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The Makoshika Tribe


I think I mentioned this once before. I started a page on Facebook called The Makoshika Tribe. Makoshika is a state park located right next to Glendive, MT. (where I live). I thought it would make a cool name for a tribe. Right now, this group is a bunch of people from eastern Montana and western North Dakota. They are off my friends list at this point a few have wandered in and that's okay too. It's open to anyone (no matter where your from) who is interested in this great story and it's characters. Right now I'm really the only who is posting, even though it is set up as a "public group".


I didn't know if I should have put this under 'holts', because this isn't one really.


I just posted the covers and extra art for the Marvel series on the Makoshika Tribe Facebook page. I'm about the start posting the covers (and maybe some interesting pages) from the next two series. Since I already posted most of (if not all of) the covers. I decided to take a different path and walk through Cutter's "Hero's Journey". I'm going to try to stay on path (it won't be as easy as it sounds). You are free to join in if you would like... (a second set of eyes would not hurt).