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Embala's ElfQuest Collages


I was a much too silent visitor of the Scrolls for months - too shy for posting comments, not to mention of thinking about my own art thread. I have to thank ElfTanner, who sort of wakend me, for her patience in improving my not existing tecnical skills of posting issues.

Finally posting my first piece I was quite astonished to hear from Joselle that making collages is an art form - and ... that she liked it! Her's and Allura's encouraging comments made me go on, as well as Willowspring's friendly support.

My first thread vanished in the hacker attack. Having lost the nice, encouraging and stimulating comments of all my visitors is the only thing I really regret ... everything else can be rebuilt. It will take a few days to bring it back. I decided not to post all in a rush but to use this to rearrange and post in little groups.

A fast finger practice - just wanted to have these two together in their ceremonial gowns:

The Power of the Circle

Before I run the risk of loosing track of my theads I'll better list them here

Avatars and Banners - feel free to chose (well, there's hardly use for it anymore)

Waiting for Christmas - an Advent calender I hope to revive every year

Easter EggQuest - a little yearly fun for Easter ... hopefully

EQ's Little House of Horror - Halloween ideas which will be renewed too ... at times

If I remember right I accepted requests :D

1. for Kindredsoul: an "anything" about Cutter - done -

2. for Kindredsoul: a Cutter-Rayek-relationship developement

3. for Icemoon: an "anything" about Clearbrook - done -

4. for Icemoon: ... something about Moonshade ...

5. for Stargazer: a Skywise one (loosing wolfblood /becoming Master of the Palace)

... I don't promise to be fast ...


It is an art form! Eeet issss!

Technically, this is really well done. I had to read the explanation because I didn't recognize at first that the pic [b:1b1a2f8fff]wasn't[/b:1b1a2f8fff] just a crop from the FTP edition. So, good job you.


[color=green:311fd72c3a]WELCOME BACK!! :D[/color:311fd72c3a]


Very nice piece!


Thanks for the welcome, Kitt.

I'll believe, Joselle. I dooo! Laugh Thank you for encouraging again. I did my best to make it fit so it makes me happy to hear it works.

The Blood of Chiefs

Timmain - Mother of All

click to see full sized

Timmorn - First and Only

Rahnee - Blood of One Chief

Preypacer - Blood of Two Chiefs

Two-Spear - Blood of Three Chiefs

Skyfire - Blood of Four Chiefs

Freefoot - Blood of Five Chiefs

Tanner - Blood of Six Chiefs

Goodtree - Blood of Seven Chiefs

Mantricker - Blood of Eight Chiefs

Bearclaw - Blood of Nine Chiefs

Cutter - Blood of Ten Chiefs

click to see full sized

Ember - Blood of Eleven Chiefs


Your visit and comment is appreciated, Stargazer :D

I remember there was a very encouraging comment from your side, too, Jeb. Another one eaten by this d... hackers Unhappy

Hope you'll enjoy the following - mostly reposting and one new piece. I started to experience with my programm a year ago. While trying to develope more complex collages, sort of a series round Bearclaw's death resulted. Some came out well and different enough to show. The collages weren't done in this order, but it makes sense to post them this way.

Just got a wonderful present from Redhead Ember Wink - she was inspired to an awesome series of poems fitting to my pieces. Thanks a lot! Wink
look here to visit!

Madcoil's Shadow

click to see full seized

Bearclaw's Farewell
Love the similarity in the way each of them said farewell ...

click to see full seized

I'm believing that Bearclaw was not only seeking revenge when he faced Madcoil, but death as well. This one is the final developement of this mini series.

click to see full seized

Cutter's Heritage

click to see full seized

End it Together - NEW

click to see full seized


I do like your collages Embala - they're all so well done! The Bearclaw series is great.


Ahh, so you saw my post! Seems like so many of my posts didn't survive the hack.

Basically the gist was - love your work and appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. I'm glad that you overcame your reluctance and decided to post your art for us all to share! :D


It's all my joy to share with you. I'm very happy some of you nice people here pushed me forward - and still do.

