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Smiley Challenge


Okay, ya'll may think I'm nuts, but I have a cool idea... I'll put this also in the EDA group so any questions and stuff need to be directed there.

Here's the challenge:

Make a of your character(s). I'll post mine to the other thread as soon I get her done.

Canon characters are also allowed... I know a few have been done, but I want to see what ya'll come up with.

What you can do:

*Change the skin color

*Create hair

*Create head or hair accessories

*Created shoulders, but not much beyond that

What you can't do:

*Cannot make the icon bigger than a smiley

*No arms or legs unless animating it

And example of Kat (by dave) - links fixed 03/10/14

ElfQuest Icons: (by Anke and unknown) - links fixed 03/10/14


Made it all myself, no base, but folks can use mine here as a base if they wish.


Figured I'd have a go at the smiley challenge... Used Nightsea's base smiley Smile


And these are the first 'dolls' of a character I've written for the most, One-Leg of River Twine Holt:

EDIT:more added 7/29 and 7/31:

EDIT: 8/19


These smilies are fun!

Love the tapping paw of Kat Happy The ones you gathered in the first post look great already, katcombs ... *grin* at cool Skywise and sulky Rayek.

As I mentioned before: Fantastic Cutter, Leetah ... and Nightsea of course - especially when I take a VERY close look, Nightsea! It's tempting to use your "bases".
The yellow elfie should actually be added to the set in the tool-bar!

Sweet Elmireth, faeriegirl Smile

Your set is amazing, Jeedai! Yeah Not only incredibly detailed chars - but with function and mood, too!
"Enlighted" Aileen, sort of mischievous Monsoon and puzzled Tidebreak with the "searchkight eyes" ... great! And I simply love One-Leg - both the laughing one and the shrieky eyes.
I appologize to Sparklespray ... always see a smurf. Nevertheless a really "chearful" one!


*Sneaks in*

*Sneaks out*


Impressive smiley collection, WhiteGhost! You were busy Smile

I don't know your elves well enough to recognize more than a few, tho they show great love for detail and variations.
Zin should be the first one - scars and this typical laugh. The pouting/weeping one could be Saari ... with Chango one of the other whitehairs ... and Zavita?
Greenskin and Greenmane could be of your dragon-like kin ... Was Ashe the one with red eyes? Or White Raven ...???

I acually like this yellow-eyed tanned guy.

How about adding the name list to your collection?


I wanted to see if anyone could guess it, first. ^____^
1L: Zin. Saari. Chango. Cl'iss[<-Zavitas mate] Jera'lil [sea elf]2L: Maer'yt. Tazhira. Cat. Skunk. Snorri Jotansson.[Not dragon. <img src="http://www.elfquest.com/social/file/pic/emoticon/default/tongue.png" alt="Tongue" title="Tongue" title="v_middle" />]
3L: Pellinore ard ri. Rast. Dorsai. Bran. Yellow Eyes the Coyote.
4L: Johann. Ashtiroth. Gwalchmai. Harliich. Aeron[human]


You secretly added more One-Leg smilies! Love what I see, Jeedai

Thanks for adding the names, White Ghost. Have I won a prize as best guesser? Have I? Have I? Razz


Clap applause for your One-Leg smilies, Jeedai!

Very creative, very expressive and sooo funny!

[Deleted User]

I picked up the challenge, so now, Space Invaders attack! *grins*
I tip my hat to all who know how to make little itty bitty pixel dolls- I had hard enough time with these...
Jeedai's set is unbelievable...

no base, made by me truly self. Smile


You moved your smiley parade, Moonmoss - allow me to quote myself Wink


OMG ... Moonmoss ... Laugh All your girls - with all these differnt expressions - very detailed and fun to look at! Impressive job indeed.

No base = double admirable Clap


I'm so loving all these smileys and super upset that the ones I had went poof when my battery died on me. Teach me not to save every 5 mins. I should have some soon I hope. This time of year is very busy at work.

Just noticed the new ones on Jeedai's, eek!! I love um all!!