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Buried Treasure - Elfquest style


Recently, I've been excavating through literally thousands of photographs I've either taken or been sent, over the past 30-plus years. There are some amazing images, many of which I had totally forgotten. But now with rediscovery also comes the time to share. So in this thread I will post visual treats that, except for those who may have been there at the time, no one has ever seen before. Your comments are most welcome!


First off, many of you know that years ago Wendy drew an Erté-inspired Winnowill that became a limited edition serigraph. But did you also know that, when we were in Germany to celebrate that event, an ice sculpture of the Black Snake was made? Talk about an ice queen! According to the blueprint I discovered with the photos, she is some twelve feet tall!

Winnowill ice


Wow. That's amazing!

It reminds me of a question I have, actually. I've had something nifty and EQ-related in mind to make for a long time. I wanted to make it as a present to you, Richard and Wendy, but it has occurred to me that you may not have the space for it. It's not very large at all but if all of us fans gave you something, you'd probably need a few more houses to keep it all! What do you say to such gifts?


manga said: What do you say to such gifts?

Well, first we say thank you for considering making a gift - whatever it may be, large or small, actual or "just the thought." We are always honored when someone sends us something they have made, that is an expression of what they feel about Elfquest. (Hm, I should probably rethink that previous sentence. What if someone really hated EQ? We might have to check packages for strange odors or something!) With very few exceptions (alas, time takes a toll on certain fragile materials) we still have every gift we've been sent. That's not a hint, by the way; just letting you know.


That sculpture is SO COOL!
(sorry, couldn't help myself)
It really is incredible! What a wonderful tribute.


can't wait to see more!


That's downright awesome right there!
Guess when the sculpture eventually melted you could talk about defrosting the Ice Queen. :!!


This ice sculpure is stunning! So true to the reference - all elegant and smooth and cool ... so very much Winnowill. It's a pity that Ice Queen had to melt. >:)

I'm looking forwand to see more such treats. Thank you for sharing.

Tamarien ChangeStone

This is just Stunning ! That serigraph was just begging to be 3D !

Huhmm . It would also look good as a high-relief, eh ?

And . . . did you say "blueprints !' Oh please, please, may we see those also ?