After so much drama something different and funny might be nice Smile

Nightsea always tries to introduce newbies to the dolling fun. This Ember base she offered was just too tempting ...

click to see full sized

For me it was only another kind of collage - the costume is borrowed from a Hidden Years title. Dressing a doll this way was a one time fun only ... so I looked for something more ...

This base was meant as a Shenshen - but I preferred to make a slightly deranged Ember Wink

... and then I found my extra fun Grin

click to see full sized

Last not least a very young and unexperienced Strongbow Evilgrin

All bases were prepared and provided by Nightsea at her Dollz thread - eaten by the attack now Errr


Glad to see your collages again. The way you interplay the different elements together, makes me think you would be good at story boarding.


embala !!!!!!!!!!

it is really super-cool to see you and your awesomes collages back !!!


Happy to see you revisiting, blackash and Icemoon! It's all my pleasure to share my collages and collect such wonderful comments. Happy

I don't quite understand what story-boarder means exactly. Guess it's a job longing for creativity - I'm honored. Tho I must confess - I intentionally decided against a creative job - was afraid a "must" of creativity would kill my fun and love for it. I'm a banker - and happy with it.

Now that the grab-bags have returned it's time to repost some of my contributions.

August 2008 Readhead Ember posted a cryptic poem - not revealing who was meant with it. Now - I was absolutely sure that only Rayek could be meant - and before realizing I've made a collage to show my point of view. Here is

Bright Moons Above - poem by Redhead Ember

click to see full sized

Nightsea contributed a poem as well - and I was eager to do something for her, too.

Waiting Souls - poem by Nightsea

click to see full sized

in case you want a closer look on the pictures - without text

click to see full sized


September grab-bag brought another poem by Redhead - and my illustration for it has grown almost by itself

To my beloved - poem by Redhead Ember

click to see full sized

without the text for a better look on the details

click to see full sized

and a variation in bright colors instead of "shaded memories"

click to see full sized


Guess you know what follows - October grab-bag brought a new poem by Redhead - and this time nothing grew Unhappy Sure, there were pictures evoked by the poem but they didn't join themselves together as I was used to.

This collage is the first one I had to construct - taking a piece of paper, making a sketch (sorry, artists, it doesn't deserve this name), planning the position for the different bits and pieces. When the collage was finished it contains all the elements as they were planned - but it felt somehow ... dissatisfying - artificial. I still saw the single pictures instead of the whole.

It took me a third and forth and fifth and ...th look the following days to realize how perfect the circle was - well succeeded!

The Circle - poem by Redhead Ember

click to see full sized


November grab-bag was really mean - Redhead's contribution introduced us to elven Halloween OMG!! ! Not only that it's impossible to find a "trick or treat" situation in the comics - I don't really like these maskerade events. So I declared to quit ...
Hahahahahaha - this time the poem obsessed me ... masks haunted me ... pictures from EQ started to follow me - and about two weeks later I gave up, being ready for this special challenge.

The environment framing the scene was ready before my eyes. Choosing masks for the elf children was lots of fun Good_bad
Some were obvious and easy
- Dart - the Native American, Newstar - the Fairy, Wing - the Angel, Trinket as Princess Goldylocks
Some cost a little planning
- how to make a Sun-top? what would Ember be? Ahh- Chief-to-be! ... finally borrowed a chief's lock from a poor foxy
Some were a problem
- what to do with Mender? ... ??? ... !!! eventually revealing the true reason for Trinket's crush on him! Tongue
Some were forgotten Unhappy
- really almost forgot Windkin - at least his mask was self-evident!

Up to now it was sheer fun - what followed was an awful work of searching, editing and pasting of masks and bodies - til I was rewarded by a well fitting Halloween picture Yay
Hahahahahaha - as far as Halloween will ever be fitting for elves Razz

Forgive me this endless preamble - guess I need some extra fun while reposting

Halloween - poem by Redhead Ember

click to see full sized

and if you wish a to take a closer look on details


All awesome stuff Embala! I'm glad to see it back!


