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Some what-if picture editing... (anyone remember these? ;-)

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    I'm only posting these because LordDarkhan asked me to, and I'm not sure if this is the correct forum so preservers feel free to move this somewhere else...

    What if...





    And this one I just couldn't resist making: Oddbit's daydream

  • LOL @ the last one!!!! Grin Soo funny...

    The first one I was like "there is something different about this pic but I can't figure out what...." the second one is GORGEOUS, I wish Moonshade was a dark elf! :D The Skywise one tho is just weird... but still kinda cute! :)
  • Oh, I love the one of Moonshade.
  • I like the green skywise. He looks like a male dryad!(is there such a thing?)
    But I also love the one of Moonshade. Please add more. These rock.
  • Thank you. Maybe I will...
  • Hm, it's weird to see their skin in another color..
    : )
  • Cool! Although you have to feel sorry for Skywise...
  • The green one or the brown?
  • I actually like the brown and green Skywise's...
    Ummm, chocolate or grape? :twisted:
  • I think he looks delicious chocolate too... :twisted: but I'm surprised of the green one's popularity... thought only a troll would fancy it...
  • Nonooo... I don't know which of the three i would like to roll in the furs with most :twisted: :P

    "Only for trolls" tsk!
  • I like the dark Skywise - reminds me of Storm from the Xmen.
  • @Jeppe: heh, well you almost were Two-Edge so you count as a troll.

    ((because your mother says so!))

    Got rid of the character maybe, but not the evil mama... you've started collecting mothers haven't you anyway...
  • Yeees, you could say that... I've got four forum moms... (i hope they don't see my posts here... They would give me a long talk about young people and such... Nah, just kidding... :P )

    Oh yeah, definitely the Green, number 2 the black/brown and number three the white... :twisted:
  • I'm your evil stepmother or something then...

    (I just read a topic started by Woe about the Winnie/Two-Edge dream sequence in New Blood... I'm the mother who gives you dreams like that, or close enough. I'm the worst possible influence a growing lad can have. If you weren't twisted already I'd twist you.) :twisted:
  • Who's twisted?

    Seriously... Don't trust Joybringer...
  • ((If you aren't that can be fixed...))

    Sorry, I went all Winnie back there and forgot the brackets too...

    I don't trust him but it was a nice topic...
  • Started by Joy??? Surprised :? :P
  • Well, I have a strange definition of 'nice'...
  • Oh, i bet that movie was nice as well... Wink
  • Indeed...
  • And here's more:



  • Oh my Goddess! My poor poor Savah!

    She must be ill!

    (From the first page, I really love dark Skywise, and you know how much I'm not a Stargazer's fan...)
  • Interesting, Leanan. Surprised The green Skywise is hysterical!

    I can just hear Picknose saying, "you sneaky colorchanging elf! Stay away from my daughter!" Grin
  • The white Savah looks like a Conehead with elven eyes Grin
  • I think the brownskinned Scouter looks very natural..

    havent decided about dark skywise

    although the green one is interesting

    light skinned leetah looks like nightfall with red hair to me

    Moonshade, who i always thought was sexy(just dont like her), looks just as sexy dark skinned.

    I agree wtih Arthis, something about Savah light skinned makes her look sickly.

    Rayek looks normal to me

    Cutter looks a little scary to me.
  • Leanan, you must show us the twins with different colors...

    the funny thing is, i always thought that savah pale would just look like timmain...but i have now changed my mind on that .lol....

    ooooh what would winnie look like dark with black hair???
  • i thought pale Rayek looked a bit sickly.

    Ooh! Can you do someone like a surfer girl? Tanned skin and bleached blonde hair? Grin
  • give treestump black hair and green skin.... hehehehehehhe
  • Poor Rayek! He just don't look right with light skin.

    Yes! Give us some elves in troll colours! :D (Sorry if we're being too demanding of your Photoshop talents.)
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