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The 70s Influence in EQ


Someone recently posted on Twitter that the outfits worn by the band Heart in their video for the song Barracuda look like something the Elfquest elves would wear. Check out the video here and you'll see it is a hilariously accurate observation.

Elfquest character designs and story ideas percolated through the attitudes and look of the 70s. They look and think they way they do because that's how real live people looked and thought in the 70s. It's kind of mind blowing to think about. This thread is to share observations and images (or videos!) of the how the 70s influenced EQ and how EQ reflects back the look and ideas of the 70s.





Views and attitudes that were new and radical and fragile in the 1970s, which lost a battle with conservative America in the 80s and 90s, and which only recently have begun to win out.

Just like leather flarecut pants.


Bell bottoms forever!


Make love, not war.




oh....the sweet.




But it's not just a visual influence. I wonder if Elfquest resonated with a number of us because we were children of the seventies or because our parents were products of the seventies, the civil rights movement and/or a hippie generation


I remember the love-in "if it feels good, do it" seventies. (How we ended up with the AIDS epidemic.) Even though polyester was all the rage, there was a trend toward more natural clothing as well, and more comfortable clothing. This was the time when schools began allowing young ladies to wear slacks.


Even characters who weren't designed until the 90s have a 70s influence to them.

Tyleet hair


Me, I'm still in mourning over the loss of Cutter's bell bottomed trousers...


Trollbabe said: the love-in "if it feels good, do it" seventies. (How we ended up with the AIDS epidemic.)

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in the U.S. had little to do with feel-good attitudes toward sex, and much more to do with the indifference of public health authorities to its appearance. It spreads through ignorance, not love-ins, which is why sexually-liberal western Europe has relatively few cases, whereas sexually-conservative Africa has it worse than anywhere.

I wouldn't wear a flared leather condom with tassles, though. There has to be a limit somewhere!


There were a lot of other aspects of the 60s and 70s that Elfquest touched on, besides sexuality. As a kid, I took note of many of the points these books made about prejudice and intolerance. Also, there was a very strong feminist message.


Rob said: I wouldn't wear a flared leather condom with tassles, though.

See #2. You're 600 years too late, anyway. @-)


The first "Star Wars" movie was released a year before the first issue of Elfquest. The movie may not have had any influence on the comic, but costume design in the original Star Wars trilogy drew from Seventies fashions, as did Elfquest.

For example, in "Return of the Jedi", Carrie Fisher's "bikini from hell", as the actress described it, was a product of the 1970s Art Nouveau revival. This same influence is evident in the design of the halls of Blue Mountain.


Here is an online exhibit of Star Wars movie costumes, in which you can see some of the same Seventies influence that appears in Elfquest.

I think Farrah was one of the influences that led to the Big Hair look in the eighties. New hairstyling appliances helped this trend.


When I think of late 70's / early 80's British post-punk / New Wave band, Japan, I think of Elfquest.


It's a weird association, I know, but you've got to admit there's a certain superficial resemblance to some of the characters in there.


Their first two albums were delightfully sleaze-tacular!


Here's another great shot from the 70s of Wendy with Barry Windsor-Smith of Conan and superhero comics fame. How AWESOME is this?!

Wendy & Barry Windsor Smith


This was the pre-Frank-Thorne Sonja costume that BWS designed. As a costume, it actually works better on its own merits. (But since there was a chainmail bikini version, there has been none as good, before or since, as the one Wendy inhabited.)


She looks awesome!


Damn. Wendy's hot.