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What is postable?


Hi everybody. It's a pleasure to have finally found a group of like-minded folks. I have a quick question about what is and is not ok to post in the fan art section. Not in terms of NSFW stuff, but in cases of something that might be "copywrong".

I sketch quite a bit, but I'm not skilled enough to forge out onto my own. I prefer (and think I'm pretty darn good at) looking at photos, or other art and reproducing it simply by looking at it. I take no credit for these things being mine. I just like seeing how accurately I can reproduce it.

I have several of these pieces that I've done of ElfQuest characters and I would like to show them to y'all. Is this ok or does the art posted here need to be more original?


I think as long as you state that you copied and credit the person who did the original drawing, it should be fine. Problems happen when any person tries to take credit for someone else's work- but it doesn't sound like you are doing that.

We would love to see your drawings. :)



Ok, good to know. :)

This one is from issue 3 (I'm looking at the Father Tree Press compendium so I'm not certain of the issue numbers) of Seige at Blue Mountain. Art credit goes to Wendy Pini, or course. I am simply a humble admirer.


I liked how Scouter looked in that panel (so broody!). Some of it didn't turn out quite right, like how much of his right hand shows under his chin and his left fingers are .... odd.

I also need to apologize for the quality of all of these pictures. I lack a scanner, so I have to make do with my phone camera.


This is from the first page of Raid on Sorrow's End. Again, the art is not mine. It belongs to Wendy Pini and I merely love it.


I remember Cutter's eyes and the angle of Nightrunner's head giving me fits.