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Dec 2010 Grab bag


Here are the elements.

All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all the above elements. Art can either contain all the elements, or illustrate one of the writings.

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Staying warm

A conversation

Elvin humor






Deciding The Fate


Your soul is cold

from the pain you keep within.

Tree with us,

let the child

inside me warm your soul.


Your humour sweet

makes my heart feel whole again.

Talk sweet child,

make sure I

don’t ever grumble more.


This long wait

is far too long for me.


I go to sleep

to join me I ask none.


Nice poem. I like it.Smile


Like it!!


The winds howled outside the makeshift shelter of Gliders and Wolfriders, and Aroree could not sleep. She sat upright among her furs, dressed in every bit of clothing she had brought on this venture to stave off the cold. She played with some dyed prickback quills, arranging them into whimsical patterns and stitching them onto her spare tunic. It kept her from worrying about her friends, about the Sun Village. It was good not to think.


Aroree glanced up from her stitching and saw young Leila smiling down at her, snow clinging to her hair and mischief in her eyes.

“Greetings, Chosen.” She trilled, arms clasped behind her back, blinking innocently with her large blue eyes.

Sighing, Aroree set aside her work and braced herself.

“Hello, Leila. Is there something you needed from me?” she asked lightly, already guessing at the girl’s motive. For moons now, Leila had been tirelessly crusading to seduce Aroree, with little success. The hunter was certain that this was going to be yet another attempt to join her in the furs.

“Actually, Aroree, I was wondering if I might sit by you and share your blanket there. It’s just me over in my sleeping spot, and I’ve been a bit…cold.” The younger elf said, smiling in a way that was highly suggestive. Aroree had to admit, the girl was getting better at making herself alluring. Gleaming eyes, sweetly tousled hair, a form that was becoming disturbingly curvaceous…

High Ones curse it.

“You may share my blanket. But this does not mean I will allow you to…to tree with me. This is out of friendship, nothing more, nothing less. Is that understood?” Aroree gave Leila a stern stare, and the younger woman grumbled a moment before nodding.

“Very well. Now, let me make it abundantly clear that you will be far warmer if your clothes remain on.” She stated firmly, raising a corner of her heavy fur and smiling a little. Leila smirked, an expression that was all Winnowill, and happily took her place at the Chosen’s side. Aroree tucked the blanket around them both, pretending not to notice when Leila snuggled into her flank and rested her cheek upon her shoulder. She resisted the urge to shake her head in exasperation and went back to work stitching.

Across the cavern, Winnowill noticed her Leila's migration and sighed.

**A more blatant and uncreative attempt at seduction I have yet to see. Really, daughter, have you no shame? **

Leila opened one eye at her mother’s send and grinned.

**None. Father and Sun Mother say I get it from you.**


Ta da! Impotent teenaged frustration abounds! For those who might wonder, 'Sun Mother' is Vurdah, who is threemating with Winnowill and Voll.

It's kind of a long, convoluted story.


*jaw drops to floor* Winnie three-mating? with Voll and Vurdah??

*chains Arill to a chair* You'd better start writing, cuz I wanna read that story!!!


O.o Winnowill/Voll/Vurdah?
Well there's something new! XD


*Wriggles desperately in chair*

Nyah! I can't be under house arrest! I need to study!

But I have a month of sweet freedom just around the corner, I'll start really writing it then...I have to, or else Winnowill will turn my new puppy into a Peace Hound. *whimpers*

Thanks for the feedback, and I love your poem Redhead!


Very nice poem Redhead!!


*big eyes* Winnowill...three-mating? with Voll and Vurdah??

*rememberes elf self, daughter of Vurdah*....*gasp*Eek!... Well this is something new!..I need to sit down for a minute....Hypnotize

But..It's an very good chapter Arill!!Clap


Lol, I guess that makes Leila you...step...sister...?Eek!


Cold Remedy

Rain noticed the flickering lamp-light with some dismay. It had been a while since he had been outside, two days, maybe three? In the winter his mind wandered from the hunt and he found he was much happier spending his time going through his stores, dumping out those herbs that had lost their pungency, or worse, gained some from too damp storage. Lost in his tasks, he had only been vaguely aware that a storm had set in, but the wavering flame made him think. It must be a big storm if its affects were reaching down to his bower nestled deep in the roots of the Father Tree.

