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Elves DO Kiss!



Here's some cool elf-lore that we've not gotten before. I commented on Facebook how I felt bad for the elves for missing out on kissing, and this was Wendy's response:

"But they do! They just don't have a name for it. And they don't "hold" it the way we do, as in the classic romantic kiss. That's why I don't depict mouth kisses with the elves, because folks would tend to linger on the image and read romantic tradition into it. Think more of how wolves do it - they communicate everything by mouth and they're constantly in motion. Putting it somewhat crudely, Wolfriders are just all over each other and kisses, bites, licks all over happen. I'm forever capturing them mid-action. Every drawing of an elf is like an in-between."

So there you have it. Elves DO kiss, in their own way! !Ahdri


What about this scene from HY29?

Sure looks to me like a kiss.

Where was it ever stated directly that elves don't kiss? Sure at one point in Mender's tale Mender comments about how humans "have a word for smooching their lips together, making a noise."
But not having a word for something =/= Not doing it


Maybe it's because they see no difference in pressing your lips against the cheek, mouth or the neck? It's more in our culture kissing on the lips is something romantic, in other cultures it isn't. They just do it because it's cozy ^^ Don't mean anything special.


Wendy and Richard noted in some interview or another, many years ago, that elves don't kiss per se, but they do you their mouths and lips. I can't remember where or when (perhaps in one of the Gatherums?) but it has since become EQ lore. Wendy's recent note above adds further specificity.

That scene of Ember and Teir above only shows exactly what Wendy was commenting on. There is no clear locking and holding of lips - or "kissing" by human definitions. Their lips brush in panel 7 and Teir is nuzzling, and maybe even pressing his lips against the side of Ember's face in the last panel, but it's not our version of kissing (unless Ember's mouth moved to her cheekbone).


Couldn't it be a "moving kiss"? Where Teir kisses (for lack of better terms) Ember on the cheek, lips, neck, all over the place.

Also... have a feeling the action didn't end where we saw it.


RedheadEmber said: Couldn't it be a "moving kiss"? Where Teir kisses (for lack of better terms) Ember on the cheek, lips, neck, all over the place.

Yes, lol, I'm agreeing with you. That scene is the perfect definition of how elves kiss according to what Wendy wrote on Facebook.


In China the kiss is considered especially personal intimate a thing, at people it is indecent to kiss. There other relation to kisses. OTHER relation to kisses, other than ours can at elves too? Maybe they don't distinguish THEM from other caress at all?