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A Breakdown of What's What


I've fielded a couple of questions about what they are missing from friends who have only had access to the Dutch language versions and I thought I'd go ahead and share the response with the scroll in case there are others who are rather confused. There are some minor spoilers as I explain which stories I'm talking about.

First off, what is actually in the Elfenwelt Carlsen printings. I can verify these as I own them, I believe the Arboris issues are the same and the German ones not much different. All of these are reasonably in order by timeline:
issues 1-21 are the Original Quest
issues 22-28 are Siege at Blue Mountain
issues 29-37 are Kings of the Broken Wheel
issue 38 is Hidden years 4
issue 39 is Hidden Years 8
issues 40-46 are Hidden Years 9.5-15
issues 47-51 each contain one issue of Shards 1-5 and one issue of Hidden Years 16-20
issue 52 is Shard 6-7
issue 53-61 each contain one issue of Shards 8-16 and one issue of Hidden Years 21-29
issues 62-65 compile the Dreamtime stories from EQ volume 2

The Arboris de verborgen jaren issues reprinted a bunch of other random individual stories, I finally have my own copies of these and can confirm exactly what is in them:
issue 1 is Hidden Years 5
issue 2 is Hidden Years 1
issue 3 is Hidden Years 2
issue 4 has Hidden Years 3
issue 5-6 have Hidden Years 6-7
issue 7 is Hidden Years 9
issue 8 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 2
issue 9 is New Blood 5
issue 10 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 3 and 4
issue 11 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 6 and 7
issue 12 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 8 and 9
issue 13 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 12 and 13
issue 14 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 14 and 15
issue 15 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 10 and 11
issue 16 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 5 and 18

The die verborgen jaren series are the German equivalent to these and I'm told include the following:
issue 1 has Hidden Years 1, 2, 4, and 8
issue 2 is Hidden Years 5, 3, 9 and 9.5
issue 3 is Hidden Years 6-7, New Blood 5, and a parody story from New Blood #1
issue 4 is Blood of Ten Chiefs 2, 10 and 11, and New Blood 9

The German Neue Aubenteuer in der Elfenwelt titles reprint Hidden Years and Shards, which issues depends on if your looking at the Sammelbande (the softcover graphic novel format) or the Sammeler issues (the standard comic style we Americans expect):

books 1-5 are Hidden Years 10-29
books 6-9 are Shards 1-16
Special 1 is Hidden years 4, 8 and 9.5
Special 2 is Hidden years 3, 5 and 6
issues 1-3 are Hidden Years 10-15
issue 4 is Shards 1 and Hidden Years 16
issue 5 is Shards 2 and Hidden Years 17
issue 6 is Shards 3 and Hidden Years 18
issue 7 is Shards 4 and Hidden Years 19
issue 8 is Shards 5 and Hidden Years 20
issue 9 is Shards 6 and Hidden Years 21
issue 10 is Shards 7 and Hidden Years 22
issue 11 is Shards 8 and 9
issue 12 is Shards 10 and Hidden Years 23
issue 13 is Shards 11 and Hidden Years 24
issue 14 is Shards 12 and Hidden Years 25
issue 15 is Shards 13 and Hidden Years 26
issue 16 is Shards 14 and Hidden Years 27
issue 17 is Shards 15 and Hidden Years 28
issue 18 is Hidden Years 29 and Shards 16

Ok now for the stuff that was only printed in English:

The old WaveDancers issues 1-6. No longer canon stories these have been written out of the official Elfquest timeline. They were beautiful art though and well worth reading.

New Blood: original issues were 1-35 and a Summer Special '93. It started out as random "What if" style stories not necessarily designed to be canon and then shifted at issue 11 and became the story of Dart, and others in the Forevergreen:
* New Blood '93 Summer Special was anthology with 8 short stories in it, some of them well worth reading and number of which are considered canon. It was never reprinted in full, but two stories out of it were reprinted in the Wolfrider Manga vol 1 and one of those in the Bedtime Stories hardcover.
* 1 had five short stories in it, The Price of a Soul is IMHO the best of these.
* 2 and 3 (continued from issues #1) had Suntop interacting with a human kid and a wizard and was set just after the reappearance of the Palace. The art was by Barry Blair
* 4 (also continued from issue #1) is a story about a Sun villager and
Moonshade. Issues 1-5 were reprinted in the color hardcover New Blood graphic.
* 6 had three short what if stories about Cutter and Skywise set before the first quest. It was never reprinted.
* 7 and 10 were reprinted, along with a handful of short stories from the summer specials, in the color hardcover called Bedtime Stories as these were goofy fun fairy tales designed for kids and supposedly told to Suntop and Ember when they were young
* 8 and 9 were reprinted in the Readers Collection Worldpool. 8 was just goofy parody stuff, but 9 was a really good story about Timmian interacting with Egg.
* 11-35 these told the story of Dart. 11-13 are well worth reading because they are the story of Dart in Sorrows End after the palace disappears and the War for the Little Palace which is mentioned in Carlsen issue 38. It makes that issue make a whole lot more sense. 14-35 are Dart and a handful of others off on a quest into the jungle to find a lone elf that has sent to Suntop from there. Art was done by Barry Blair, and of all of the big Elfquest story arcs these are least integral to the others and the most confusing art wise. I usually recommend that people reading Elfquest for the first time skip these and come back to them once they have a good grasp of who all the characters are. They start off pretty good, especially if you like Dart and the jackawolfriders, but by the last five issues keeping the characters straight becomes difficult. 11-19 were reprinted in Readers Collection 15 Forevergreen, 20-27 in 15a Dream's End and 28-35 in 15b Phoenix.