I don't quite understand what story-boarder means exactly. :oops: Guess it's a job longing for creativity - I'm honored. Tho I must confess - I intentionally decided against a creative job - was afraid a "must" of creativity would kill my fun and love for it. I'm a banker - and happy with it. [/quote:95f430296c]

It a process of putting a series of ideas (usually drawings) into order to tell a story, that is then later filmed or animated.

Well I glad that your life is following a path that you are enjoying. For life is about the journey, not reaching the end.

[size=6:95f430296c]Edit to fix quote[/size:95f430296c]


Thanks, blackash Smile

Shaman! Surprised ..... I wasn't aware you saw it before ! Happy

The grab-bag illustrations were mostly drama ... so back to the funny ones:

My Halloween mood was enough to create another collage - using Jeedai's Preserver dollz (mostly eaten by the hacker attack). Here's a newer example of his skills. You can imagine his originals were much prettier - even Petalwing is forced to wear an Alien mask by me!

Now ... the Forbidden Grove is frightening enough in plain daylight but beware of this

Scary Night!

click to see full sized

When elfeneyes dolled her much too pretty Oddbit this idea was a must-do Laugh

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

And - following the year's celebrations ... Pike's very private New Year fireworks

click to see full sized

Many thanks to Tynami for the sprites!

btw: You can visit the Sprites and the other original dollz at Tynami's Elven Holt


Back to the grab-bags. I started to love this monthly challenge - tho my contributions are a little belated sometimes - or more than one inspiration is eating my free time. December grab-bag was such a fertile one ...

First there was the collage for Redhead's story - don't break a tradition Wink Without the story it's still a lovely view on our resident human lovers

A Winter's Gift

click to see full sized

A song within jeb's story was a must do for an illustration - I wouldn't miss the rare chance to do something with Silverseed, the Mother Moon

Song about Mother Moon and Child Moon

click to see full sized

Have you noticed that even the middle part is redone? It's not Cutter holding the twins in original - guess whose protective hands remained?


I know this one! They're Strongbow's hands!


You are right, Stargazer! Smile

There's still so much to repost ...

One to please Kindredsoul - not really made as a request but posted to fulfill her plea for "anything" about Cutter Smile

(havn't forgotten about your request, Kindred - it just refuses to grow so far)

Colored Moods of Cutter

click to see full sized

and a bigger version of a banner fitting this theme

click to see full sized

Another to please young lady Icemoon - fast fulfilling her request for "anything" about Clearbrook Happy

Colored Moods of Clearbrook

click to see full sized

with a bigger version of her banner

click to see full sized

And last not least something NEW ... Will he find someone who loves him, too?

Colored Moods of Two-Edge

click to see full sized

complete with bigger banner version

click to see full sized


Those are great! :D


Very nice! :D


yeeeeesss !!!

clearbrook !! I'm so happy to see this sad one !! (I know, it's strange)

and the new of two edge is just impressive and awesome !! good job, embala ! Surprised :D


Glad you enjoy, Redhead and Stargazer Smile Just to please you, Icemoon!

Welcome, Tymber, and many thanks.

Mournsongs Teddy-Teir reminds me of reposting a funny collage - and some more.

Too cute

Thanks to elfeneyes for the Teir doll Happy

Mender is Mine Wink

With many thanks to Nightsea for the dollz of Leetah and Mender Happy

Shame on you! Tongue

Voll should have dealt much more seriously with Winnowill, shouldn't he?

click to see full sized

And again it's Nightsea to thank for the dollz Happy

Visit more of elfeneyes' and Nightsea's art in the Dollz thread !


Oooh! I love the Ember and Trinket one!


