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"Grab-Bag Writings and Art" Table of Contents


Same as the "Monthly Theme Thread" Table of Contents

The title says it all.

I will update that page from month to month.

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4749][b:62164579c3]Build a "Grab Bag" for the Month![/b:62164579c3][/url]


[color=red:62164579c3]*Preserver's Note: This portion of the Table of Contents is in reverse chronological order. When the forum was hacked in February 2009, we lost all grab-bags from March 2008 through February 2009. The table of contents continues on Page 2 of this thread, beginning with links to the re-posted threads where (we hope) people can re-post their stories. - Wordgazer* [/color:62164579c3]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5583]February 2008: something or someone falling from a high place / a question of trust / first vague signs of spring / rain / baby booties / music[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5537]January 2008: betrayal from within the tribe / a birthday / thirst / same-gender lovemates/lifemates / a circle / a sunrise[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5495]December 2007: seeing a spirit or ghost / a warm moment within a family / lots and lots of snow / a chief's failure / something transparent, gauzy, translucent, or see-through / a child's toy or something a child plays with[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5452]November 2007: harvest / coming of age (realized through some action, not just "growing up") / feathers / feeling thankful and/or giving thanks / a turkey (on World of Two Moons, it's called a "wattleneck") / the color blue[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5382]October 2007: magic gone afoul / a mother keeping vigil / drizzly, dreary rain / severe illness/injury with long recovery / a rock / fear[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5335]September 2007: a sending (of any kind) that goes unanswered / Autumn's first frost / first brush of (romantic) love / an insect or insects / something that does not go according to plan / something worn on the head: a hat, headband, etc.[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5250]August 2007: coping with death or loss / a fight between two people who are usually close / making a mistake / loving physical contact that isn't sexual / something shiny / fog[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5198]July 2007: making/not wanting to make a decision / lifemating/lovemating without Recognition / Summer heat / an elf performing an action or gesture usually attributed to humans / jealousy / a struggle for personal independence[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5128]June 2007 : a misunderstanding (possibly caused by language differences) / laughter / a wedding / a scent (lingered upon and described) / music / something hidden [/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5035]May 2007 : an eclipse / remembering something/someone / candlelight / something mystical/mythical (besides the elves) / a relationship that changes/grows (for the better, I think, is implied) / sorrow[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4956]April 2007: an egg / a rabbit or ravvit / self-sacrifice / a practical joke / a bowl of fruit / a dark or bad occurrence[/url]

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4849]March 2007: rain (not a storm, but a steady rainfall) / something new / spring madness / a treewee / a tragedy

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4762]February 2007: a fox / a dagger / a romantic gift / a thunderstorm / a family member / a necklace [/url]


Ok...where's the thread for ideas for the next grab bag?
(April 07) Perhaps it hasn't been made yet?



There's no special thread for each next "grab bag"

each new one is created in the same topic called [b:1052bebc20]Build a "Grab Bag" for the Month! [/b:1052bebc20] (see link above).

And I don't think the one for April has already been started...


Thanks for making this Table of Contents, Arthis! You are always so sweet and helpful. . .

Anyone who likes can begin suggesting elements for April. You needn't wait for me to start it. However, if no one begins the discussion by the last week in March, I will open up April's discussion. :)


I have probably missed something here, but while I understand how to post text onto the EQ Forum, how do I post artwork?

The library has scanners, so I can pay for individual scans. Then what do I do? How do I paste the artwork onto the forum?


Once the picture is scanned onto the computer, you need an account at an image hosting site such as [url]www.photobucket.com[/url] (it's free). Once you have an account, go to "Album", hit the "browse" button, find where you saved the picture to, and uplad it. After that it shoudl appear in the album as a thumbnail, and under that are three copyable adresses. Choose the one that says "IMG url" and copy it, then paste it into your text post.


Since Arthis is on vacation, I have updated the Table of Contents for June. :)


updated! :D


[quote:1017ea57c5="Arthis"]updated! :D[/quote:1017ea57c5]




Thanks so much for doing this, Arthis! You're a peach! :D


Do we even have the lists of required elements saved
for those many months that were lost?