Blood of Ten Chiefs 1, 6, 14, and 16-20 are more stories of the wolfrider chiefs who came before Cutter:
* 1 told the story of Timmorn, son of Timmian, half wolf and half elf and how he dealt with what he was. An absolutely beutiful piece well worth reading in color. Reprinted in B&W in Readers Collection 9b Blood of Ten Chiefs
* 6 a winter story of Skyfire while Two-Spear is still chief
* 9 about Goodtree's relationship with Acorn and Lionleaper. Reprinted in Readers collection 9b.
* 12 Mantricker meets Demon tricker. Reprinted in Readers collection 9d, Chief's Howl.
* 14 a human girl falls for Mantricker. Never reprinted.
* 16 a story of Bearclaw from a human perspective. Never reprinted, I'm guessing here, but probably because while it was a good story, it made absolutely no sense timeline wise.
* 17 the story of Oakroot (later Chief Tanner) and Eldolil, the last pure elf blooded wolfrider. Never reprinted.
* 18 the story of Finder who could see visions of lost things. Reprinted in Readers Collection 9d.
* 19 a story of Cutter and Skywise's youth. Reprinted in Readers Collection 9d and in the Wolfrider Manga volume 2.
* 20 a cute story of the preservers in the forbidden grove before the wolfriders found them. Reprinted in Readers Collection 9d.

Two-Spear issues 1-6, the story of Two-Spear and his splitting of the tribe. Reprinted in Readers Collection 9c Kahvi.

Kahvi issues 1-6, tell the story of Kahvi after the War for the Little Palace. Reprinted in Readers Collection 9c Kahvi. These were also printed and colorized in a pair of German issues.

Jink issues 1-12 follows the white hair Jink who appears to be the lone elf left on Abode way far in the Future. Set when Abode's humans are a spacefaring society she interacts with the aliens the Neverending. Reprinted in readers Collections 14 Jink, and 14a Mindcoil.

The Rebels issue 1-12 follows a band of Rebels running from the Abodean government around the same time, or somewhat after Jink. Reprinted in Readers Collections 13, The Rebels and 13a Skyward Shadow

Elfquest Volume 2 anthology series. Each issue had 2-5 short stories presented in a format where some of them were one shot stand alones, but mostly they were done in serial fashion where each story continued in later issues:
* Wolfrider parts 1-11, stories of Bearclaw's reign, they end abruptly but are reprinted and completed in Readers Collection 9a Wolfrider and then again in the Wolfrider Manga volumes which add some additional material as well.
* Windkin, two short stand alone stories never reprinted follow Windkin after the New Blood storyline.
* The new WaveDancers had an individual issue called WaveDancers Special Turning Tide that continued in parts 1-11 which were printed in the EQ2 volumes. Timeline wise they are kinda confusing as they should happen before Discovery, but a couple hundred years after the Djun war. There isnt more than 3 years between Searcher and The Sword and Discovery though, so umm yeah, pretend there is some mystical timewarp or something. All of them and the special were reprinted in Readers Collection 16 WaveDancers. The story itself was never finished though and the end is left hanging even with the additional parts that were put up on Digital EQ. However, we do know at least some of it resolves given that Discovery is set after it.
* The Wild Hunt, one of these is set just after Ember's tribe reestablishes itself in Howling Rock, another about 8 years later. Labeled as Betwixt Tales, those two were not reprinted anywhere. Parts 1-23 are are set about another 4 years later and follow the tribe battling Winnowill's leftover creations. These were reprinted in Readers collections 11b Wild Hunt and 11c Shadowstalker. Parts 24-25 are the story of Mender interacting with humans that appear to have an Asian basis. They were never reprinted and the story cut off before it was finished however the final segments are up on Digital EQ.
* Fire-Eye parts 1-20 follow the story of Jethel and Chot about 40 years after New Blood Forevergreen storyline. It was never reprinted.
* Rogue's Curse follows the story of Rayak wandering Abode with Winnowil in his head. Parts 1-17 were reprinted in Readers Collection 9 Rogue's Curse. Parts 18 and 19 were never reprinted.
* Proof Positive part 1-2 is a kinda Indiana Jones story. It happens after the elves leave Abode but before Jink and the Rebels time. It was reprinted in the Reader's Collection Worldpool.
* Future Quest 1-10 continued the stories of Jink and the Rebels and were never reprinted.
* There are a handful of other what if stories that were not reprinted