Those are wonderful! :D


oh i love those! those are great


wow those are down rite beautifull and funny!!!This is some amazing work, I remember you posting one of those in my joyleaf thred some time ago...but no realy those are amazing and so well done!!!!Please do keep it up!!!!!!! Surprised Surprised


I nearly choked on my own laughter at the preserver one!!!! Grin Grin Grin


It's a beautiful present chopliker gave to ember !!! Wink

poor winnie in "shame on you" !!!
she is alone ... sniif


So many comments! Yay

Glad you like them, Mournsong. I loved the idea of the two girls playing with barbies - and the cause of quarreling was obvious Grin

Thanks for constantly coming around, Redhead Happy

Hug Willowspring - You were one of my first supporters, too.

Thank you so much, joyleaf *blushes* Be sure I will go on ... being more or less busy.
btw: Whom I've to ask where I can find - and whether I'll be allowed to use! - this colored version of the Recognition you show in your banner?

Kindredsoul, I'm so happy you enjoy more than only Cutter Wink Regarding this special request - feel free to suggest pictures you'd like being included. I don't promise to use (all of) them but it may spark my imagination.

Happy you've fun visiting my thread, Kitt, hope you'll survive the next one, too Laugh

Just couldn't resist the cuteness of it, Icemoon. Smile You must have a big heart, feeling for Winnie. Now I'm feeling guilty Unhappy ... not really!

Two quickies which never made it in one of my larger collages - I love how they came out, though!




[quote:2c65ee6c04="Embala"]Thanks for constantly coming around, [b:2c65ee6c04]Redhead[/b:2c65ee6c04][/quote:2c65ee6c04]

Yup! I'm gonna pop my head in every one and then! :D


your lasts collage are simply and sweet ... and beautiful ...
inthree word, i love it !!!!


Your collages are great,the one with ember and trinket is cute.


*jaw drops*

Together.... is... omg beautiful

*hugs you tightly*


Together is so moving! I love it! :heart:


Seconds Kitt's sentiment. It really strikes a deep chord.


Kiss Thanks all of you for the lovely comments on my "little ones".

Tho - I have to ask :? ... is it really Together (=the hands) you are praising? I like it for sure but if this one causes such emotions I'm VERY surprised - one more time!



with a bigger version of her banner

The third pic on the left, where is it from!?
I can't remember


SaBM/SoTE issue number 7 I think maybe issue 8 I don't fully recall rightly.... one sec

EDIT: Issue number 8 bottom of page 5 :)


Ah yes, thankies!


Realized that NightAngel's question is already answerd by Xiu. Thanks Happy

Time for one of my first ones to return. Not at all the first being posted - but created very early when I learned how to handle my little programm. There are pretty much pictures blended together in one row. You must take a closer look if you want to identify the single ones.

Healer's Hands

click to see full sized


Oh but the why of it makes all the different in the person doing the deed.


I'm tempted to agree, blackash, but - even if someone thinks there is a good reason or has the best intensions - the result CAN be as wrong and bad. It highly depends on how "wise" the decision is.
And even then - how highly understandable and forgivable it will be from an outsider's point of view ... it will often make no difference for one who has to suffer from.

That's my very general opinion to your comment ... and not related to the events shown in the collage. There I'd rather go with you.

Anyway - it's an Elfquest quote going well with the pictures ... or other way round :)


Wow... thats awesome Embala!!!!


[color=green:ce7d0007c9]I remember this one! Exquisite! :)[/color:ce7d0007c9]


totally powerfull !!!!

the two contrary:

the dark skin vs the very pale skin
the gentle one vs the evil one
the small one vs the tall one
the healing vs anti-healing


leetah vs winnowill


Icemoon, that was a perfect way to describe it!

And Embala, that is a perfect picture!

Do I need to say anything more? Wink


Thank you all! Happy *big hug* Your appreciation means alot.

Siwan kept me busy with her requests for some special avatars and banners. These are some (slightly bigger) results plus ideas I realized around this theme. Maybe Icemoon will be pleased - alot about Moonshade.

Not the usual collages - Tymber called it "art manipulation" - guess it fits well for it.

Strong Family - simply put them closer together for avatars


Sister's Visit (maybe a bit too huge? - heck ... want to see Crescent!)