If so, can someone please post them here?


posted in the February grab-bag:
[quote:228fee4cab="Tymber"]I have almost all the elements of the grab bags dating back like two years, since I always put them at the top of each of my own stories.[/quote:228fee4cab]


Now I at least know the ones that I have lost. I might try to
recreate them...perhaps. I still have all the art, for mine and
for the others where I created an image.

Stories I am missing if anyone has saved copies, please post them:

MAY and JUNE 08 Now Restored!

(july 08) Pregnant Trueflight encounters the big bear
(defying the rule that bears are prey for only Bearclaw
& learning to tan hide on her own).

(sept 08) Tyleet's eyes meet Scouters.

(oct 08) Leetah encounters a lizard nest by accident as she listens
to the Wolfrider's howl.

(nov. 08) toddler Wolfrider wanders off in the rain, fights for shelter
under a unique bush and gets a new name (Pike!)

(jan 09) Egg broods, but an earthquake far below shakes him out of it.

Anyone have copies?


*Ahmm* ... When reposting the grab-bags you did a bit too much of a good thing, Tymber. We haven't lost the ones of 2007, have we?


Not to mention totally cluttered the Forum... :P


May 08 on is fine.
The last ten in your list needed the repost, Tymber.

But the rest were already there. A forum preserver
should remove Tymber's new threads or consolidate
them with their older versions (March 08 back).

I'll repost in the August thread in a bit, but will be
unable to resurect any of the rest without a total


I guess I wasn't paying attention when I started re-posting in Tymber's new threads. But you're right-- we only lost most of the 2008 threads, not the 2007 ones.

I will go in and delete and rearrange stuff as soon as I can. I'm glad there aren't as many new threads as I thought.


I see where the miscommunication might have happened. Arthis' table of contents goes in reverse chronological order, with February 2007 at the bottom. My guess is that Tymber looked at the last one in his post instead of the first, to decide where to begin.

All your hard work is very much appreciated, Tymber. Don't worry about the mistake. We'll get it all straight. :D

I'm going to go ahead and delete all the duplicates. That way we won't have people reposting their stuff when it doesn't need to be. :) I'm also going to consolidate Tymber's Table of Contents with the lists he made. :D

(PS. It appears to me that there was no April 2008 Grab-Bag. I remember one time everyone got too busy, and there was one grab-bag that consolidated two months-- that one must be it. I am renaming it the "March-April 2008 Grab-Bag." :D )


Ok - Done! :D


Awesome KR!

Thanks for your work.


Ok...I know it is alot of work...but there is one last cleanup:
= the new March-April 08

the old March 08= [url]http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=378325#378325[/url]

I know my "pickle-eating Trolls watching Trinket sit on her
little throne" story is there in the old thread.



Ok, Nightsea, I have fixed it. :D


Tymber, for which month was it that I
created the image of Blackstar's fall?

If you'd like you can insert that pic into your post:
or let me know which month and I'll add it.

I'm glad you keep working to keep the grab bags rolling!

PS: If others want my art contributions back, please let me
know if you recall where they belong! I'll do my best to
refind all the right niches.


I'm either not seeing it or it's not up. where are March and April grab bags of 2009? I am lookin for the posts Tenderfoot did for Strongbow and Moonshade - The Iron Burden parts Four and Five. (Five is for May 2009. I don't think Tenderfoot did one in April.)


Yeah, it was Eye for Eye in April. The others are located here:



The one in May was divided in two parts because I couldn't post everything in one single post. Just look at the lenght, then I think you'll understand. :roll: :oops:


thanks for that Tenderfoot. I got it now. :D


Will anyone be updating/adding the index of grab-bags as
we continue?


I have just added links to Tymber's table of contents post-- for March - July 2009. :D


Wow, awesome!