Recognition Summer Special 2001 #2, this is a story of Ember's tribe that happens after all the Wild Hunt stuff, and was never finished. It very much leaves you in suspense. Though there are a couple more issues that were never printed up on digital EQ it still ends in a cliffhanger.

In All But Blood, this is actually Readers Collection 8b, but it contains an entire story that appeared nowhere else. Full Circle is the story of Suntop right after the palace reappears, even before Dreamtime. A very worthwhile read it also contains Troll Games and Soul names a story of Cutter and Skywise's youth that was only reprinted in the Wolfrider Manga vol 2, a B&W reprint of Hearts Way, and a reprint of Wolfshadow Summer Special 2001 #1, which is a story about Cutter and Skywise right after the castle reappears.

After that we have the more recent ElfQuest series. Searcher and the Sword, which is the only ElfQuest graphic novel to ever come only in graphic novel form. It's is a story about Cutter's tribe mostly told from the perspective of Shuna. Then there is Discovery, a 4 issue mini-series about the Wolfriders meeting the Wavedancers which brings us all the way up to date.

I do hope that was helpful to people. It's a lot to keep track of and of course, please correct me if I'm wrong on anything. Try as I might I do tend to end up missing something whenever I do something like this.


This is fantastic, Skya. Thank you for the very, very useful information! :D

I'm going to move this to "All the Many Colors" and make it a "sticky" topic.


Based in part on these far, far more comprehensive resources...
Scott's EQ Timeline: http://home.neo.rr.com/blaser/eqbody.htm
EQ Wiki: http://www.ankewehner.de/elfquest/wiki/index.php
Shara's Guide to All ElfQuest Publications: http://eqpubguide.miravisu.net/
...here's my personal-use timeline, an index of every story plus the publications wherein they appeared (as far as they concern me - sorry):
[edit: page is out for lunch]


Thanks, Nowth! That's very helpful too-- and I, for one, can use all the help I can get! Wink


Oooo, yeah. I think I actually used some of Nowth's as a basis for mine. I find it easier to read a more tabular format though, and I added in a few of the time reference points from the [url=http://www.elfquest.com/pubs/EQTimeline.html]ElfQuest timeline[/url] on the main EQ site.


Thanks Nowth! I used Scott's timeline for a basis but it hasn't been updated in years so I used yours to fill in the newer stuff like In All But Blood, SatS and Discovery.

I made my own timeline to help out any friends and family who'd like to follow the story. I told them not to use Scott's as a reading guide since the best place to start is the Original Quest, even though that's what's recommended on the Digital EQ page.

Basically, I said start with the OQ and read the core stories up until Futurequest. I told them to skip some of the non-core stories, that they can be read at certain times. For example, Blood of Ten Chiefs can be read any time after the OQ.

How do some of you recommend reading EQ?

Either Scott needs to update the timeline, or maybe we can use Nowth's.


My usual recommendation is start with the Original Quest, read Siege, then Kings. From there it's a choice, go backwards or go forwards, any time you want a change of pace you can always go backwards and read Blood of Ten Chiefs, Two Spear and Wolfrider, possibly Kahvi, maybe some of issues 1-10 of New Blood. If you go forward then read Dreamtime and follow Hidden Years till where it splits off into Shards. After Shards, go back and read the rest of Hidden Years. After that it's pretty much up to the reader to decide which stories they want to follow next. You can keep with the main timeline and read In All But Blood and Searcher and the Sword, WaveDancers, and then Discovery or follow Rayak in Rogue's Curse, and Ember's tribe in Wild Hunt from the stories in the ElfQuest Volume two issues. Move Forward and then read Jink and the Rebels, and then I'd consider going back and reading NewBlood 11-35 and following that forward through the FireEye and Windkin stories in EQ2. Once that was all read I'd go back and see what you missed. The rest of the EQ2 stories and a handful of individual stories should be all that was missed doing it that way though.


Skya, where in Chicago are you? I'm in Lockport, near Joliet.


