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September 2010 Grab-bag


Here are the elements for September


-the road untraveled


-a reunion

All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all the above elements. Art can either contain all the elements, or illustrate one of the writings.

Index of Previous Grab-bags


Woohoo! Great snippet! Happy




Lovely indeed!!Heart


Our Roots

Come on now
take my hands,
let’s walk this road together.
This road which no one walked before,
return to where we came from.

You honestly think
this was to be,
stranded in these dark times?
I can make it right again,
reunite with who we are.


wow, nice poem! Like it!


Very nice poem, Redhead!!


Thanks! Hug


T-T-T-T-Tymber!? Yay ... and ... Hypnotize ... STONEHOWL !!!

Wait --- who is Snowspring? What ... Must have missed ...

OMG!! *heads back to former grab-bags*


*catches Embala before she faints* OH YES! STONEHOWL!



Uh - thanks, faeriegirl ... *runs back to previous pages*

- - -

Very happy Embala is "back from the past" ... how could I miss this!

I just love this, Tymber - hardly can say more. This first part ... how you describe the changes the cub brings in Shadow's world, in Shadow himself. The peaceful, loving family scene ... his thoughts and reasons to leave and return to the world his tribe is part of.

The tribe is filled, new blood, new characters are ready for developement and adventure ... the promise of a new quest Happy *crossing fingers and toes*

You know ... I miss someone in this group: Glimmer! I really hope she will return to wolf form and run with Windfetcher. Make the elements fitting - got it?! Deal

No, I won't try to dictate anything ... just stay and go on.


Indeed, I didn't know - couldn't expect - not even dared to confess my secret hopes. Happy

Windfetcher bonding with a wolfcub would make a heartwarming story for sure. And I hope the meet Glimmer and Riverfall again ... *is waiting for fitting elements*

There's one thing I need to know, Tymber: What is Glimmer's elf name?


Beautiful poem, Redhead - short, non-cryptic Wink and to the point picturing Rayek's greatest aim. The fitting background picture is almost self-evident.

Contract fullfilled ... with pleasure!
There are beginning ideas for some collages fitting this and previous grab-bags - ...
... I need more time!


WOW! Awsome collage Embala.



Could I please decorate my whole room with this?


Awsome collage Embala!!Heart


Well, here goes! No idea where this came from... and I'd better get back to finishing my essay! Darn you, unknown elves! Wink

Another unnamed snippet
"Honestly! We've been here before!"

The three elves stop walking in the middle of the tunnel, arguing. Any onlooker would not be able to see their features, as they did not have a torch or other light source with them. These elves had excellent night vision, even in the pitch-black of these deep caves they could make everything out.

The other elf looked around. "No, we've not... Just look! These caves have never been entered before! I don't see any footprints ahead! And behind us are our own footprints!"

A third elf sighs. "I still have this strange feeling... like we've been here before! Like we should be here, re-uniting with someting or someone!" He shrugs. "Strange... but come on, let's continue exploring!"


Cool story faeriegirl Thumbs_up


very nice story faeriegirl!! Smile


I don't know why, but I've been rather obsessed with Winnowill and stories where she is in lately. One of the lines in the fics I read resulted this little snippet.

Heart of Dreams

Once we were able to adapt the things which the Two Moons threw on us. Some of the youngest generation, the last who were born still posses this gift. But they choose to be with us, the loyalty threatens to bring tears to our eyes. We are grateful, filled with love towards everyone in the group. We all feel it, we devour it as we are embraced with it. Together we are all a creation of a dream.

Two leads us, gives us instructions. There is no force, it is our choice to be like this. If any would wish to break free, she or he would do so. No questions would be asked.

It would be their choice.

This is our choice.

We are finally going home.


Aww beautifull ^^ very nice Startear!


Wow. Beautiful Startear.


Very nice!


Am I the only one who get's no alerts? I swear it, my mail fails to tell me anything ElfQuest related today...

Anyway, I'm glad you guys liked it, it was very fun to write, and only thing I've managed to finish when writing concerns in more than a month.


Nice collage Embala!


Short, cryptic, intriguing - the elements in a box Wink I like this snippet, faeriegirl - makes me curious for more.

You know what this COULD be about? Who this trio COULD be? Osek, Mekda and Ekuar on their search for the Palace! ... or anyone else, of course ... Wink

Thanks so much for the kudos, Startear. I wish I could give this collage to you in maxi-poster size! Very flattering comment ... but I'm just playing with Wendy's awesome art.

Beautiful snippet, Startear. It's cryptic enough to make me wonder ... with hints clear enough to let think of the Gliders and the building of Blue Mountain. Are this a random Glider's thoughts or do you have someone special in mind? Aurek, the creator of the "heart" of Blue Mountain would be a possibility.