*pokes -->>> jeb*

Will you add the recent grab-bags, pretty please? Smile


Ask, and it shall be given unto you.


Thanks for the listing, jeb - it's a great help Happy


November 2011
a toaster
a Preserver
a decision
a failure
last minute

September 2011
Trapped either the feeling of being so or literally
Bleeding - physically, emptionally or metaphorically
Chameleon - either literally, the color-changing animal, or figuratively, the act of changing appearance in order to blend in
school ... education, learning, lesson(s)

August 2011
A hug
Making an ass of one's self

July 2011
Space [either a space or the planets/stars/etc in general]
Picky (can be the troll or being just that)
A roll in the furs
A smack upside the head

June 2011
A Cave or Dark/Enclosed Space
A Birth
A rabbit/ravvit

May 2011
shiny object
a bridge - a real built/formed structure made by humans/trolls/elves, or it can be an event or moment that connects two halves in someone's life
a promise
make or making
a mothers day

April 2011
The need of help
A stick
A change

March 2011
A Box
First Day of Spring

February 2011
A hunt may be after prey or treasure of any kind.
A new chance
Yay! (Or any kind of cheering.)
A fall
Desperation of some kind. Can be hilarious or serious.
the wolf instincts in an elf

January 2011
A family
good intentions

December 2010
Staying warm
A conversation
Elvin humor

Note: November Grab-bag was started by a member who deleted his account and no longer exists.
- A song
- Truth
- Joining
- Acceptance
- A Red Moon (Or Moons)

October 2010
-a wound
-a dance
-living dead
-whistling leaves

September 2010
-the road untraveled
-a reunion

August 2010
"don't be afraid"
an explanation
a new life
going on
a bright sun

July 2010
-a ride
-a revelation
-ice cream
-a headache

Note: June Grab-bag was started by a member who deleted his account and no longer exists.
-The End
-not enough
-a treasure
-a quest/search

May 2010
-something with spring (cleaning/happy/life waking up)
-an argument
-a threat

April 2010
-internal conflict
-"ya think?"
-someone caught red-handed
-things start to happen
-Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy (or just crazy)

March 2010
- A drunk named Lilac
- A bloodstained weapon (whether sword, dagger, horns, fangs, etc)
- changing one's mind completely
- A hug
- Victory

February 2010
New hope
A puzzle
Some sort of electricity
Venom/poison in the bloodstream
A secret revealed

January 2010
-real life scenario/event (eg. falling from stairs-dream-landmark)
-breaking free from one's parents
-a gift
-an accident
-secretly love
-a new creature (eg. never seen before animal-mutant)

December 2009
A surprise
A headache
Lots of food
Contact (between two people)
An amulet or talisman

November 2009
A reunion
A journey
The spirit of a dead person/animal/thing
A smile
A dream

October 2009
A great fire
Being restrained
First encounter with alcohol or dreamberries
A trick or a treat (you pick which!)
A mistake or misapprehension
Being bored

September 2009
*SPLAT!!* (whether it's someone jumping into water, a sudden downpour or whatever the imagination can come up with!)
A New Revelation (this can be about something they have, something they thought they knew, something they find, etc)
A First Word - whether it's the first word someone says in the story, or someone's first word in another language/tongue
Trying to Change Habits: The struggle to break a bad habit, or trying to start (and stick with) a good one.

August 2009
- Honor. (Whether someone's honor being at stake, or someone honored in some fashion)
- Lack of Time (not having enough time for something - a task, life, etc)
- A bond - could be between elves who are recognizied with eachother or something like that.
- Dwelling with the past
- A cold (you know...sniffles, headache, fever...whatever a cold might mean)
- Longing

July 2009
Jumping up and down
Maternal instinct
A scar, whether it's symbolic, physical or psychic. It can be an old wound, mental scar or a wounded soul.
The Scroll of Colors
Moons/Moonlight/Moon symbols

June 2009
Hands touching
Death of a pet/bond beast/animal
A surprise
A test of some kind
The sun, or a sun symbol or image
Water coming down, as in crying or raining

