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Leanan's Characters


Name: Sharktricker

Birth-tribe: Seaside Holt (part of Thunderwater Holt)

Parents: Beesweets (mother), Tallwood (father)

Age: 64

Appearance: Long, straight white hair sometimes worn in a ponytail, jade green slanted narrow eyes, dark tanned skin, she's tall and slender, pointed chin and angular face

Attire: wears mostly leather in red and black, sometimes highlighted with hot pink. Doesn't like mothfabric but has been known to wear it, usually in black. Boots or gladiator sandals, sometimes barefoot.

Weapons: bow and arrows, spear, knife

Role: hunter and fisher

Skills: hunting, fishing, cooking, sailing, navigating,

Personality: Sharktricker is a tough girl and usually hides her emotions. She likes taking risks and having adventures. She may appear stupid at times, and has been known to make bad choices. She gets bored easily and many people find her annoying.

Background: Sharktricker's parents died, killed by sharks. Since then she's hunted sharks, hungry for vengeance. She raised her little brother from age ten and loves him more than anything. Sharktricker has never had a lovemate, she prefers lots of furmates.


Birth-tribe: Shadow Mountain Holt Wolfriders(part of Shadow Wood Holt)

Parents: Silence (father), Starsoul (mother)

Age: 22

Appearance: straight white hair reaching below her waist, usually worn in a single braid, very pale skin, large, round turquoise eyes,

Attire: wears leather in blue and green, winter clothes grey and light turquoise. Doesn't like skirts much. Likes fringe decorations.

Weapons: bow and arrows, knife, one-handed sword, throwing spears

Role: hunter, occasional childminder

Skills: hunting, stargazing, tracking, crafting: spears, fishing with a spear

Personality: Snowstream doesn't have much social skills, and currently she is recovering from total insanity

Background: Snowstream's parents left their tribe when she was 5. She grew up in isolation. When she was 17 humans attacked and killed her parents. She lost use of her right arm and wandered alone for many years, with only her new wolf-friend Comfort for company. When she was 22 she met the Wolfrider tribe of Shadow Wood. Her arm was healed and she made friends, even furmates. The humans attacked again, then death arrived in the form of a natural disaster, the poison rain. These events led to Snowstream being convinced she heard the voice of a dead chief in her mind, demanding revenge. She is still recovering from this insanity and few tribesmembers appreciate her nowadays.


Here's the versions I made Smile

I love how Sharktricker turned out, but I'm not quite happy with Snowstream yet


Beautiful barbies,Tynami Smile


I wasn't really sure on these two, but I put something together quickly... I may redo them once I get all the barbies on my list done today.