With a shrug, he pulled his winter pelts a little tighter and went back to his grinding, adding one herb, then another until the scent was just right. Suddenly the dried leaves fluttered and the flame sputtered as the hides covering his den entry were parted.


He turned to see Shale and his mate Eyes-High, her belly swollen with cub. Rain moved quickly to help Eyes-High get into the den and seated comfortably in the soft furs, carefully appraising her condition as he did. “Is everything all right?”

“Everything's fine. Just a little cold.” Eyes-High smiled teasingly at her mate as he hovered over her. “Shale is worried his cubling is going to come out an icicle.”

“More worried that my little bird's wings would freeze, up in her nest.” Shale's smile was gentle, but as he looked up, Rain could see the anxiety in his face. “That wind is shaking the tree-tops like a wet wolf his pelt.”

Rain touched the silver-haired elf's arm. “Well, you are welcome to stay here until the storm passes.”

“Does the same invitation go for us, too?”

Again a cold breeze ripped through the bower, and there were One-Eye and Clearbrook, hair sparkling and winter furs crusted with ice.

“Yes, yes.” Rain hastily began gathering up his medicine-making supplies and utensils, trying to create a little more room in the increasingly cramped space.

Clearbrook looked past him at Eyes-High with concern. “Are you sure? Because we can always find someplace else to-”

Her sentence was drowned out by the assurances of the other elves and her reluctance overcome as Eyes-High looked at her imploringly and raised her arms toward her with a “Please, do!”

Soon the newcomers were nestled in and the den filled with happy conversation. Rain watched as Clearbrook and Eyes-High shared the experiences of impending motherhood and One-Eye gave Shale some good-natured ribbing over his worrying ways, along with a dose of reassurance.

That accounts for all the tree-top dwellers but one, Rain thought, when again the wind rippled through the den, this time causing the candle to sputter out. Rain reached for his flints as a voice called out of the darkness.


A spark caught the tallow and the den lit up to reveal Brownberry, wet and shivering, clutching her thickest pelt. Rain took the soaked fur from her. “I was wondering when you'd show up.”

Brownberry blinked and looked around at her tribemates.

“I didn't know there was a howl going on," she grumbled, feeling a bit left out on seeing the others gathered so cozily.

“No such luck. But maybe...” Rain rooted around his things and produced a small pouch. “Could there be?” His tribemates leaned forward expectantly. “Yes!”

Some small, shriveled dreamberries rolled out into his cupped palm. “A little dry. But I think they'll do.”

He handed them out to his visitors, who savored the dusty summer sweetness. Feeling more cheerful, Brownberry burrowed under the nearest pelt, elbowing One-Eye in the ribs affectionately. “Move your skinny rump!”

And with that the group burst out again in conversation, spending the long night reminiscing of lovemates and cublings, hunts successful and otherwise, stories sad and joyful.

Finally Rain noticed that the flame didn't flicker as much and the first gray light of dawn began to shine through the doorway. The storm had passed. Through heavy-lidded eyes he looked around his cluttered den, at his pots and herbs strewn messily about and sighed. He would have to start his work over again tomorrow. But as he looked around at his tribemates, some dozing, some still talking softly, he thought his den contained the best healing magic he knew.


Some awesome stuff here this month!

Very nice poem, Redhead!

Arill, I'm very intruigued to find out how Vurdah of all people ended up threemating with Voll and Winnie!

Jeb, that was just wonderful!


Awsome stories Arill and Jeb.


This is great! Lotsa great works by a lotta people! I need to get my rear in gear and get mine written!

Wonderful, fresh stories everone!


Very nice poem, Redhead. I'm always impressed how you apply the elements in ways I never would have thought of. Touching view of Cutter.

Arill - Interesting story. I like the imagery of Aroree tending to her tunic. It's these little details that bring the characters to life. I also like to see her having a little more assertiveness than I usually expect.

Me - I wrote something! Yay!

TrollHammer - Stop yammering and start hammering! Get to work!


Wow, like your story, jeb! Love reading stuff about less-known characters!!