My mother grew up in Lockport. I'm up in Arlington heights these days.


Added more information about German issues as well as updating the section of things only printed in English with the stories that were only put up on Digital EQ.


Thanks for providing all this information. :D Great job!


Way late on the uptake, but I finally reformated this to actually be readable in the new forums.


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Yeah, I think it unstickied when I fixed the formatting. I'm looking forward to being able to add Final Quest to this list.


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Hmm... thinking about doing a list for the Danish publications...

Okay, I'm gonna include the Danish titles (with a direct translation)
Here goes:

Issue 1-20 is the OQ:

1: Ulverytterne ("The Wolfriders")
2: Sorgs Ende (Sorrow's End")
3: Rivalerne ("The Rivals")
4: Ulvesangen ("The Wolfsong")
5: Den sidste prøve ("The Last Test")
6: Jagten på det nye land ("The Hunt for the New Land")
7: Drømmebør-historier ("Dreamberry-stories")
8: Tegnmagerskens hænder ("The Symbolmaker's Hands")
9: Ledestenen ("The Loadstone")
10: Den forbudte skov ("The Forbidden Forest")
11: Fugleåndernes rede ("The Birdspirits' Nest")
12: Det svære valg ("The Difficult Choice")
13: Ulverytternes hemmelighed ("The Wolfrider's Secret")
14: Faldet ("The Fall")
15: Bortførelsen ("The Abduction")
16: De hjemvendte ("The Go-Backs")
17: Den første krig ("The First War")
18: Skatten ("The Treasure")
19: Tveægs rænker ("Two-Edge's Wiles")
20: Paladset ("The Palace")

Issue 21-28 is SaBM

21: Belejringen ("The Siege")
22: Fangerne i Det Blå Bjerg ("The Captives in Blue Mountain")
23: Vindpusts list ("Winnowill's Trick")
24: Kahvis løgn ("Kahvi's Lie")
25: Krigstrommer ("War Drums")
26: Den sorte slanges rede ("The Black Snake's Nest")
27: Det store æg ("The Great Egg")
28: Forsoningen ("The Reconciliation")


(Realised I wasn't done with this, though I was sure I'd done KoBW...)

Issue 29-37 is KoBW

29: Kredsen brydes ("The Circle is Broken")
30: Rayeks vanvid ("Rayek's Madness")
31: Timmain vender tilbage ("Timmain Returns")
32: Flugten fra paladset ("The Escape from the Palace")
33: Den ukendte skov ("The Unknown Forest")
34: Tidshjulet ("The Timewheel")
35: I tidens vold ("In the Clutches of Time")
36: Strandet under stjernerne ("Stranded Beneath the Stars")
37: Kredsen sluttes ("The Circle is Completed")

Issue 38 and 39 are stand-alone stories:

38=HY#4: Gensyn med Sorgs Ende ("Reunion with Sorrow's End")
39=HY#8: Rayeks først jagt ("Rayek's First Hunt")

Issue 40-46 is HY 9.5-15

40: Hanekamp ("Rooster Fight")
41: Skår ("Shards")
42: Nye tider ("New Times")
43: Genkendelsen ("The Recognition")
44: Pagten ("The Pact")
45: Splid ("Discord")
46: Fanget i natten ("Caught in the Night")


Issue 47-61 is Shards + HY 16-29, however, issue 52 is Shards 6+7

47: Høvdingeblod + De første skridt ("Chief Blood + The First Steps")
48: Træ + Høvdingehalen ("Wood + The Chief's Lock")
49: Sten + Sælsommme syner ("Stone + Strange Hallucinations")
50: Kød + Musejagt ("Flesh + Mousehunt")
51: Hånd + Stirredysten ("Hand + The Starring Contest")
52: Hoved + Hjerte ("Head + Heart")
53: Vendepunkt + Den nye elver ("Turnabout + The New Elf")
54: Tveægs Plan + Høvdingevåbnet ("Two-Edge's Plan + The Chief's Weapon")
55: Afsløringen + Alfa og Omega ("The Revelation + Alpha and Omega")
56: Det højeste tårn + I ildens skær ("The Highest Tower + In the Fire's Light")
57: Nøglen + Før stormen ("The Key + Before the Storm")
58: Under jorden + Spørgsmål uden svar ("Under the Ground + Questions without Answers")
59: Genforening + Rindende tårer ("Reunion + Flowing Tears")
60: Paladsets genopstandelse + Den sorte slanges smitte ("The Palace's Resurrection + The Black Snake's Infection")
61: Høvdingen's skæbne ("The Chief's Fate")

Last, but not least, outside the regular storyline:

"Drømmenes tid" is "Dreamtime"


Thank you for the helpful additions RedheadEmber!