May 2009
Permission - as in permission to talk, open a door, etc.
Eyes Meet Eyes - I would think this could mean Recognition, but it could also mean a stare of challenge or something like that.
A Tragedy - could be dramatic or less dramatic, like Pike can't eat dreamberries or someone is badly hurt, etc.
A Coin
A Bug - I would think this would mean either an insect or a Preserver, but if you want to do a Futurequest-type story, it could also mean a microphone, right? :D
A Flame

April 2009
A joke, prank or trick
A decision
A change in someone's life
A treewee
Loafing around

March 2009
Bright-metal (steel)
A secret
Doing the impossible
A new life of some kind (new creature, new person, new pet, any kind of new living thing)

February 2009
A reflection (in a mirror, a pond or whatever)
Something hot
A star or something star-shaped, like a starfish.
Tainted blood-- this can be wolf blood or something similar, or it can be blood tainted by poison, venom or disease.

January 2009
Facing your greatest fear
A rebirth of some kind
A natural disaster
Prediction, foreboding, forewarning or any sense of something to come

December 2008
A gift given to show you care
a pine/evergreen tree
winter ("white-cold")
discovering something new

November 2008
Licking (an action)
Scaring the s***t out of someone
A fierce storm (hurricane, blizzard, maelstrom)
A weapon

October 2008
Celebration of the past (of some kind)
Truly seeing someone for the first time (such as through their actions)
An accidental kill
A child's birth

September 2008
A breath of fresh air
A torch
A body of water
A void (physical, emotional or spiritual)
Finding your center or where you belong

August 2008
A journey
Standing true to who you are
An argument or fight
Leadership/someone who rules over many
A shocking choice

July 2008
A healing
Breaking some kind of rule
Something to eat
A secret place

June 2008
Facing your fear
A sacred/spooky place
A cat of some kind
Preventing something bad from happening

May 2008
storm clouds
a really big rock
an unexpected ally
leather pants
a burp

March-April 2008
A belated gift
A pickle (or a cucumber-type vegetable, or such a vegetable "cured" in some way)

February 2008
Something or someone falling from a high place
A question of trust
First vague signs of spring
Baby booties (I know, the elves might not actually call them this Tongue )

January 2008
Betrayal from within the tribe
A birthday
Same-gender lovemates/lifemates
A circle
A sunrise

December 2007
Seeing a spirit or ghost
A warm moment within a family
Lots and lots of snow
A chief's failure
Something transparent, gauzy, translucent, or see-through
A child's toy or something a child plays with

November 2007
Coming of age (realized through some action, not just "growing up")
Feeling thankful and/or giving thanks
A turkey (on World of Two Moons, it's called a "wattleneck")
The color blue

October 2007
Magic gone afoul
A mother keeping vigil
Drizzly, dreary rain
Severe illness/injury with long recovery
A rock

September 2007
A sending (of any kind) that goes unanswered
Autumn's first frost
First brush of (romantic) love
An insect or insects
Something that does not go according to plan
Something worn on the head: a hat, headband, etc.

August 2007
Coping with death or loss
A fight between two people who are usually close
Making a mistake
Loving physical contact that isn't sexual
Something shiny

July 2007
Making/not wanting to make a decision
Lifemating/lovemating without Recognition
Summer heat
An elf performing an action or gesture usually attributed to humans
A struggle for personal independence

June 2007
something hidden
a misunderstanding (possibly caused by language differences)
a wedding
a scent (lingered upon and described)

May 2007
An eclipse
Remembering something/someone
Something mystical/mythical (besides the elves)
A relationship that changes/grows (for the better, I think, is implied)

April 2007
An egg
A rabbit or ravvit
A practical joke
A bowl of fruit
A dark or bad occurrence

March 2007
Rain (not a storm, but a steady rainfall)
Something new
Spring madness
A treewee
A tragedy

February 2007
a fox
a dagger
a romantic gift
a thunderstorm
a family member
a necklace