Glad you like the background picture, Redhead Smile

I don't remember any elfin name mentioned for Glimmer - missed it in the first read already. Let's see, Tymber - you have Tawaim, Urenti and Sirentel ... how about Iannaira? (I case I don't find her name in the story)


Pssst, Embala... wanna know a secret? They started out as a duo, but I made it a trio especially for that possibility!! Happy




*sets camp for further entries*


Beautiful snippet, Startear. It's cryptic enough to make me wonder ... with hints clear enough to let think of the Gliders and the building of Blue Mountain. Are this a random Glider's thoughts or do you have someone special in mind? Aurek, the creator of the "heart" of Blue Mountain would be a possibility.

It was a random Glider's pov. I have trouble seeing Aurek have this POV, especially after what he said in the Kahvi series. I've felt that he always was at odds with the rest of the Gliders. But I wasn't really having anyone in mind when I wrote it.


Okey, here's my story for this month.

Before The Battle Begins

**How many is it of them?** Eros sent in a lock sending to Toron as they leaned against the wall in the darkness. The sending was the only way they all allowed now to communicate with each other and the only way to answer with honesty. Toron closed his eyes as he listened to the running feet that approaching steadily.

**Only two ninjas!** Toron sent back as he opened his green eyes.

**That shouldn’t be so difficult!** Sturkas sent while he smiled and held his sais ready.

**Careful now!** Toron sent while he gave a warning glare to Sturkas.
**We have to trick them and surprise them. Don’t forget that they are many and that we are few!**

And Xin-Jing is more than one! Toron thought as looked worried at Xin-Jing, who didn’t notice his gaze, before he looked to the side and waved Sturkas over to him. After all it was Xin-Jing who had led them all the way here, but now Toron wished that Xin-Jing had been home instead. And after the last battle they had against The Dark Ones, Xin-Jing had defended herself during fear. Feared that the children she bore could be hurt. But now that they were all here, Xin-Jing had to overcome her fear. And Toron hoped it would be soon, it couldn’t continue like that.

Toron lifted his hand while he listened for the running feet. He looked at Sturkas while he sent the glare, “You know what to do?”

Sturkas nodded quickly. He had understood the message. Toron let one finger fall while he counted quietly.


Sturkas held his sais ready. Toron let a new finger fall.


The ninjas were near. It was now or never.


Toron and Sturkas jumped out of the darkness and surprised the two injas. The little fight was quickly finished as Sturkas grabbed the heads to the ninjas and slammed them together as hard as he could.

“Well, that was easy!” Sturkas said pleased as he looked down at the unconscious ninjas.

“Yeah,” Toron replied. But he wasn’t satisfied as Sturkas.
“It was too easy!”

“We should find a new hiding place and make a plan,” Satekh said as he looked down at the fallen ninjas.
“We can’t be here much longer.”


“The horses refuse to go any further,” Tathar said as he turned to Optarh and the other chiefs. Tathar was the one who was a shapeshifter and could make contact with animals.
“Sorry, but they’re scared of this place.”

Optarh sighed and oversaw the cursing that came from Arthel. He walked over to the with horse, touched it by the muzzle and sent.

**I understand my friend. You’re not the only one who is afraid. You don’t need to go any further!**

The white horse looked down on the ground, like it was ashamed to be scared of the unknown before it lifted its head and looked in Optarhs eyes. After a moment the horse answered:

**Please stay! Don’t go! Stay!**

**I’m sorry my friend, but I have to!**

Then with help from Tathar, they sent the horses home after they had given a promise that they would come back when it was over.


Toron folded his arms across his chest while he looked angry at Sturkas.

“Sturkas,” Toron said through clenched teeth.
“I said we had to be careful. And most importantly, be quiet!”

To lurk inside a mountain wasn’t the easiest thing to do. They moved around and had almost been discovered by The Dark Ones several times. Sturkas looked down at the new group of fallen ninjas, which he had beaten up alone before he looked at Toron.

“Well, at least they didn’t get time to warn the rest that we’re here,” Sturkas said slowly as he shrugged at his shoulders.

“Maybe,” Satekh replied as he looked back.
“But with the noise you made, they know that we’re and are on their way.”

“We have to make a plan quickly,” Toron said once he heard voices and running feet.

“We have to split up!” Topaz said suddenly.

“What?” Blindeye said surprised and shocked.
“Are you crazy?”

“We came here to rescue Hawkeye, but we can’t do it here and now, unless some of us is fighting while the others find him.”

You’re really Karels daughter, Satekh thought while he hid a smile. Then he met her gaze.

“You know the mountain better than us, so you, Xin-Jing and Blindeye are going to try find Hawkeye.”

She turned her gaze to the rest.

“We’ll stay here and fight against The Dark Ones.”

“We’ll reunite again,” Xin-Jing said.
“With Hawkeye.”

She turned and followed Satekh and Blindeye until she suddenly turned and looked at Sturkas.

“Don’t be greedy this time, Sturkas,” she said half teasing and half serious.

Sturkas replied with reach out his tongue toward her while Eros grinned and covered his mouth with his hand.


“This is great,” Arthel said discontent while he sat on top of a tree trunk.
“We look for the enemy, getting scared to see Karels spirit from nowhere, and now we can’t even find a mountain!”