Two Moons - Have you ever tried to find a sitting Strongbow? It's a pain!

click to see full sized

Many thanks to Foxeye for the permission to use her colorings and original art of Crescent!

Last not least a more traditional collage

Precious Cub

click to see full sized

and a small version to go well with "Farewell" and "Together" - Precious Cub

Guess there will be some more with this couple Smile


That woudl be beautiful avie!


Love moonshade with babs. Having crescent as a spirt works well. :D


I was so satisfied how "Two Moons" came out, Kindred Happy ... hm ... wonder whether this would work with Cutter seeing his parents ... or Clearbook ... - but Moonshade and Crescent were the natural choice!

Changing the family pics and adding Crescent was great fun, blackash. I was surprised how well Crescent goes with the new style of Moonshade - the linework as well as Foxeye's coloring.

Most of them ARE avies, Willowspring Wink ... tho mostly reserved by Siwan.


yay !!
moooooooonshaaaaaaaaaade !!


I knew you would enjoy :D


... and you knew well !!!!!!!!!!!!


There are still some pictures to repost - this started over one year ago with a simple combination. These two pics show strong similarities yet absolute contrasts - and went well together ... sort of a sketch

click to see full sized

Month later I was inspired to do a "extension" - looking more rounded and interesting for me

Brave Child

click to see full sized

and last not least the middle part of a banner following this theme

click to see full sized


[color=red:d64094907a]Cool! 8) [/color:d64094907a]


Oh that is beautiful! i love it very much! you have such awesome skills with these embala!!!


it's always magnificient and awesoooooooooooooooooome !!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much. Wouldn't be the same without your kind visits and friendly comments Happy

Guess I must have "an eye" for these tho you wouldn't believe how often the collage seems to grow sort of unintentionally, in a playful kind. In this case I couldn't say what was first ... the harmonic, visual appealing picture or the idea of showing the

Twin's Heritage

... it suddenly exists - and I like Wink


embala, I'm in an absolutly totale ADMIRATION !!
that's soooooooo ...perfect !!!

you have so much talent for collages ! they looks so real !!
they can tell us a story ...


i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Embala! you do such great work!!! *hugs tightly*


You are too nice Kiss2

Time for a last reposting. The first one is rather old, too - from my "experimenting" time - just a nice "sketch"

click to see full sized

and this one resulted when I went back to the idea - much more rounded and impressive, I'd say

Four Angry Gods

click to see full sized


:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

[color=red:1f93618df8]All your collages are being re-posted![/color:1f93618df8]


I love this one !!!!!!!!!



news collages, ancient collage ... what you want, but , please, MORE !



*huggles Embala mucho much*

I cant wait to see more!!!


Wow, simply fantastic. A creative genuis is diffenitly hard at work. :D


Omg Embala, i think i just fell in love with your work!!!!!!!!!! i really truly love it! it's ....:o you'll make more right?


2passions, having won a new fan makes me both happy and bashful *blushes*

G0lden, believing only half of your praise would make me boastful Wink

Willowspring and Icemoon - you are just too enthusiastic Happy

Of course there will be more. Tho I must admit that I'm neither a hard nor a very steady worker. For this time only something small. I call them my cards - not really cards but simple combinations with standard size and layout. If you like there will be more ... if not ... too Tongue It's too much fun to play with moods, environment and colors!

Winnowill - Dark Sorceress and her perfect match Strongbow - Dark Sorcerer

Strongbow - God of Thunder


I like "Strongbow- God of Thunder".
Simply because Strongbow makes me laugh for reasons I can no longer remember! Grin


just ... just amazingly powerfully splendidly magnificiently AWESOOOOME !!!!


[color=green:931658e79f]I like the Twin's Heritage! :D *whispers* But, they need Suntoucher and Toorah in there... :P[/color:931658e79f]


Thanks for visiting, Gloomberry. Beware of Strongbow's wraith ... would like to see you here again Tongue

Want more of the quickies, Icemoon? Happy

Shh Kitt ... there's Savah in ... she's probably xxxgrandmother of all Sunfolk. And ... no ghost/spirit pictures of those two so far. We couldn't put the grandparents to death for collages' sake, could we? Very happy to see you again!

