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Freetouch - she'll always stay Chitter!

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    How could i forget me as an elf! Chitter is totally adorable! And nothing like her momma or poppa!
  • she sure isnt hehehe i think shes adorable. Her ya go willowspring

  • thankie Dewy!
  • hell yah...she is the cutest little elf toddler out there. Specially that we didnt get to see many toddlers out there...and i love that she is a little chatter box!
  • I think that shes awesome... :D I love Chitter!
  • Me too! She's so cute! :D I'd love to see what would happen if someone gave her a candy bar. Boing, boing boing! Grin
  • Chitter is the most adorable she-cub ever to spring in this world of two moons :

  • I am in utter love with chitter shes my favorit next to, and i mean next to glad u stareted this thred.






    isnt she just the cuteist ever, so much i see of myself in her....its awsome.
  • Hmmmmmmmm what is she gonna look like when she is older hmmmmmmm
  • lol no one knows for sure..but i drew a "what if" type of picture of her as an adult...if anyone wants to see it.
  • I drew a "grown up" one too, I'll post it tomorrow at work, since I don't have a scanner here.
  • Chitter is a Monchichi! :D
  • HAHAHAHA!! That's so funny! :D
  • :clap: :rofl: :roflmao: she said monchichi!!! i havent heard that in forever!!! lol...its so true though...

    hey i would love to see your "what if" pics of chitter all growd up....cant wait!!...hehehehe
  • Dewshine_lover_1 & Alana: I want to see!!
  • Cool! :D Altho' I hope her hair stays short myself... we need more Dewshines out there.
  • I think i would like Chitter with shorter hair... I think like a kinda long boy cut... kinda like dewshines... but i dont know...
  • [color=indigo:7a30ab439f]its sooooooo cute....i love her sassy lil pouty face..[/color:7a30ab439f]
  • That's wonderful dewshine! Your outfits are so creative.

    I'm drawing something that has Chitter in it, and I decided to stick with short hair myself. Because like you say, willowspring and Fourleafclover, there aren't enough cute tomboy girls. :) And she's so cute that way. But who knows what the Pini's have in mind. I'm trying to imagine what that hair would look like long, and it could go so many I just opted to change her as little as possible.
  • I'll bet Chitter's going to be [i:931cdaff1c]really[/i:931cdaff1c] hot when she grows up! She's such a cute little girl. *pinches Chitter*
  • I think she'll be something of a little monkey... even older... She'll love swinging from trees and everything... But I wonder if she'll be as... Chittery when she grows up... or will she be a quiet adult
  • [color=indigo:c2c61c91d9]ooooooor does she go in to the family business as a tanner, or Become a huntress or....have a magic power...oh me oh my...the possiblities are endless...[/color:c2c61c91d9]
  • *sigh* we have to wait for Wendy to tell...
  • [quote:c863976e91="crescent1325"][color=indigo:c863976e91]its sooooooo cute....i love her sassy lil pouty face..[/color:c863976e91][/quote:c863976e91]

    Yes! Sassy and pouty - That's Chitter.

    I think she should end up as a tanner... the wolfriders need more. If Moonshade is [i:c863976e91]really[/i:c863976e91] slated to die later (speculation on my part) then the only Wolfrider tanner around will be Tyleet!
  • [color=green:5cdb1d5d62]My, ain't she busty :P Like her Mama :D Still, nice pic, though.[/color:5cdb1d5d62]
  • [quote:17e8b5e5a7="Fourleafclover"]

    I think she should end up as a tanner... the wolfriders need more. If Moonshade is [i:17e8b5e5a7]really[/i:17e8b5e5a7] slated to die later (speculation on my part) then the only Wolfrider tanner around will be Tyleet![/quote:17e8b5e5a7]

    [color=indigo:17e8b5e5a7]AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!...bite your tongue clover!!!! nooooooooooo!!! im dont want her to die!!! :crying: [/color:17e8b5e5a7]
  • ...okay, here I am out of the woodwork again, but this is the first time I've seen someone say what I've long suspected but not wanted to ask about on the board...Moonshade is going to die. IMHO there are a number of possible hints and foreshadowings.

    (Hey, lol, let's all make this big thread here where we tell Elfmom and Elfpop we're on to them and it'll be totally boring since everybody knows already, and wouldn't it be better if they just forgot about it!!!)
  • I doubt Chitter will ever have the patience for tanning. I have more of a feeling that Newstar will be the tanner (wasn't she a weaver in the Sun Village?). Chitter looks like she'll be a great huntress one day.
  • Chitter actually looks to be cut out for being storyteller. Grin
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