Lol, I guess that makes Leila you...step...sister...?Eek!


....this could be intresting...chaos!!!Roflmao

now I just image my elf-self in it with Leila...Big_laugh don't ask..you don't want to know...but still OMG Eek!


Jeb, thats an wonderfull story!!Heart




....this could be intresting...chaos!!!Roflmao

now I just image my elf-self in it with Leila...Big_laugh don't ask..you don't want to know...but still OMG Eek!

Oh, you must tell me this image! D'you suppose we could collaborate on the two of them meeting? Because Leila is spoiled prima donna who does not take kindly to having the attention taken off of her...


Okey, here's the final story before they all start with new adventures in January.

Two Brothers

Alborn woke up suddenly and looked around from the branches he had been sitting on. Had he really been asleep during his guard duty? He grumbled low as he placed his Bo Staff down at his lap. They had been without any chiefs for many days and there was no sign of any friend or enemy. How long were they going to have to wait?

He lifted his gaze once his ears picked up sound far away. He held his Staff ready if it was the enemy who was coming, but when he heard the whistle from the one who came, a smile spread at his face. He jumped down from the tree and sent to the rest of the tribe while he ran to meet the nine chiefs, his daughter Xin-Jing and the other elves.

**They’re back. They’re back!**

It was a touching reunion in the village for those who had been waiting; Lilac held Xin-Jing while she laughed and cried. Then it was Alborns turn to embrace Xin-Jing and Lilac.

Those who watched the reunion also looked confused at the two new arrived elves, Satekh and Louros. Those who had never seen Satekh before stared confused at him and Optarh. Erla was also confused once she saw Satekh and Optarh gave her a sign that he would explain it later.

Optarh and Satekh went from the village for a while so they could discuss alone while Erla and Louros looked after them. Both shared the same concern if it would be well or not.


As soon as the two brothers were alone, Satekh started to tell Optarh why he went, the reasons and the goal of it all. Optarh sighed before he looked at his twin brother again.

“Why didn’t you tell me anything before you went?” he asked after a while. Satekh looked down for a moment before he replied.

“I was scared,” he said slowly.

“I was afraid that many would expect so much of me. I didn’t even know where to begin or where to go, or how long it would take.”

“If I had known, so…” Optarh didn’t know what to say. It was so much he wanted to say, but it was so difficult to find the words. Satekh looked confused at him.

“What do you mean?” He asked slowly. Optarh took a deep breath. It was only right that he also told hi version like Satekh did.

“Some of my scouters saw you and Louros leave with The Dark Ones,” he said slowly and looked down.

“I didn’t know what to believe. And it was so much anger and confusion among everyone.”

It was hard to hold back the tears as he recalled the memories.

“First I lost my daughter. Then you disappeared and many were thinking that you betrayed me.”

“And that was too much for you,” Satekh replied slowly.

“It was hard to decide something, that would make everyone happy. For me it was no matter what I chose, it was me who would lose something.”

“I known that feel,” Satekh replied as he looked out toward the distance.

“I lost something when I left.”

Satekh started to tell about how difficult the choice was, finding the enemy and win The Dark Prince trust. Then the conversation between them started with how their lives had been, telling about the funny moments and humor that made them laugh. They talked the rest at the day until the sun strated going down. Optarh and Satekh was done with the talking and lay on the grass while they looked up at the sky.

“You never betrayed me,” Optarh said after a while.

“No,” Satekh replied.

“And you could never forget me.”

“No,” Optarh said with a smile.

“What now?” Satekh asked after a while Optarh thought before he replied.

“Now we’re going home and prepare the celebration of the springs return. And make you toa member of the Wise Council.”

Satekhs brown eyes widened, he almost rose up as he looked shocked and confused down at Optarh.

“But… you banished me from the tribe and I…”

Optarh lifted up his hand and gave Satekh a sign to be quiet.

“This is your home and you’re my brother,” Optarh said slowly.

“If there’s someone who doesn’t like that decision, they can take it up with me.”

They smiled at each other when Optarh gave Satekh his amulet back and they started walking home. Suddenly Satekh stopped.

“One more thing, Optarh.”

“Yes?” Optarh asked as he turned and looked at Satekh.