Optarh didn’t like to admit it, but they had lost the track and didn’t know where to go. He was also unsure if he should take the chance to ‘went out’ and find out where The Dark Prince and Satekh were, but if he did what would he do if The Dark Prince sensed him? And who knew what he could be able to do?

And High Ones knew how it was with Hawkeye. Optarh sighed; he regretted that he hadn’t said anything about The Dark Prince to him.

But you did it to protect him, he thought desperately. He could see how much Hawkeye was unsure and afraid when he had been told what kind of powers he had.

Sharika lowered her head while she sighed quietly.

“If I hadn’t been frightened to see Karel, perhaps we would have found the way easier.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Malina said and placed a hand at Sharikas shoulder.
“We all got scared when we saw him.”

All of them lowered their heads. The fact that Karel had died was hard for them, but to see him as a spirit had frightened them. They had never seen anything like this before. Tathar turned his gaze away from the others and looked in a different direction. Then suddenly his green eyes widened.

“Eh… while we’re speaking of Karel,” Tathar said slowly.
“I see him again.”

“What?” Erakhal said and went toward Tathar.
“Where is he?”

Tathar pointed out while he shivered a bit.


All of them saw him, his dark skin, the black hair tied up in a ponytail on top of his head and with luminous aura around him. He approached them and the eight chiefs began to notice that they began to be calm. Karel had the same smile, the kindness that could be seen in his brown eyes. He stopped in front of them while he looked at them.

Then he raised his hand and waved them toward him.

“I think he wants us to follow him,” Optarh said after a while. Karel smiled and nodded slowly before he turned and began to walk again. They had understood that Karel had returned to help them. They began to follow Karel; toward the road untraveled.


Very nice chapter!! Happy


Very nice chapter indeed!! Happy


Thank you faeriegirl and WolfMoonSkyHug


EXAMS ARE OVER HOLY GODDESS YES. To celebrate, I shall post more of my redeemed!Winnowill story! Late to this particular month's party, but oh well.

Takes place directly after the final battle of the Palace War, but before the Gliders/Wolfriders end up in Sorrow's End and Winnowill starts courting Vurdah.


The Palace rose up before her, gray and lifeless and more beautiful than anything in the world, and Winnowill felt weak at the sight of it.

Home. The only home where even she would be welcomed and, by right, could never be banished from. Built from starstuff and the hopes of the Firstcomers, it belonged to her just as much as any other elf.

Leaning heavily on her crutch, Winnowill limped through the doors, heedless of her broken leg's protests, and at last collapsed against one of the pillars of sleeping stone. Sobbing so hard she could scarcely breathe, Winnowill reached out and spoke with heart and mind,

**Mother? Mother, do you hear me? Do...do you remember me?**

The strangeness of her situation almost made her laugh; after all the ages of pain and madness, after everything she had done...she was huddled against a wall and crying for her mother like a lost child.


There was no answer for the longest time, and the fear Winnowill had kept so carefully smothered throughout the war crept to the surface. Was she truly so far gone that her own life-giver would have nothing more to do with her? Had those unfortunate souls from Blue Mountain whispered to the others, telling tales of her insanity?

Winnowill squeezed her eyes shut and sucked in lungfuls of frigid air, struggling to remain calm. Leetah's healing was still not quite done, and Winnowill's grasp on herself was tenuous. It would take very little to undo her now.

Heartbeats passed. Just as Winnowill was prepared to give herself fully to her grief, she felt a long-mourned presence flutter against her mind.

**Winnowill? Is it really...my fleet footed little one?**

Startled, Winnowill sat up and gave a cry of joy, her heart light for the first time in a mountain's age.

**Mother! I am here, I have found you!**

**Oh, my youngling, how I have missed you...**

Winnowill was slowly surrounded by a strange tickling warmth, and she jumped a little when unseen fingers combed through her hair.

**Precious child, you are wounded. How has it come to be so?** Yenneth Firehand crooned, her mind-voice like cool water to her daughter's fevered mind. Winnowill knew she was not referring to her throbbing leg, and her happiness at being reunited with her beloved mother was tinged by doubt.

Yenneth did not yet know what her daughter had become. Winnowill could not bear to think of what her mother would say if she learned of the children never to be born, the innocents crushed under stone, her own grandson so cruelly broken...

Winnowill shuddered. No, she could not hide. Not here. She was done with that path, that road of deceit and manipulation. If any soul could accept her, shattered and poorly mended though she was, it would be Yenneth.

Cradled in spirit arms, Winnowill opened herself up and shared the truth.


So that was...sort of happy? I think?

I need to write about Leila again soon, Gods bless her vain, innocent little head.

Also, is it sick that I came away from writing this with a mental image of Winnowill glomping a pillar of the Palace, squeeing softly to herself? Because I think that's like six different kinds of sacrilege right there.

PS: Winnowill has a broken leg still because she and Leetah have temporarily exhausted themselves healing everyone else. Ta da.


awwwwww..... *pets poor Winnie's head, then runs away fast as she can in fear of winnie-going-crazy*