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High Ones - too much like humans?



It's weird - I keep reading Elfquest again and again, and I love the theme going through the Wolfriders in the original series: Love, abandon, living in the now, honesty, trust.

When I read the stories from right after the High Ones landed and see all that anger and hatred, it leaves a really bad taste behind. Same with the stories that deal with Two-Spear - the leftover High Ones all seem highly arrogant and demanding while not really contributing anything. They seem to be jealous and prone to anger and manipulation.

Then there is Timmain who has the wisdom and kindness that I'd expect from a being like hers and who only becomes furious when it comes to protecting her pack.

Before the High Ones landed, they also seemed to be gentle, kind and loving. As soon as they land and experience humans, some of them turn into something just as bad as humans.

Am I misreading something here? Or am I putting way too much thought into this because it's all just a story without any lasting meaning? (I don't think so, but I figured I'd ask).

PS: I also don't like the backstabbing of Kahvi when she attacks the Sun Village. I'd expect that kind of behavior from Winnowill, not from an honorable warrior. There is altogether too much lying and backstabbing going on with some tribes, and it bugs me royally...


A person's envrionment and their experiences in that environment will change them, sometimes forcibly, sometimes gently, and not always for the better, especially if grief and PTSD are involved, which is what I think happened to several elves.


OK, I get that, and I can understand to some degree why one of the first comers would get angry enough to start lashing out. But what we saw there was someone launching an outright war.

I have a hard time seeing a gentle peace loving and highly intelligent being to get so turned around. Something like this can't come out of a person if it wasn't already there to begin with, and the glimpses we get from their original world(s) doesn't show any evidence of that.

I can't help but wonder if either the High Ones weren't quite as evolved as they thought they were if they could allow themselves to be filled with hatred like that, or if some of the writing for these books went completely off course - but then why would the Pinis allow it...? I just don't understand it - it doesn't quite fit for me...


Well, these opinions seem to be based on very little that's seen. And Haken is a special kind of evil...we don't know if he was gentle and peace loving before the Palace crashed. Perhaps he wasn't...perhaps he was biding his time. Or perhaps he'd been content with his place in the circle, but once the opportunity for true power came, in an arena he thought he could best others in, he took that opportunity.

I don't think that they're as "evolved" as people think. I think they're just in another form of being than we are. They had a lot of power...shapeshifting, flying through the stars, being able to explore countless planets...Abode probably wasn't the first one they visited with the intention of being noble, mysterious, awe-inspiring creatures to the inhabitants. Even if they were gentle and peace loving as a species, that kind of power can go to one's head, even if one doesn't realize it.


Dont forget that Haken was their "passion, leading [them] forward." He was already a very driven kind of person. Then suddenly they were placed in a life-or-death situation. I think the idea that the "very evolved" won't fight back for survival is bunkum. Evolution is about survival; being so peaceful you let yourself be killed may be considered very moral by some but it has nothing to do with evolution except perhaps as a dead end.


I was on a similar trail of thought, @manga !

I'd like to quote 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' here... I don't have the exact quote, but basically, in the comic, when Hyde and Jekyll became different personalities, Jekyll began to get shorter while Hyde grew into a giant monster. Hyde says this is because "without Hyde, there is no one to drive Jekyll forward, and without Jekyll, there is no one holding Hyde back."

In the Circle, "Gibra was our caution, holding us back." The members of the Circle were not balanced as individuals, they each had one purpose only (timekeeper, caution, passion...) but together, they formed a balanced entity.


I understand the fighting to survive as they are being attacked.

But then after they have evaded the first attack, he decides to start a war, and he even attacks the only beings on the planet that can understand him and potentially help him get off the planet.

But yea, the mention of his "passion" is probably a hint.

So what about all the Elders at the time of Two-Spear? Why are they constantly negative, not liking anything the Wolfriders do or say? Their stance, body language, and general attitude is one of "we are better than you and we don't have to do anything but let you serve us". No matter how frustrated you are with a situation, you have a choice - succumb to it or try to change it. But grumping at everyone around you does not seem like an evolved action.