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people on reddit are wondering about Elfquest MOvie-Optioning.... Anyone?


here's the thread from last week (its real short):


Any of you hardcore Elfquest Fans know what Richard and Wendy have to say about this topic?


I dunno what they have to say about THAT particular thread, but John Jacob Jingleblahblahblah down there is right; they won't give up the rights unless they're confident the movie(s) will stay true to the original artistic vision. Considering that the Tolkien estate is pretty dissatisfied with the Hobbit/LotR movie franchise, and that Peter Jackson's already got his hands on Temeraire (which I am DYING to see), he doesn't seem much of an option. And a Miyazaki movie would be FANTASTIC, and I would trust Studio Ghibli completely with Elfquest. But I don't think that'll happen either. WB had the rights for awhile, but Elfquest was considered "too close" to the Hobbit, so they gave up on that. I think that the best thing would probably be for Netflix to option it as an original series...then it can stay true to the story, maintain all the sexy and gory bits, and doesn't have to conform to what a big movie company thinks the public wants.


I second Tam about a Elfquest series instead of a movie.
How can you sqeeze such a big story into one movie anyway?


Elfquest as an HBO series. Animation would work too. Remember the Spawn Animated series?


What we have to say is this: Since in every instance where Elfquest has been optioned by this or that studio or other entity we have ended up disappointed (not going into detail), we have made the decision to get off the movie train at least until "Final Quest" is completely wrapped up. Wendy and I have spoken on this topic already; the information is out there for people to seek and find.


Studio Ghibli!!!! Oh yes! Please!
Even my husband (who does not like Elfquest) says he would watch it if SG did it.
Plus we'd get to keep the more adult violence and what-have-you which would be lost if an American company like Warner made the adaption. OK, maybe this is because I've been reading Elfquest pretty much since it first appeared in the UK (dear me, more than thirty years ago...) so I've only ever seen it as an adult, but I've always thought it was an adult story, not for kiddies.


Hm. Netflix or internet series. Not HBO: many people don't bother with cable now and aren't going to get it set up for one show. Definitely and internet series would be awesome because then our friends around the globe could tune in.