“During the time I was with The Dark Prince, I also tried to search for your daughter,” he said slowly and stared at Optarhs eyes.

“And I found her. She’s still alive.”

Satekh almost lost his breath when Optarh hugged him hard and heard him cry. This time he didn’t wept of sorrow, but of joy.

“We’ll find her and bring her home. I promise,” Satekh whispered.

“Thank you brother. Thank you,” Optarh replied as he wiped away the tears and kept the smile at his face.


No one showed reluctance of Satekhs return, and if it was someone who was they decided to not say a thing. They celebrated the feast of the springs return when all the elves from the nine tribes were gathered, there was singing and dancing, and there were many stories about the final battle between Optarh and The Dark Prince for those who listened with great interest.

In the evening every lifemates and lovemates went to sleep. In the night, every couple was in each other’s embrace, holding each other warm and made sure that they were staying warm.

Hawkeye smiled as laid the blanket around Xin-Jing while she slept before he lay down beside her and placed his hand at her belly. He was glad it was all over now. It was peace again and the twins would grop up without any concern of wars around them. He could hardly wait until they were born. Xin-Jing opened her eyes, smiled at him and held her arms around him and pulled him close to her.


awesome story cleopatra!!Happy


Oh, you must tell me this image! D'you suppose we could collaborate on the two of them meeting? Because Leila is spoiled prima donna who does not take kindly to having the attention taken off of her...

sound like an cool idea to me!!Happy I think my elf self would be very ennoyed by her and those two would make an hilarious conversation.



awesome story cleopatra!!Happy

Thank you WolfieHug


You're very welcome Cleopatra!Hug


Love the story, Cleo!


Thank you so much faeriegirl Hug


I can't wait to start the new stories with them next month.Happy


Well... I guess ill post up what i have as good as i can for now... Im stuck on my phone til next month and cant get much farther with this months entry for now. Im working on getting it to post on this thread but i dont even know if its possible from my phone.

Here is the album that holds the Santa Quest story Part One that i cobbled together. Its nowhere near what i was aiming for last year, but it will have to do for now...



P.S. Had a whole bunch of witty warnings I cropped off thinking i would be posting from a real computer. Basically, the warnings were that this story is a little adult in some situations, that it may give Elf Quest a serious case of indigestion, and some people may even feel its in bad taste, including a small part of my little finger for no appearant reason... I had a lot of fun with it and hope you have fun reading it...


Ok, finally have a computer to use for the moment... Here's the first draft of Santa Quest with the origional post opening... (RE-EDIT After some help from the Elf Quest Forum Guru Embala, I finally got the sizing and resizing figured out. It should be legible, even if a third the size it was made at...)

(OK, one last edit for now... looks like it's a crap shoot as to whether the images load or not. First time I loaded the page it only showed three, next time 6, and last time it tried to load 10, failed and put red Xs on all images for the whole screen. Don't know if it's my computer or what. It worked before...)

Note about the following story: The following story contains stupidity, bad jokes, various liberties taken with Elfquest and legendary characters, possible language, thematic or suggestive situations, death, and indentured servitude. Some may find it offensive, messed up, or unsuitable for the underage reader. I believe that it would have a rating of PG or so, but as I’m not a professional censor (thank goodness, I’d hate that job) I can’t be sure of that. Just trying to give fair warning.

Also, I’d not even consider this AU. The closest thing I can come up with is to take several conventions including Christmas elements, put EQ through a shredder, throw it all in a pot along with some onions and artichoke hearts and boil for four hours over an open flame with a leaking propane tank nearby. I hope you have as much fun reading it a I had writing it…

Fair enough warning?

Oh, and it appears it’s going to be long, but hey, I’ve not written anything in a few months…. You could cut and paste it to your device to read later, or print it out if you wish. That’s a trick I use for some of Tymber’s tales.

Finally, I should note that if I get the images I want in here, it may take a few minutes to load everything. There’s not a lot of pictures, not like the comic strip this intended to be, but there may be a few….

Staying Warm

A conversation

Elvin Humor



Treeing (though this was a misunderstanding and not a grab bag suggestion. Still, fair is fair and everyone else is having to deal with it.)


Pages 8-15


Pages 15-21

Whew! finally got it right!