Cutter is runner-up of the AngryGodContest Unhappy He tried so hard ...

... but he is more the fiery typ

Hot Rage and God of Fire


news !!!!!!

love, love, love ALLL OF THEM !!!
you chose the pictures perfectly !

amazing job, as always ....

yeah, MOOOOOORE !!


[quote:dcf17b885b="Embala"] [img:dcf17b885b]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e364/Etumla/Card_Cutter-Thunder.jpg[/img:dcf17b885b]

... but he is more the fiery typ


I don't know, I think this one is really good. Plus, with his blue eyes, white hair and black clothes I can easily see him as a god of lightening or ice. (But then I'm so biased, I could see him as a god of [i:dcf17b885b]anything[/i:dcf17b885b].)

I think Rayek would be great as a god of fire. Not only for his eyes, but his beginnings in the desert.



I don't know, I think this one is really good. Plus, with his blue eyes, white hair and black clothes I can easily see him as a god of lightening or ice. (But then I'm so biased, I could see him as a god of anything.)

I think Rayek would be great as a god of fire. Not only for his eyes, but his beginnings in the desert.

The "problem" with Cutter is ... he can really fit almost everywhere!

Cutter - God of Lightning ... here he is Wink - and his serious rival ... Skywise - Flash Hurler

I love how his hair imitates the sun and how his headpiece seems to bear lightnings!

Rayek - God of Fire would be great? Sure! - It's only ... I see Rayek - Child of Stone


wow.... Surprised


yay !
goooooooood !
oh, and to continue in the gods of fire, why not a goddess ?
Ember !
when she was ssssssoooooooooooooo irritating when she returned in the sunvillage, in the HiddenYears ... :D


Awesome gods, Embala. I especially love your lightning rivals.

And Rayek is just way cool. :D And I love how you framed each piece.


I got a little hooked on this "Cards". It's a possibility to make a series without endless reserching for pictures. And right now my leisure time is a bit limited. The frames add to the "feeling" of this series ... glad you like them, bukittyan Happy

Hard to say NO to Icemoon ... especially when the idea is really good Wink

Flaming Ember - and another God of Fire ... Bearclaw - Burning Anger

... maybe you like to visit my Avatar and Banner thread for more about the Fire Heads.

Because I believe to know what you like, Icemoon ...

Wandering Moonshade - and more about the angry chief Bearclaw - Angry Woodspirit

I love what happened to Bearclaw's ears *grin*


that is awesome!!!!


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!
ember will go to destroy everything !!!!!!

and moonshade .... :love: you know what I think !
she's so sweet here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes !! poor ears !!!>.<


Those are caal! 8) 8) (and... yes... cool... with a... :P coz I can!)

[Deleted User]




I just had to pop these two up again...it is said, that a true artist knows what to take off.

These two are perfect examples of that in their many-layered simplicity.
Wonderful work, Embala.


Can I add you Moonshade suff to my Moonshade site? Please.


Willowspring and Icemoon - your enthusiasm is spurring. Willow, who's your favorite elf? (cannot remember)

You are always welcome here, Redhead Ember - no matter whether it's cool or caal Wink

Thank you, Moonmoss, that's a big praise - too big maybe *blushes* I know so few about how to do my "art" - following feelings mostly. These two were among my first tries ever ... loved them from the beginning and "revived" them for showing here. But I know that I'm happy you like them so much ... and proud of your compliment Happy

ElfTanner, of course you can take my Moonshade stuff for your site - this one and any which might follow. It's my pleasure Happy If possible it would be nice to link to my thread.

btw: I've "rearranged" some original pictures of Moonshade's family a bit earlier in this thread.


u do this with photoshop or something?
if u r interrested , i may give u some tips for this program, although your artworks are very nice yet...


Ember and tier are my top fav.
Nightfalls a close second :D


Thanks for your nice comment and the offer, Nerd. :D I'd love to learn more about your graphics - being afraid that there are some valid obstacles, tho ...

