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Our sexy stargazer


  • Yep...he rules! :love: I've had a crush on him for almost 4 years now. How about you? Love him? Hate him? Just want to go to bed with him?
  • i dunno..he is cute with that misheivious grin!!
  • well..being a male myself, I like how he is with the ladies! :twisted:
  • skywise... *sigh* who doesnt love him. *sighs deeply* plus he doesnt have bad taste in women... ruffel... Vurdah... *sigh* lucky guy
  • Yeah, he makes me look bad when it comes to girls :P hes always been my favorite character
  • I used to dream about him almost every night... So I guess it safe to say I'm over my crush... I still have this incredible week spot for him though. And every now and then I dream I'm at a comic store that has this spectacular new elfquest comic with him in it! ;)
    He's deffinetly my favorite!
    ;) V.
  • lol yeah hes pretty hot for a joker ! lol

    My favorite pic of skywise..drawm by myself though not origionaly


    This picture is a pic i drew for Fahrouts fanfic story..

  • Cute!! :love: I love the first one! *huggles picture*
  • Great character. One of my faves, definitely. I wanna be him. Grin
  • Quote:

    Great character. One of my faves, definitely. I wanna be him. Grin

    Agreed :P
  • He's adventurous, which is always a good thing..... Wink And if I ever got my hands on that feisty elf.. well.... :idea: Wink
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    From :


    to :


    and far more, up to the stars !...
  • Mmm-hmm. Not just cute, but adventurous, witty, and a deep thinker. Plus he stands apart from his tribe, which makes him insecure and vulnerable, which triggers my female comforting instincts. How much more irresistable can you get? :D
  • Quote:

    Actually.... he likes any girl.

    Well, GUEST-- that is entirely true. Wink

    [quote:19de3662eb]No offense, but I don't understand what makes him so irresistible.... Oh well. You can all be happy with him then. Wink[/quote:19de3662eb]

    I think he's "irresistable" just because he was written that way. He's the character in the story that gets all the girls. It's just the role he plays- that lucky fox. But no, there's nothing so outstandingly seductive about him.

    Still, he's my fav. male character-- but not because I find him sexy. I just think he's terribly cute and appealing. And I love his friendship with Cutter. And, like Twinklebug said, he's a mess of contradictions: witty and clever, a deep thinker and a superficial flirt, sly, sweet and vulnerable, both loyal and flighty, a loner and a staunch friend, a pragmatic dreamer.

    I think, if he were a real person, he's the sort I would choose to be friends with. Someone interesting and fun.
  • Quote:

    [quote:172e6ec7c6="Zebula77"]Great character. One of my faves, definitely. I wanna be him. Grin

    Agreed :P[/quote:172e6ec7c6]

    Me too. 8)
  • Look at him in the background...the little player. 8)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • can you blame him?? i'd be a player too if i were surround by that many go-backs
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    When I first got the internet, the first EQ fans I made contact with were the friendly folks at the GAZERS. Consequently, I have more fan art of Skywise than any other EQ character.

    I really do like all the characters of EQ, but I identify most with Skywise. Not for his flirty behavior - because I'm nothing like that - but for the other aspects of his character. Because he tries to figure out how things work; he has an insatiable, outreaching scientific mind, even in the face of uncomprehending friends (yeah, I identify - try being a scientist among artists!). And because of his loyalty to, yet insecurity with, Cutter - that aspect of the EQ saga touched my heart deeply.

    Here's a quick color gouache sketch of mine that has been around the net for a while:

    And here's a close-up of Skywise from the cover of IABB, before I completed all the final details, though - notice he's missing the lodestone.
  • Girl- you speak my language! :)
    (I miss the Gazers! Seems a shame that website went down. Lots of good art and stories there!)
  • Here's a special avatar ( 128x128 sized ) :


    Of course, elf-pop has the priority, should he be interested...
  • I miss the Gazers too. :(
  • nice I always thought the go backs reminded me of the amazons..even though there were males there. kinda funny hehehe im a huge xena fan..figures lol
  • Skywise attracts the ladies because he's charming and flirtatious. But that's never been the aspect of his character that appealed to me.

    What really draws me to Skywise are his internal conflicts. The way he's pulled between one thing and another-- between Cutter and the Palace, between the wolf-song and the star-song. I love him for the insecurity he feels, wrestling with these issues. I love him because he'll do anything for Cutter. Because he needs Cutter and Cutter needs him.

    I love him for the way he tries to figure things out, for his thirst for knowledge and understanding. I love him for being a dreamer who leaves his dreams unfulfilled while he devotes his life to another. I rejoice for him, being where he is now-- getting to Master the Palace AND be Cutter's closest companion. For a character like Skywise, it doesn't get any better than that!
  • Wow! That first pic of Skywise is so beautiful Windrider :D . I've never thought that Skywise is much to look at, (at least not compared to most of the other elves) but he really looks good there :D .
  • i am with you on that cactypenny...

    also windrider? do you have any winnowill drawings?..curious to see her in your style
  • edited January 2010
    Wow! That first pic of Skywise is so beautiful Windrider :D . I've never thought that Skywise is much to look at, (at least not compared to most of the other elves) but he really looks good there :D .

    Thanks! Though usually people say that exact thing about this drawing instead:

    Yeah, I know this is already up on the forum somewhere... though I don't remember where. Huh, uploading to Photobucket does weird things to art on textured paper. :?

    Lostshard, I thought about it a bit, and you know... I've never drawn Winnowill, not even a sketch. Odd. I'd rectify that except I have another EQ project I'm working on... not an official one, just something to keep my education in comics art progressing.
  • Oh, yes. That one is beautiful too :D . He looks a little mischievous there.
  • Mischievous? Hah! He looks like a total flirt! Grin Invitation in every line of his face and body.

    Lovely work, Windrider.
  • Grin Hehe, I guess you are right about that Krwordgazer.
  • Skywise with wolf Timmain, from Carol's little black EQ sketchbook:
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