, then back into it's magazine holder. I'll read it once I'm done with Shards. Sheesh! I mean... Auroree is still alive in Shards # 12, though I don't know how much longer that will last, given Skywise's reaction in HY#27.

Well now, here's an interesting twist...
I came here tonight to relate this story to the other members of the forum, hoping for at least a grin or chuckle from whoever reads this. SURPRISE!!!! The Elfquest Online page is totally unrecognizable! Pictures, comments, and... you guessed it... suggestions on which order to read the various issues of Hidden Years and Shards!

Don't know whether to laugh, growl or just roll my eyes!



I think what you fell victim to was some of the same problem I had back when I collected Superman comics in the 90s when those issues were printed: multiple story lines being printed at the same time.

The had part is that when they were printed, Shards had one story line (Cutter's group), hidden years and wild hunt had others, and so on, printed "interleaved" with each other (I wasnt reading then at the time, I had to catch up with graphic novels and digital comics), so that one series would have one set of events, and another series would have a different set of events happening at the same time. Reading Shards first might help, but it still may have some split story (not as much, if I remember right).

All of these issues come together into Elf Quest 2, which I still havent pieced together and read all the way through as its more chaotic for me. I believe the individual stories were split out into their own sets in DEQ, which can help but may also make it more confusing here and there.

Anyway, I dont know what to tell you to make it easier, but thats whats going on. Not an easy solution to piece it back the way it was presented when it origionally released and the internet as a medium for reading comics wasnt even a common idea.


Well I could tell you one thing that I know you'll like to hear but that would be a spoiler! All I'll say is to look forward to a pleasant surprise. :)


I never got to read the hardcover book 2 or book four until well after I finished KoBW. But I took it as ooooh that makes more sense now and that is why that happened. I seem to treasure those two volumes the most now because of that. EQ is the only series I have been able to read as I found it where I found it and then piece it together back it the day, because I was so excited to find new stories. ^_^ Now I find I am becoming a slight timeline snob of this happened there and when happened where? lol All in good reading I say.


I love this site but I stay clear of anything that could give spoilers. It's not an easy task but it's working so far. I didn't read any of the above after the first line not because it doesn't interest me but because I've felt like a 3:-O before after reading spoilers (which aren't spoilers for most here) so I had to do something...


I agree with reading Shards first :)


Out of curiousity; how did you end up reading HY (or at least the HY that takes part after the tribe split) before reading Shards?


Started to read HY because that's what comes after Kings, and did not know when to start reading Shards instead?


You've gotten a fair warning, Johnno ;)

Sorry for spoiling spoilers. Now it will be finding out about HOW things happened - will still make an interesting suspenseful read.


Shards is full of action :) even if you had a few spoilers ;)


Yes, the story started in Hidden Years split into two titles. The Shards storyline followed Cutter and his warriors for the shattered Palace. Hidden Years continued on following Ember's Wolfriders seeking to preserve the Way. Events happened in the two stories simultaneously - and they were published simultaneously.

My suggestion is to just read through each storyline. It's probably too hard and disjointed to try to read them chronologically in the order they were published. Besides, not everything you've surmised about the fate of certain characters is what you think it is. ;)


@TrollHammer - Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. Not that I'm complaining! I will take these elves whatever way I can get them. It is just kind of funny to me that in 2014 I am reading a story published 19 years earlier and actually managed to trip myself up by reading them in a different order than was originally intended. One of those "this stuff only happens to me" moments!

@manga - I finished most of the last issue of Shards today ( I stopped when they went after Dart and his group since I have no clue what's going on there because I haven't read New Blood yet) and, yes, I was pleasantly surprised!

@Delhya - Good reading, indeed!

@Night_Tanem = I quite understand.

@travelbug, @RedheadEmber - I was reading them in the order they were listed on the Complete Digital Elfquest Online page. HY came before Shards, though I realized I was reading only half of what was happening at the same time in Shards. I just thought they'd be two different story-lines, not that they'd cross over into each other. On my next read-through, I'll do it along the timeline of when they were published. That ought to be fun! ;)
And, yeah, lots of action in Shards! Loved it!

@Embala - Oh, I'm loving reading all the different stories. Looks like New Blood and Blood of Ten Chiefs will have me reading all over the world of Two Moons at lots of different times pretty soon. Can hardly wait!


Not to be rude or anything. But the tribe did split halfway through HY. Didn't you notice that half the tribe was missing? :) :( :(( >:D :-\" 8-> :| + all those who does not have an icon yet.


Seems rude to me.


It's hard to consider all the details, Redhead. Even "selfevident" observations are hard to notice when you are so new to the widespread wold of ElfQuest - and so eager to catch up. What looks selfevident and logical to us, who are familiar with this world and grown into it over years can be a big surprise when you've jumped in "moments ago" and look around the next corner. ;)

I've noticed that the new layout for the "Read it now" section contains a reading advice especially for the HiddenYears / Shards storylines. Maybe the "spoiler experiance" you've pointed out here was one of the reasons to include it, Johnno?
It will help other newbies to enjoy their discoveries of EQ world even more.


@Thornbrake - I have learned that one of my speculations about a certain character's fate is not as I had guessed. Yay!!!

I agree with you that it is easier to follow a single storyline than to try bouncing around among all the different ones, trying to keep up with the chronology instead of just enjoying the reading. After all, this is my individual experience. Back in October you said "Make sure you share your thoughts and reactions here the forum!" and so I thought I'd share my laughing at myself for being surprised while reading only half of a story!

I have to tell you that I'm so glad to find there are no superheroes, death rays, and all that other stuff that kept me away from comics as a kid. Elfquest is so much more. I'd even say it's classier, ya know? The characters have so much depth to them. They even have flaws! I guess, when it come right down to it, these are "people" I'd actually like to spend time with. Can't beat that!


I'll agree that it is rather difficult with the 'Shards' and 'HY - Ember's Quest' storylines. The ideal way to read it would be to have both issues open and read it at the same time, but I guess that would be rather confusing! @-)


Johnno said: Elfquest is so much more. I'd even say it's classier, ya know? The characters have so much depth to them. They even have flaws! I guess, when it come right down to it, these are "people" I'd actually like to spend time with. Can't beat that!

Couldn't agree more!