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High Cove: Looking for staff members!


High Cove holt is currently in need of staff! We require at least one more admin, and one mod. Admin are allowed to have at least one High One character in the roleplay story, while mods are considered in story counselors to the Chiefs, depending on what tribe they are in. Read below for more details, and please don't be shy.

Here are the tentative duties for the admin and mod positions:

- Be able to commit at least 1 to 2 hours a day to the holt and your duties
- Lead by example with positive behavior. Maintain a professional but friendly approach to every situation, or be aware enough that if you are unable to do so that you need to pass it on to another staff member.
- Add members to the appropriate user group and approve profiles
- Be able to answer PMs about the holt
- Make announcements and keep up to date on projects, or sections you are in charge of.
- Post around the site frequently, including participating in roleplays.
- Treat this position and application like you would a real job.
- Know, understand and enforce the rules of the forums.

After I receive you application I might want an interview with you along with my #1. admin. Please note that if you do not have any experience in being forum staff or roleplaying, you will not be automatically rejected. We are patient and willing to work with people new to this. The same thing goes if you are not well versed in Elfquest, you do not have to be a hardcore fan to be staff.

If you are interested in helping out High Cove as a Admin or Mod, please fill out the following form:

Name: (screenname, or real is fine)

How did you hear about this?:

How long have you been into Elfquest?:

Best instant messenger or email I can reach you at: (Skype is definitely top of the list)

How many hours a week can you dedicate to this holt?:

Were/are you a member of an online roleplay forum of any kind?

Do you have experience as an Admin/Mod on any of them?

If yes please list what your duties were/are and how long you held the positions:

Why would you like to be an Admin/Mod on High Cove?

What are your specialties if any? ie Real life job experiences, graphics, css, HTML, other forum experience, etc.

Any ideas you might have for the site (the more detail the better)?

Please provide an RP sample of some kind(at least 200 words):

Do you have any questions for me?

Email this to sorrows_eclipse@yahoo.com, or send me a message on the EQ forum. If you email, please put in the subject box which staff position you are interested in.