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Elfquest Description Generators


Well, simply put, i made some Elfquest character description generators! i just realized i never posted them here, though i made them quite a while ago. so i figured i should share them, cause who doesn't need to make a bunch of elves once in a while?^^ i made seperate versions for male and female to make it a bit easier. please note, the eyebrow thing is because i made this for a friend who draws the elves, so feel free to ignore it if you want. and please realize that at the very least, this provides a solid base to begin creating a character, it's not meant to be a complete description.

also if anyone can think of something that needs added, like a hair style or clothing style, let me know and i'll double check to make sure it's not already there! if it isn't, i'll add it. please enjoy guys! also feel free to post the descriptions you get that you really like or find really funny and share. or share the elf if you end up drawing them because of the creators!

Female Elf Generator

Male Elf Generator


Excellent! Useful to pair with the avatar generator and the RPG roller app!


^^ thank you! and i'm glad to hear it!

...i have to admit, it is extremely humorous when i get elves who have close cropped hair, yet still manage to have high buns or tails, or multiples even.