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Jink one of the last


Well, I discovered that poor Jink does not have a thread here. This just won't do. All of the characters deserve a thread, even those who doesn't have too many fans.


...I'm a biiiit confused by her hair. Is the hairband holding up her hair or just holding it?


Personally, I think Jink is very cool. She's got tons of powers, and she's so sexy, but she's very kind. She has a lot of spark. I am hoping to read more about her.


She's got a good mix of recklessness and fragileness, and was one of the origional draws to Elf Quest when I first started reading. One of my favorite characters.

I have more thoughts that will have to wait until I have more time.


Yesterday I've looked for a typical picture of Jink all evening long - OMG!! this girl has more faces as I can count! Going for a picture with a "motto" instead ...

Easter EggQuest 2014 found


about speculation that Korafay, the newborn daugher of Sunstream and Brill might be Jink:

posted by another user on Facebook

This was asked in the comments on Wendys timeline, and this was the answer: Attention Stefan & Jim - this is not a tease, a red herring or a spoiler. You can take it to the bank: baby Korafay is NOT Jink. Besides, her hair is sea foam green, not white.


Question: Does Jinx have wolfblood?


An answer to this question would narrow down the speculations about her origin pretty much. Wink

Personally I don't think so. Jink is a strong magic user. Jinking. Mind-wiping. Selfshaping.
When I look at the known Wolfriders there is only one distinct and strong magic ability found: treeshaping. The rest of the wolfblooded magic users is either comparably weak or unspecific.

With one exception: Mender - and he was raised in Sorrow's end, near the influence of the Little Palace. And I'd like to know how old he is in "lived" years!
Leaves the question: What could become of a wolfblooded child who is raised IN the Palace?

Easter EggQuest 2014 found