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Cutter's Journey


I'm currently working on a project I'm fondly calling "Kinseeker". It is a format I have used on my family research. Gathering all information about one person and constructing their life from birth to death (close to that of a Hero's Journey). There is over 30 years of ElfQuest to use for this project and most of the stories were printed out of order (so here is where the fun begins). First I looked over all comics and decided to exclude all 'What if?' stories, Worldpool and New Blood. Then looking closer, I will be dropping off prologues and epilogues for a smoother story line. The last thing I looked at was the role Cutter played in the stories. Was he the main character or was he just in a supporting role? Does it have something to do with is relationship with the main character? Does the story have anything to do with future story line? Some of the questions I have to keep in mind. This has been interesting to say the least. :)