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This thread is just a quick, 'who are you, what have you been doing' that type of thing. You can put it in any format you want or anything like that. Also, a quick info on your characters, not the full bios, just who they are by name... kinda like a quick reference.

I guess I'll start...

Most of the time I go by the name katcombs online, but my elf name is Tynami. She's also my main character. Change is her mom and also one of my principle characters. I've got 6 kids, 4 of them have elves. My eldest and youngest boys don't have elves yet. Their names are Blackmoth, Two-Wolves & Tarnish, my youngest girl is who my Dreamworld character Rainthorwen is based off of.. hence the rainbows.

I've been dolling since roughly 2002 and was one of the first female micro members. I can't remember who dolled first, me or Lilith Von Silver, but we are the first two for sure. I started in dollz and went on to micros. My first doll, of course, was Shadowcat, who is my all time favorite character.

I am SO behind on my doll birthday gifts, but for the most part I try to make gifties for all my online family and I love making their characters no matter if they're elf or otherwise.

My favorite EQ elf is Ember, but Nightfall and Moonshade are very close to next.

I think that's about all for me...


Thanks for creating this thread, kat!

My online handle is Nightsea, and I'm fond of dolling
Leetah, Winnowill and Nightfall. I like seeing any canon
doll made and have a special weakness for Trueflight,
the desert trio of maidens, and Rillfisher as well as
the original High Ones.

My personal characters include;
Nightsea (self-elfish, sea and space)
Pearlshade (dolphin-tailed mermaid)
Vytha (what-if daughter of Voll and Winnie)
Wavecatcher (tanned mate to Nightsea on the island)
and Softfeather (Eggkeeper in a Blue Mnt. alternaverse).

Please do message me or post if you wish me to doll
a character for you
. I like taking requests.



My online name is Startear around these parts, though I usually go by the name Shuna, which I thought up before I encountered her in ElfQuest (it was so fun when I discovered the character. I'm also called 007, after a cheesy joke after me and two others were chatting over each other, and the other person was called Shona, and we were starting to get confused about who the other person was talking to.

These are my elves.

Startear, my self elf

Lilac, my first ElfQuest OC



A part from these, the character I've dolled most is Winnowill. Currently I'm weak for Redbark, and I am writing a story with him. I was originally a fanfiction author only, but it didn't take long before I was making dolls as well.