First: I'm sort of a "computer-tecnical idiot" - hating experimenting and learning slow as far as PC and software are concerned.

Second: My programm is called "ArcSoft PhotoStudio". It came with my new computer about two years ago - easy enough for me to learn by doing - at least the basics. When I believe the guy who sold me the PC it is much simpler than Photoshop (he said something like I would impossibly manage Photoshop Nuh_uh ).

Third: Ah ... this would be positive - we could pm in our mother tongue Happy

If you are still ready to explain how are you doing those graphics in general I'd be happy to learn about it. When you'll pm me - please use German. In case you decide to do a tutorial in one of your many threads I'll try to deal with English. Wink

Some variations of Skywise - not quite sure about them, but too well succeeded to throw them away

Skywise - Tangle Woods (he's looking captured somehow) and Skywise - Burned Soil

Skywise - On Fire ... guess it's rather good ... and Teir - Howling Wolffather

... for Willowspring Happy It's the only combination I could imagine - any suggestions?


waaaaaaaaaawose are aaaaaaamazing, as always !
skywise ...angry by the human's do...

absolutly fantastic !

teir looks nostalgic ... melancolic ...
maybe you could do a "god of dreams" ? Wink


I really like the fire one, especially the way the flames mirror the angle of his head. The others too are good, but his rage seems a little too much for the backgrounds.

Maybe the castle falling right from the beginning would be a good background for him?



ElfTanner, of course you can take my Moonshade stuff for your site - this one and any which might follow. It's my pleasure :D If possible it would be nice to link to my thread.
btw: I've "rearranged" some original pictures of Moonshade's family a bit earlier this thread.

Oh thank you. And yes I saw the other thing too. I look forward to adding them to my site.


Skywise on fire really works well Happy - and you are totally right about the Darkwood and Deadwood backgrounds, jeb! Nice - but not the "true" thing. Now I'm curious what you think about my final decision for Deadwood ...

but first Kahvi - Like an Avalanche ... and ... Leetah - Hurrican Temper

Was rather astonishing to notice that her wrath wasn't hot like the desert but icy cold! Surprised

The last ones are my personal favorites - not angry but sad ... touching

One-Eye - Mourning Spirit ... and his mate ... Clearbrook - Sorrow's Solitude


Very nice! I love Khavi; she looks perfect. And One-eye is just... beautiful. I think he'd cry if he saw his beloved forest like that.


[color=red:80387476be]Those are... [b:80387476be][i:80387476be][u:80387476be]COOL[/u:80387476be][/i:80387476be][/b:80387476be] 8) [/color:80387476be]


Clearbrook at the frozen mountains is just perfect.
The way her hair and the ice blend Surprised


Wow! Those are all great! Especially Kahvi (but she's one of my favorite characters anyway so it's hard not to like.)

My only two thoughts would be:

1. One-Eye looks great, but for some reason I think it would be neat to use a portion a little higher up on the background. Maybe have the lake at his eye level so you get the horizon and mountains in the background. But if you did that it might loose some of its contrast and emotional impact.

2. What is on Leetah's head?! ([size=9:185270f3a6]Looks like bird poop. :( [/size:185270f3a6]) Where is that picture from?



looooooove the clearbrrook's one ...

and kahvi's just awesome !
like the one of one-eye...

leetah ...Don't want to irritate her !

moooore !


[quote:d6f665a553="jeb"]2. What is on Leetah's head?! ([size=9:d6f665a553]Looks like bird poop. :( [/size:d6f665a553]) Where is that picture from?[/quote:d6f665a553]

From KoBW, when the palace returned and Rayek had grabbed Leetah to take her to Winnowill. He thought it didn't matter that Cutter was dead. Think he said something like 'He was just a breeze in your hair'. And then Leetah said 'He... was my soul!' and attacked him. So that's a speach buble (right word?). And then he let go of her and she fell down, through the roof of Shuna's hut.

And Embala, me still loves! :love: