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The 'Requested pictures' thread [SPOILERS INSIDE]

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    Here is the place where you can request scans of pics, and where you can post the pics you have scanned for other.

    I create this topic to avoid the 'spamming' of other thread (don't get it bad) and to make the research more easy for later.

    Anybody is free to request a (some) pic(s) (and I'm sure nobody will forget to remember the difference between a request and an order...) and everybody is allowed to answer the request...
    Try to be as precise as possible when you request something. :)

    Happy scanning, happy sharing! :D
  • First request

    (...) could I trouble you for some pics of Venka, Aroree and Two Edge with Go Backs? From the end of the Shards War?

    image imageimage

    I know some have this story edited in colors, so feel free to scan it again :D (I would love to see it colored)
  • (Oh, but that looks rather like Wendy, Dreamtime-style? I avoided Shards because I didn't like Brandon McKinney's style...)
  • But the very last issue was drawn by Wendy. It's more a graphic novel than a comic: text with some illustrations
  • Oh we loves Arthis, yes we does...

    He's our precious...

  • Oh, Arthis did you notice how pretty Aroree looks? And how happy? She's almost back to her regular self! Remember the pretty, giggly girl we met in Captives of Blue Mountain?

    Oh, Merci Beaucoup! C'est tres bien!
  • Good idea Arthis!!!! :D
    (Looking forward to all the pretty pictures.)
    I didn't know that those pics looked so good in BW. I can post them in colors later if you want me to?
  • Alright! I'll do a request :roll: Wink I have recently bought the Forevergreen story (NB 11-35), but four issues weren't included. Could anyone post the pictures where 1) Ahdri falls, and 2) Door is killed?
  • Quote:

    I didn't know that those pics looked so good in BW. I can post them in colors later if you want me to?

    Please do.

    Aldar I'll see what I can do for you...
  • Ok. Here they are in color:

    image image


    Actually I think the details shows better in bw than in color in these pictures.
  • Thank you Cactus.

    the coloring is very well done!
  • But...Cutter has yellow hair??? Unforgivable! :) His hair is one of the things I'm truly envious of him. I wonder if WARP sends the colorists style sheets (a la animators) to keep them faithful. It's also a shame when the coloring overwhelms and swamps the line details of the art. I love colored stuff but they need to tone it down a bit.
  • Skyfall already told us that they have altered his colourings a bit...
  • Quote:

    Skyfall already told us that they have altered his colourings a bit...

    I know that, Jeppe. It still doesn't excuse the persons who did the actual physical coloring of the editions.
  • I wonder why there's so much shadow... shouldn't the palace be a radiant shining place full of light?
  • Hey, could someone scan me this panel (whole) image

    and the other picture with Skywise later in the "dance" scene... in color, I have them B/W already...

  • Did you mean these? They are not wery good, and the text is in norwegian. Maybe the second one was a little small too?


  • thanks! *hugs cactus* these are perfect, I'll use one in my new signature
  • Okay, does someone have Wavecatcher in color, from New Blood? I never read it so I don't know how he looks like in color. I'd also like to see the whole scene w/him and Yun... pretty please?

    Also, I daresay... the sea elf girl rescued by Windkin in one of the EQ2 comics (I think she was later claimed to be not-canon). Drawn by Barry Bla(h)ir, but still, it's a sea elf. I must see Surprised

    Thanks, in advance! :)
  • I'm sorry Christina, I only have the forevergren story in Readers Collection (except for a few first comics) and that windkin and Wavedancer story is the one I'm missing... Unhappy
  • Ah... okay nevermind Wink I'll keep searching!
  • I have one small picture of him from Turning Tide, Bonita, and i'm fairly sure I must have a B/W picture somewhere too *goes off to search*

    here it is... unfortunately its very small and the only color pic of kroosh I have on my pc :( There's another shot of him earlier on when he's fighting the son of Ardan Djarum (and it shows that he's TALL!), can somebody post it here on the boards? I'd also need that :oops:
    This was a b/w picture I was gonna color before my scanner broke up... so now I only have the little one for exact color picker with PSP...
  • Lol, that'd be great! I can't believe you made it in such a little time. It's just perfect and you captured his aspect perfectly...
    yes I'd like to see these two paired up! :D
    Besides, Kroosh's brother has Recognized and has a little son so why doesn't he? Other than Brill and Krill (and Darhek, but he goes with Krill) he's the only who doesn't have a mate!
    Know what? you have inspired me to write a What-if with their meeting. I'm so gonna love it when the Wolfriders will meet the WaveDancers, so many story possibilities :D
  • I'm looking for pics of Minyah. Does anyone have some? Perhaps, miraculously, without her hat?
  • Surprised Without the mohawk hat? You ask much!
  • I'm trying to draw her as a High One, and I've managed to make the hat into a sort of crown, but I can't seem to get her eyes right.
  • I hear of this lovemates calendar all the time and i have seen the picture (i think it's in the calendar) of Skywise and Timmain. What are the other pictures? is it too much to show them here?


  • I don't think Skywise and Timmain ever made it to the Lovemates Calendar... he was with Aroree at that time :)
  • But where is the pic (with the word "is it true recognition" or something of the sort on it) from then? I'm sure it has Skywise and Timmain on it...
  • I know the picture, I only have a second-rate version where someone has written their own website text on it.. cactus made an avatar that seems to be based on a better quality version...
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